You Can Wear Boyfriend Pants Anywhere

Women’s closet is much more diverse than men’s, but to expand the range of fashionable women often pay attention to the clothes of a spouse or friend. Shirts, jackets or overcoats become unisex items and add to the collections of fashion designers.

Even though the clothes seem bulky, they emphasize the femininity and sexuality of a fragile figure and are indicative of a non-trivial sense of style. In recent seasons, pants-boyfriends have been fashionable. They look as if they were temporarily borrowed from a boyfriend (boyfriend).

What Are Boyfriend Pants

Denim pants-boyfriends – clothing with a straight cut, which visually looks a size larger, sits comfortably at the waist and does not fit around the hips and shins. Composing an original image with similar pants, it is a mistake to try on jeans that are cut differently. Pants for girls are modeled taking into account the curves and features of the female figure, although a lowered waist and crotch area are allowed.

Cut features do not restrict movement and hide flaws. Women’s trousers-boyfriends offer maximum comfort and convenience. The model does not allow abundant decoration, small scuffs or cuts are allowed.

Denim pants are often worn twisted, thus varying their length.

In addition to denim options, depending on the season in sewing use jersey or leather, as well as wool, cotton or linen fabrics. The variety of models allows you to fit pants not only in casual or sporty style, but also in an elegant or business image.

Features Boyfriend Pants

The rapidly gaining popularity of oversize clothing contributed to the increasing number of voluminous and free clothing.

Fashion trends have addressed the baggy models of jeans, where boyfriends occupy a leading position.

The model is easily recognizable visually and differs from other styles because of the features of the cut:

  • Boyfriends are characterized by a loose cut, tightness of the figure is not allowed. The distinctive “sagging” is achieved not by selecting a larger size, but by the features of the cut.
  • Lowered crotch for freedom of movement and no discomfort in the heat.
  • Traditionally, low-rise fit with wide trousers, straight or tapered to the bottom. Although the efforts of designers have appeared pants with an high waist, and the style is considered an alternative option.
  • For sewing use elastic materials, soft to the touch, without stretching the hips and buttocks.
  • The length goes up to 7/8, not reaching ankle level. Popular are the variants with lapels.
  • The style is close to a man’s one and implies the absence of decorations, embroidery or rhinestones. Cuts, patches, or scuffs creating a deliberate sloppiness are allowed as decorations.

Pants-boyfriends are characterized by a somewhat baggy and sloppy appearance. It is true that a properly selected top can transform an image depending on the necessities of life.

Boyfriend Pants Models

Experimenting with cut, fabrics, and length allows a variety of pants model range that can be worn all year round in any climate. There are three types of boyfriends:

  • A baggy model with wide trousers and a straight cut all the way around. This option requires maximum size matching to avoid sagging in the back.
  • Loose straight cut pants that are not tight around the hips. Some versions are tapered at the bottom.
  • Narrow model with a tight fit on the hips and obligatory skinny bottom. Correct wearing implies the obligatory rolling up of the trousers. Do not recommend a strong lapel, the distance between the pant leg and the leg should not reach 8-10 cm.

High waist boyfriends are used to hide problems in the abdominal area. This type is made with stretch material, masking unwanted bulges and visually balancing the figure.


The classic model is popular with girls, characterized by a loose straight cut and a length of 7/8. It is characterized by versatility and fits almost any type of shape. Standard fit with a slight taper at the ankle makes it comfortable to wear.

On trend are straight pants with a medium and high fit. The style does not imply the use of tucks so that it will fit harmoniously into the business image.


The shortened model differs from the classic version only in the length of the trousers. Trousers of standard length are often twisted. The fit often is similar to the classic model, although there are variants with a high waist.


The summer version is made from light cotton, linen or chiffon fabrics. Thinned denim or stretch denim is used for denim versions. Natural components of fabrics are characterized by hygroscopicity, breathability and the ability to restore shape after washing. The pant length varies from classic to cropped versions.


Correctly chosen versions will blend harmoniously into any style, the important thing is to not overload the image with unnecessary accessories. An image with boyfriends provides up to one saturated and bright element.


For the summer look, standard or shorter-length pants are often used in light colors. You can wear boyfriend pants with a crop top, a short t-shirt or a sweater. As for footwear, the models with heels or sneakers are the most popular. In cool weather a shirt or over-size sweater is recommended.

For the party

Pants combined with an exquisite blouse or bustier allows you to shine at a noisy party. The image, complemented by high heels, will be an alternative to the cocktail dress. For a party outfit, wear pants, lavishly decorated with decorations.


More and more fashionable women prefer light-coloured boyfriends with a light blouse for a romantic date. If necessary, the image is complemented by a cardigan. Elegant shoes with a heel or stiletto heels complete the romantic image.


Not too wide pants and a white blouse or shirt will do for a business style. Dress for the office in a laconic jacket or jacket and black sandals. To add femininity the image is diluted with a thin belt and a small clutch.


Elegant style echoes the business style. Wear a silk blouse in pastel colors with loose boyfriends to make an impression of a real lady. Choosing a model closest to the classic style is recommended, without decoration and excessive wear.


Choose pants that are of a similar style, and complement them with a bright top such as a t-shirt or shirt. As for the shoes, they are elegant stilettoes. For supporters of active recreation, choose sports pants with a casually tucked in T-shirt and comfortable sneakers.

Who Is It For

Boyfriends fit harmoniously into the closets of skinny girls of average or tall height, making the forms more voluminous and sexy.

Such a model visually reduces the growth of miniature women. Therefore, they are advised to wear skinny pants and high heels.

Girls with magnificent forms are recommended dark models without tucks, demonstrating a full leg. Do not advise boyfriends to women over forty.

How To Choose The Right Boyfriend Pants

When purchasing pants, it is advised to critically examine the figure in order to determine the attractive places that need to be emphasized. Attention is paid to the volume of the waist and hips, and also the length of the legs. You should buy pants with a high waist if you have a small stomach.

Although the pants are marketed as “boyfriend jeans,” it is not advisable to buy them in a men’s clothing store. To create a style-appropriate look when choosing jeans, look for artificially worn ones.

The Best Boyfriend Pants For Plus Size

Chubby fashionable women will like straight cut pants with narrow pants, without additional decorations. As free style can add a few pounds, you should choose things strictly in size. Avoid baggy models, choosing slightly narrowed versions of dark colours.

How To Wear Boyfriend Pants

Baggy bottoms visually increase the hips, so do not complement the set with a voluminous top. Things that are roomy like shirts or t-shirts are a priority, tight tops or turtlenecks are allowed.

What Kind Of Clothes To Wear With Boyfriend Pants

In the men’s style, rough pants are in harmony with classic-cut shirts, which should be tucked behind the belt. In a casual summer look, they are paired with blouses or T-shirts. When the weather is cool the pants are combined with jackets, cardigans or leather jackets. It is advised to choose loose-fitting tops. In autumn, the image is completed with a coat.

Matching Accessories

Style implies the presence of a leather belt, which makes the image more stylish. Hats, scarves and small elegant handbags will be appropriate. Since boyfriends are self-sufficient, using gold accessories and other jewelry is not recommended.

What Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Pants

Depending on the intended setting,, trousers-boyfriends are harmoniously combined with any footwear. For everyday wear choose sports shoes. When used in an office setting, choose classic pumps or shoes. For romantic dates, high heels or stiletto heels are appropriate.

In winter, boots of different heights are worn, preferably coarse models on a thick sole. It is better not to combine such pants with boots.

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