Womens Swimwear One Piece: Everything You Need To Know

In today’s swimsuit fashion, solid solutions are becoming more popular, and not just among girls who want to mask their figure flaws. The secret is that this style favors the creation of piquant, mysterious and luxurious images.

You can transform the most humble one-piece swimsuit into a graceful look by wearing a hat, bright bracelets, flip-flops, and pareo, embodying good taste and high status.

Features And Benefits

Stylists note that not always a fusion swimsuit is closed – several variations are offered, in which either the top is nominally connected with the bottom, or there are deep cutouts on the back, abdomen, chest area.

The category is also called monokini – a direct reference to the peculiarities of the cut details. There are subspecies:

  • Mayo – a bodice with a deep neckline of different shapes is equipped with straps;
  • Halter – wide or medium straps can be fastened, tied at the base of the neck from behind, a convenient option for girls with large breasts;
  • Bandeau – devoid of straps, but there may be a strap, starting from the middle of the chest;
  • Plage – a frank model with deep cutouts in the front and back.

In addition to the beach collection, the swimsuit can also be used for dancing, swimming in the pool, and gymnastics.

Fashionable Models

To ensure your comfort while swimming, when choosing a swimsuit, it is imperative to consider the design features inherent in the different series. The following are the characteristics of the basic co-ed and semi-concealed swimsuits.

On the bones

It is particularly useful for owners of plump shapes, since it can provide breasts with full-fledged support and fixation. Thanks to the presence of bones, you won’t have to worry about the cups shifting during active leisure time and bathing.

If you have a small bust, you can choose a monokini with foam inserts – they will give the necessary curves and visual volume.

With a closed back

For swimming and training in the pool, closed women’s swimwear is very popular due to its breast support. Solid back, in some cases supplemented with a zipper, gives the image a touch of femininity and eliminates discomfort during active movements.

With a closed top

Another variation for girls who like to play beach volleyball, swim, or run on the sandy coast. The cut is designed so that the fused top does not restrict movement and provides the expected support for the bust. A closed chest and wide straps will help balance sloping narrow shoulders, and it would be nice if the bottom part was darker than the top.

With a closed stomach

Solid swimsuits are great for emphasizing the waist, concealing flaws in the figure, and visually reducing weight.

The solution will not look dull if you choose the series with a seductive neckline, open back or one shoulder strap. Look very piquant and unconventional, with mesh or a transparent insert on the stomach, they are worn both for swimming, and for beach parties.


If you want to hide excess weight or imperfections of proportion, you can use shrinking material as a basis. When modeling swimwear, elastane is used in combination with special padding on the waist and abdomen. As a result the silhouette looks slimmer and the figure looks slimmer.

Style experts recommend turning to fusion models with bones and push-up inserts if you aren’t satisfied with your thin build and small bust – such measures provide a more seductive look.

With cutouts.

To make the legs appear longer and more elegant, it is worth using when creating a beach look models with high cuts on the panties. Interesting look variations with small exposed areas of the skin except for areas that are not customary to display.

Cutouts may be present on the sides at the waist, in the neckline, on the back and stomach.

With sleeves

Not intended for use during outdoor recreation, they are more appropriate as sports equipment – for surfing, swimming training, kayaking. Often models are supplemented with tropical prints, neon inserts.

They look aesthetic and professional, which explains their relevance.

For Swimming

These swimsuits are made from elastane-rich fabric, with modeling and support inserts on the abdomen and waist. The design, as a rule, is laconic – textured fabrics and additional decorations are not welcome here.

The main criteria for selection are comfort and a secure fit.

With A Ruffle

The auxiliary component helps to divert attention away from problem areas. A ruffle can be present on the torso, waist, and shoulder.

Slim girl, for example, will look more rounded and seductive if she chooses a copy with a wide band diagonally crossing the swimsuit. The ruffle at the waist helps to add visual volume to the buttocks.

With A Zipper

The zipper must be of very high quality, preserving the shape and integrity of the coating under frequent exposure to moisture. Plastic zippers are light, but not durable, more reliable iron ones, although they can pull away the fabric. The zipper can be located on the back or in the decollete area, in asymmetric models it is provided on the side.


A black swimsuit is a classic, and its popularity is due to its corrective properties. In the current fashion season, juicy coral and orange colors are at the peak of popularity, and bright tropical prints are in trend. The perpetual favorite is red, but red-white and black-white combinations are not inferior to it. Animalistic prints are characterized by pastel, muted colors, stripes, polka dots, plaid variations are in favor.


A swimsuit is always composed of elastane and Lycra, as they provide elasticity and durability, as well as a tight fit. The fabric should react neutrally to salt, fresh, chlorinated water, it should not fade, and it should dry fairly quickly.

Popular options with the addition of polyester, as they don’t react to sunlight, and polyamide’s corrective and modeling properties.

Popular Styles

Typically, bold girls choose nylon and spandex models with stylized reptile skin, but choose colors that are out of character. In demand are elegant models with intricate draping, which unobtrusively distract attention from the shortcomings of the figure.

For girls with magnificent breasts, stylists offer fused swimwear with a dip, small pleats at the waist and adjustable wide straps.

How To Choose The Right Swimsuit

When you have small breasts, you should refrain from wearing a swimsuit with stripes, since it will visually reduce them. The presence of color contrast at the waist contributes to its visual narrowing, and if you want the legs to look longer, cutouts for them should be deeper.

If you have wide hips, you should avoid horizontal prints and draw attention to the waist or chest with decorations. Here the most appropriate solution is a light top and a dark bottom. Taking into account the peculiarities of your figure and listening to the advice of stylists, you will be able to find the right option for yourself.

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