Yellow Blouse For A Sunny Mood

A yellow blouse is a thing that will not suit everyone. It is important to understand that this bright colour can emphasize the colour of the eyes, hair and skin or can visually give the face a painful look. It all depends on the choice of shade. Traditionally yellow is considered the colour of young and active girls, but even older ladies can use it in their closet, choosing pastel-coloured shirts.

Who Looks Good In Yellow?

It is possible to choose the right clothes in yellow for girls of any colour type, but only fair-skin blondes can safely wear any clothes. The golden or ashy hair colour suits rich yellow shades and muted tones.

Brunettes should consider cool shades of yellow. Also, beautiful dark-haired women will do well with yellow-salad, yellow-olive, lime colour or any other shade with a touch of green. Brown-haired or fair-haired women should pay attention to mustard, amber, honey and golden brown. Persons with red hair and blonde will suit almost any shade, so they can safely buy things in the yellow palette.


Yellow blouses have a variety of styles. Designers offer many models that differ in sleeve length, decor, and cut. These may be tight or loose shirts, with contrast or translucent inserts, collars and ruffles, with or without a belt. With such a variety, everyone can choose an outfit that perfectly fits the figure.

So for a romantic image, choose yellow blouses with ruffles and flounces. Spacious models of flying fabric will also be appropriate. If you wish, you can complement them with a belt or a strap to accentuate the waist. Flirty blouse with lace inserts will be suitable for a date. Shirt with a simple cut with a V-neck is ideal for the office. Elongated blouses with ¾ sleeve would be suitable for everyday wear.

Variety Of Fabrics

Yellow women’s blouses can be made of different materials. The best option – is natural fabrics, in which the body will “breathe.” For daytime images, choose products made of cotton or linen. Also, for everyday wear, fit tight-fitting shirts made of synthetics.

The perfect solution for evening dresses or going out in the world would be a silk blouse. They look expensive and elegant. An alternative to silk can be considered satin. Clothing made of this fabric sits well on the figure. In addition, you will feel comfortable in such a blouse even in the cooler seasons.

For a warm spring and summer, choose models made of chiffon. This inexpensive and practical fabric looks mysterious and feminine. It is pleasant to the touch and creates an effect of lightness and airiness. Translucent blouses are suitable for everyday wear or evening walks, and you can choose a dense or layered thing for work.

Successful Colour Combinations

First of all, let’s note what colour yellow goes well with:

  • with black;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • gray;
  • green.

The contrasting combination of yellow and black looks good. Here it is important not to overdo brightness, so choose monochrome things without prints for a set of this colour scheme. Also, avoid horizontal stripes so as not to look like a bee.

A successful companion for yellow is blue and its shades. This combination looks lush, so it is often found in summer clothing collections. For business or evening outfits, suit restrained shades, and for the day – the saturated tones will be appropriate.

A sure-fire winning combination of yellow blouse and white skirt or pants. Such a duo is ideal for the hot season, it looks light and airy. Yellow and white combination refreshes the complexion and looks younger.
Yellow and brown (and its lighter shades) appear in the collections of leading fashion houses year after year. It’s a colouring classic. A natural combination that looks stylish and cozy.

A yellow blouse and gray bottom are wonderful casual looks. Faded gray will dilute the garish brightness of yellow, making it quieter. This colour combination is especially good for autumn days.

The union of green and yellow looks spectacular when nature loses its bright colours in the fall. Such an outfit will add missing colourfulness and lift your spirits. Different variations of shades of each colour are acceptable.

What To Wear?

Finally, let’s talk about what to wear a yellow blouse with.

With pants of different styles. For work suit shortened or classic cut, for everyday wear – narrowed. Remember, if the top is tight, it is better to prefer wide or flared pants and wear narrow pants with loose blouses. The same principles apply to a set of jeans. Do not be afraid to experiment with styles: skinny, boyfriend, ripped, shortened, or kleshlesh.

The yellow blouse is friendly with skirts of different styles and lengths. An elongated pencil skirt with a high waist will fit perfectly into a business image. For evening walks, suit skirt to the floor. You can wear a mini for a meeting with friends. For summer, choose flared skirts of airy fabrics.

Shorts and chiffon blouse – a set you can’t do without on hot days. Shorts can be any length. There is enough variety in the choice of fabrics. The most popular models are made of denim, cotton and lace. To avoid getting cold in the evening, you can put on a blouse or a shortened jacket, on a lightweight shirt.

If your closet consists of things in basic shades, you need to add brightness to it. The saturated yellow colour will make you more positive and confident in yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment, boldly create images that will not go unnoticed.

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