Women Backpacks: Indispensable Attribute Of An Active Lady

Backpacks used to be an integral part of any traveller. Now they are indispensable in everyday life. Women’s backpacks, as well as bags, claim to be part of the urban closet.

Women’s white backpack

As of 2022, women’s backpacks are not going anywhere. Designers create new extraordinary options that look stylish and organic and fit into any fashionista’s closet. As a result, there is no question about what to wear with a backpack: modern models are versatile and feminine, and they look stylish paired with jeans, dresses, and skirts. They are roomy and multifunctional.

Red velvet backpack


Elegant ladies’ designers offer laconic models of restrained colours. A classic leather backpack is a great solution for businesswomen. It perfectly emphasizes the severity and style of nature.

Turquoise Backpack

Like a black dress, backpacks in black or brown should always be present in a woman’s closet. They never go out of style and look great with any clothing style, even a mini dress.

Black Women’s Backpack

Mini Backpacks

Small-size backpacks are similar to clutch bags in terms of functionality. You can not put a lot, only the essentials. And they are more an addition to stylish urban and evening images of women. Mini backpacks are suitable for those who want to emphasize the elegance and lightness of their nature.

Checkered backpack

Leading leather bag brands, Versace,  Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Zara, and Moschino, included miniature backpacks in a separate category. They were decorated with rhinestones, applications and other spectacular accents.

Fancy leather backpack


Lovers of youth style prefer backpacks in saturated colours. With a bright accessory on the back, you will not be lost in the crowd and stand out and look extraordinary.

Red leather backpack

Natural shades and calm colours suit balanced and patient natures. For example, if you wear a chiffon dress with an ethnic pattern, the shoulders will look like a great white backpack made of leatherette or leather. However, for monochrome clothing, you can take a backpack a tone darker or lighter.

Stylish crocodile leather backpack

Original Print And Decor

Fashion designers recommend fans of original accessories pay attention to backpacks with applique, patches, and copyright prints of famous artists, as well as cartoon and comic book characters. Bright prints fit perfectly into the youth and sports style. Applications can be elegant and discreet, combined with the colour backpack.

Metallized leather backpack

Biker Style

Trendy leather women’s backpacks in 2022, made in biker style, will please their female fans in the new season. Fashionable zippers, metal details and massive buckles will effectively complete the daring image. Fashion designers also tried to show that the aggressive décor of biker backpacks organically fits into modern images:

  • glamour;
  • sports chic;
  • cajoling;
  • boho;
  • preppie.

Women’s mini backpack

Fancy Fringe

The fringe does not give up its position in 2022. It is also relevant and in demand. Fringe boldly complements the stylish models of backpacks. It is appropriate and looks beautiful in ethno, boho, country (western) styles, and casual. Fashionable women’s backpacks with fringe can be seen in the designers Ksenia Schnaider and Ozerianko Bags.

Fashionable backpack made of soft material


The choice of materials for backpacks is very large. Among them, the most popular are:

  • leather;
  • suede;
  • lacquered;
  • of fabric;
  • furry;
  • leatherette.

Backpacks made of genuine leather are always very popular. They are practical, durable, versatile, beautiful to look at and give a solid image.

Backpack with sequins

Natural Leather

Leather products – accessories, shoes – are considered a sign of wealth. They indicate the financial status of their owner. Therefore, buying a leather backpack is the best way to look stylish, fashionable and presentable. Natural backpacks are perfectly combined with classic, sporty and romantic images.

Backpack with print and metal decor

Embroidered backpack

Stylish Suede

Suede backpacks are perfect with a fluffy sweater, leather jacket, down jacket or parka. Pastel tones give suede a delicate and spontaneous look. A suede backpack looks great with skirts and dresses. Backpacks in saturated colours (red, green, orange, bright pink and others) can emphasize nature’s individuality.

Our Products

In 2022, fur fabrics have become more popular. They are used for clothing and accessories, and they decorate shoes. Designers use natural, artificial, long, and short fur for sewing backpacks. This accessory can be fully covered with fur or partially.

Due to their originality fur backpacks will decorate any image of a fashionista. They can be combined with pantsuits, sweaters, knitted tunics, chiffon dresses. Designer’s chip of the year 2022 is dyeing fur in bright saturated colours (Katerina Kvit and Yana Belyaeva), although natural shades are also welcome.

Elegant green backpack bag

Fabric Backpacks

Fabric backpacks are an integral part of the urban image. They are usually decorated with a motley print: cartoon characters, fashionable ornaments, and interesting pictures. Such an accessory is worn with monochrome clothing or pick up clothes that match the theme of the drawing on the backpack.

Shiny Backpacks

Lovers of chic and glitter should pay attention to backpacks made of patent leather decorated with sequins and rhinestones. In addition, extraordinary glitter and sparkling accessories will be in fashion in 2022. Luxurious gold and versatile silver will perfectly look with the evening look.

In everyday life, give preference to shiny backpacks in calmer tones: white, beige, and lighter shades of pink and blue.

Women’s fabric backpack with fashionable print


Modern synthetic leather can hardly be distinguished from natural leather. Women’s eco-leather backpacks are popular because of their affordable price. Animal advocates give preference to leatherette due to personal convictions. With such a backpack, you can always look stylish.

Sports Backpacks

Sports style clothing is relevant for active people who follow a healthy lifestyle. For a trip to the gym or a trip to the sea, it is more convenient to use a sports backpack. It is roomy, versatile and practical.

Roomy fashion backpack

Designers are trying to make a backpack an indispensable female accessory. Therefore, they go for different tricks: mix design backpack with the usual bag. The backpack bag looks quite original, stylish and representative.

Women’s backpack with applique

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