You Will Love The Modern Sound Of The Classic Bell Skirt

Simple clothing styles are always relevant. Skirts with a simple cut can be made even by novice craftswomen. The bell skirt will enhance your evening outfit if you pick up a more expensive dress. Practical things made of cotton and linen will fit perfectly into your everyday closet.

Features Of The Bell Skirt

The silhouette of the product resembles an inverted glass. The nuances of cut – narrow at the waist model that gently expands to the bottom. Fashion style “bell” cannot be attributed to novelties, but the model has remained popular for several seasons. The clothes look gorgeous in different fabrics. Flax and cotton, velvet, and wool allow voluminous shape to be kept, while silk and satin gently fit woman’s figure.

A variety of “bell” modifications are available: the product can be decorated with pockets, finished with pleats, gathered at the waist with an elastic band, and sewn with many layers. The model appears feminine on women of all shapes and sizes. Skinny girls clothing visually adds rounded forms. Women with full thighs can be softly masked under sumptuous clothing.

Length Of Bell Skirt

Like any skirt or dress, the model “bell” has a different length. Therefore, choosing a product for a classic look is not difficult.


A win-win choice for the summer closet of skinny fashionistas. The “bell” model is best combined with simpler things. And the white fitted shirts are an ideal solution. It is also trendy to wear sports shoes with feminine outfits. It is also possible to combine a mini with ballet flats, sandals on a flat sole. A bright solution for a young fashionista is to wear a gray bell skirt with a white T-shirt and a fluffy cardigan of a dusty rose shade. To accentuate the femininity of the image, choose suede boots with a low heel or on a flat sole.

Must-have minis with a high waist. A casual closet should include elegant models that are slightly above the knee. Black t-shirt with long sleeves, navy blue skirt and black suede pumps is a casual option. Adding a pale pink leather clutch and a light scarf made of matte gray silk will add a hint of luxury to the look.


Things are deservedly referred to as versatile. A product with a wide belt is an ideal way to elongate the silhouette visually. But stylists recommend choosing the right length individually:

  • First try on models, the hem of which is slightly below the knee, and then those that are lower by about 7-8 cm;
  • Then choose skirts 7-8 cm or 10-15 cm above the ankle.

It is through experimentation that you can determine the appropriate length of clothing. Midi visually changes the silhouette’s proportions, which should also be considered when choosing shoes. Casual skirts will perfectly complement the shoes without a heel. A festive image is unthinkable without high heels or sandals.

Slim fashionistas will suit skirts in a large fold. Things with a large ornament always draw attention. Also it is a good opportunity to visually add volume to the hips.

And sumptuous ladies should consider a skirt with a shallow pleat or pleats. You should avoid emphasizing the hips, so choose items made from monochrome material. You can try on products with a subtle print.


Floor-length skirts allow endless experimentation with images. But when choosing clothes it is imperative to take into account certain nuances:

  • Short fashionistas need models literally 1-1.5 cm above the floor. Shorter skirts will visually “steal” a few centimeters of height.
  • Maxi is a winning option for taller fashionistas. Asymmetry is in fashion, and slender girls can safely experiment with the length of the skirt.
  • Plus size ladies are not recommended to look for products with patch pockets or skirts in a large fold, with bright large patterns. Choosing things made of soft materials (viscose, silk) is desirable.

Excellent with maxi – skinny top, T-shirt. For a beach wardrobe, wear cropped tops. Short jackets in denim, leather, and knitted shrugs are popular options for a cool evening.

Topical Colours

The classic version is a monochrome skirt. Pastel shades are in trend. The light colors visually add volume, so puffed skirts in shades of mint, pale pink, and blue will be a top priority for slender fashionistas. Ladies with curvy figures should choose products in muted shades. The stylish options are skirts in rich brown, gray-blue, terracotta, olive and wine colours, so you won’t look gloomy.

In any image, neutral colour palettes are in demand. White, tan, gray skirts are harmoniously combined with clothes of all shades. Monochrome images always look modest and relevant. As an option – a puffed midi skirt in black matte silk and a black cashmere sweater with tight-fitting sleeves.

The traditional skirt style is exquisitely transformed thanks to slight changes in the cut. Models with a high waistline, an asymmetric hemline, button-flap, ornate dome articles are in style.

With a high waist

Features of the model – the waistline is about a palm width above the traditional level. When sewing a bell skirt this effect can be achieved thanks to a wide belt. To give the model a fashionable appearance, different methods can be used:

  • The straps are made to the waistband, resulting in an improvisation on the theme of a sundress;
  • The top of the belt is made uneven – gently rounded or with a small cut, notch in the form of a cape.

When choosing the material preference is given to textiles that can hold their shape (linen, denim, suede, wool, velvet). Actual short leather models. To sew a fashionable product of chiffon or tulle, a wide corsage tape belt is needed.

Over the waistline is possible for slender girls. But full-figured women could also consider such a model, but it is best to select a midi model. For short women stylists recommend pairing the skirt with heels or a platform.

To look harmoniously, the bell model is combined with a close-fitting top. Tight-fitting shirts, shirts, T-shirts, tops, turtlenecks or blouses must be tucked behind the belt to emphasize the original cut of the skirt.

On the frame

An unusual piece of clothing is a great way to give the image an uncommon look. The fluffy model is most often associated with a wedding gown. When sewing the product, stiff or soft rings are used. Each bride chooses a “dome” model that is comfortable and convenient. Usually one to seven rings are used. Stylists do not recommend getting carried away with the number or diameter of rings, so the silhouette of the fashionista does not resemble a wedding cake.

Stylish and daring, this skirt fits organically into any fashionista’s closet. Especially effective and relevant are things on the frame, made from translucent materials (chiffon, tulle, organza). An outfit like this cannot be considered everyday wear. However, at a party the fashionista will be given attention. Clothing made of transparent materials is worn as part of a set with special underwear (bikini or bodysuit). Skirt-bell is originally complemented by a dramatic top (bustier, leather corset) or modest cropped top, turtleneck.

With pockets

Practical model – a handy solution for compiling all kinds of everyday images. Sewing a product with pockets is not much more complicated than usual. It is easier to take the pattern of the standard model and insert pockets in the side seams. There are no special requirements to the pockets pattern – the size and shape are determined individually.

Original models with welt pockets. Sewing clothes requires some skills, since you have to sew correctly and accurately hem pockets.

The original and simple solution is to decorate the skirt only with patch elements, imitating the flaps of mortise pockets.

You Can Make Your Own Skirt

Beautiful model looks good on people of different shapes. Thanks to the correctly constructed pattern the product will perfectly “sit” on the figure. Sewing a bell skirt with your own hands has certain subtleties.

Preparing to sew

To avoid misalignment, the fabric for cutting is laid out on a flat surface. A distinctive feature of the model is its shape – details of the product are cut obliquely. The pattern of a skirt pattern for beginners is laid out on the fabric at an angle of 45 ° with respect to the grain (you can use the straight edge of the fabric as a guide). As long as the angle does not change, the finished product will not warp in the future. With this cutting method, the skirt’s pleats are distributed evenly over the fabric.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the edges of products can stretch and warp, especially in soft, knitted materials. Stabilizing stitching or gluing the edges with a narrow adhesive tape helps to solve the problem.

Cut the product should consider the seam allowance (about 1-1.5 cm on the top and side seams). For hemming the bottom add 3-4 cm. Separately attach the belt to the skirt along the width of the belt, and across the length (taking the clasp into account).

Sewing a skirt

Sewing the product does not require special skills. It is imperative to follow the sequence of actions:

  1. Sew and smooth out the seam on the right side of the product.
  2. In the left seam is stitched with a hidden zipper, seal the seam.
  3. Sewn on the belt and fasteners are made.

An imperative nuance of sewing the model along the oblique – the center of the front and back of the skirt is stretched more than the sides. Therefore, before tucking the bottom, the piece should hang a bit. The garment is moistened, fixed on a special hanger (with clothespins) and left to dry.

According to the same principle you can sew a bell skirt with pleats. The only nuance – the fabric allowances for the folds are added at the stage of drawing the pattern.

Finishing the bottom of the skirt

If you want to mark the line of the tuck, it is better to put on the garment and then carefully make marks on the fabric. You can make the twisted edge in several ways: overlock, edging, undercut stitching. The final step is to iron out all the seams, the waistband and the lapel.

What To Wear With A Bell Skirt

An airy and beautiful product adds cheer and romance to any image. Composition of images is largely based on personal taste of a fashionista. Take into account the characteristics of the body and the occasion. Designers recommend giving preference to images in the casual style.

Wear tight-fitting blouses, shirts, sweaters with a bouffant “bell” – Tight-fitting blouses, shirts, sweaters. On a summer day looks lovely the with a striped dark blue maxi skirt, white top and ballet shoes or slip-ons. Original option for autumn is to combine plaid midi skirt with a short black jacket, gray sweater and black boots.

An acceptable set for a business closet is a black fine wool skirt, a pale navy blouse with ¾ sleeves and black leather ballet flats. A non-boring autumnal version – brown bell-bottoms just above the knees, a sandy sweater with a round neckline, a neckerchief with a beige and navy print, navy high-heeled shoes.


A stylish bell skirt is a noticeable addition to any closet. For this reason, designers recommend choosing jewelry with a restrained appearance when drawing up images based on this model. Naturally, the holiday images will not be complete without exquisite jewelry. Fluffy skirts can be complemented with asymmetric earrings, bracelets made of large beads, and short chains made of transparent plastic.

To emphasize the retro mood of the summer image, wear colourful and monochrome neck scarves. The model “bell” is perfect for cooler seasons when worn with beanies, jackets, glasses and cropped fur coats.


High-heeled shoes look perfect with a feminine skirt. Shoes and sandals, boots – the occasion dictates the choice. Comfortable shoes with a low wedge heel or a wide stable heel are better suited for everyday and business attire. The feeling of a holiday will support suede, patent leather shoes with high stiletto heels and platforms.

Original and modern look combining a puffy skirt and sneakers, tractor-soled shoes or high boots with lacing.

It is not difficult to give the images different moods with the “bell” model. Stunningly delicate and feminine is the bride in a puffed skirt, stunningly bold in the spirit of street style. A modern trend suggests experimenting boldly with the skirt by pairing it with different accessories and shoes.

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