You Can Never Go Wrong With Blue Jeans

Long forgotten are the days when only workers and farmers wore jeans. Today, blue jeans are in every girl’s closet, no matter what her figure and style of clothing she prefers. If jeans are selected correctly, they can highlight the advantages of the figure better than classic pants. It’s just a matter of finding a pair of blue jeans that fit your body.

How To Choose Blue Jeans

If you’re thinking of updating your closet and buying the right blue jeans, the first thing to do is decide on the fit. It can be:

  • high;
  • classic;
  • medium;
  • low;
  • ultra low.

The choice of fit depends on your body type and your measurements. A few centimeters above the navel is the waistline on jeans. Models with these shapes look spectacular on thin and tall girls with magnificent forms – they enhance their features even more.

Blue jeans with a classic fit, in which the belt is worn at the waist, suit everyone. These jeans are very easy to combine – they work equally well with classic and sporty clothes.

Jeans with small and ultra small waist sit almost on the hips and to wear them, a girl must have a flat tummy. It is better to avoid buying these blue jeans if you are overweight, and choose a classic model. There are also age-specific recommendations. In the age of such models, women in jeans with small waists will look absurd and vulgar.

What Kind Of Jeans Are There?

Blue jeans for women come in several models:

  • classics;
  • plaid jeans;
  • boyfriend jeans;
  • skinny jeans;
  • cardo jeans;
  • loose jeans.

Boyfriend jeans followed the coat into the women’s closet. The idea of this model is as if a girl put on her boyfriend’s jeans in the morning and walked to get coffee in them. Boyfriends sit very loosely and are not shaped. There is nothing extra about them – as with any thing in a man’s closet, they have a low fit and no decorative elements. Even thin girls can wear these jeans. Women with extra weight will gain even more volume. Loose boyfriend jeans and similar styles. They are gathered under the belt at the waist, tucked at the ankles and sit a bit baggy. They can be decorated with appliques, rhinestones, inscriptions. Look stylish with loose blue ripped jeans with a wide elastic band or a bright lace instead of zippers and buttons at the waist.

Skinny jeans are also suitable for the closet of skinny, graceful girls. They look like a pair of narrow jeans that fit tightly around the legs. Model is not suitable for full-figured ladies – the narrow jeans make her legs look even thicker, but should not be worn by thin girls – their legs will appear painfully thin. Blue skinnies suit slender girls involved in sports and have a trim body.

Classic jeans run the waistline and have straight pants. This model makes a slimmer silhouette, pulling it up. Almost everyone can wear classic jeans, except for girls with wide hips – visually, this model can accentuate their figure even more. It is possible to combine blue jeans classic cut with virtually any top.

Girls with full hips designers advise to pay attention to the leg of jeans. Cut, invented in the 70’s, popular today. Pants, extending from the knee to the ankle, easily balance the figure of “pear” type. This visually elongates the disproportionate silhouette. Also flatter girls with thin legs and a big top. Such a model corrects the proportions. Also, flared jeans are recommended for women with full calves and small stature, and on the athletic, trim figure, this model will look perfect.

Cargo jeans feature patch pockets on the hips, buttocks, knees. These jeans are chosen by girls who prefer sports, urban style or military. Surprisingly, the cargos suit women of all shapes and sizes.

Creating Beautiful Looks

Girls only sometimes know what to wear with blue jeans despite their versatility and worldwide popularity. The image will depend directly on where you go.

Business Style

The dress code of many companies allows you to wear jeans, but you should understand that they must be without large appliques, inscriptions and decorative holes. You can wear classic light blue jeans and a crisp white shirt in the office. Images with a white shirt always seem solemn and dressy. Silk or cotton blouse can be paired with high-waisted jeans and a gray-colored, black vest. In the summer with blue jeans to work you can wear crisp sandals, but if the rules do not allow wearing an open nose and heel, you have to stop at the shoes with high stilettos. Flared jeans fit into the office style. They are paired with a monochrome shirt in pastel or bright colours. During the fall and winter, jeans can be paired with thick turtlenecks, sweaters, and corduroy jackets, but jeans should be made of dense fabric to look appropriate.

Urban Style

Urban style gives us more opportunities to create bright images. Blue bell-bottom jeans are appropriate here. You can wear them to the movies, a meeting with friends, a visit, or a walk. With flared jeans, pick a shirt with a bright print: rhombic, polka dots, small flowers, and on the feet, ballet flats or sandals.

In the colder months, you can wear skinny jeans with a red, dark blue, olive, gray-white, or blue sweatshirt or turtleneck, and a top with a leather or denim jacket. In summer and late spring, jeans of all models are worn with light tops, T-shirts, and linen jackets.

Evening look

Wear blue jeans with embroidery and rhinestones if you’re going out to a party or a birthday party. They are combined with classics – white or black shirts, which put on a massive bijouterie and leather jacket. High blue jeans can be worn with a top decorated with sequins, and the classic – with a shirt or T-shirt depicting a cartoon character or abstraction. It’s difficult to imagine a shirt, t-shirt, top or jacket that wouldn’t go with blue jeans.


The choice of shoes also depends on the model of denim pants. You can also wear boyfriend jeans, thistle and loose jeans with blue and white, gray and milk, dark gray sneakers or sneakers. The top of white and gray athletic shoes is easier to pick up. If you opt for a bright palette, then the colour of the top or T-shirt should match the bottom. With jeans you can wear ballet shoes, leather shoes with any heel, brogues, moccasins, ankle boots and even boots – there are no prohibitions.

Every girl’s closet must have blue jeans, and not just one. You can choose your favorite classic, boyfriend, skinny or plaid depending on your figure. Jeans are versatile, but, like any other clothing, they can transform or ruin the figure. We should consider this and know how to pair them properly with shoes, tops, and accessories.

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