Women Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Longsleeve is a stylish tight-fitting T-shirt with long sleeves as a universal element of fashionable women’s sets. The model was initially used exclusively in men’s closets. On the wave of fashion for simple and comfortable images, long sleeves from brutal kits fell into women’s looks urban style. Like all successful items of clothing borrowed from gentlemen’s closets, long sleeves have become indispensable in the outfits of fashionable women with independent characters.

Long Sleeve: Historical Facts

The prototype of this model is known as a sweatshirt, which in the 19th century belonged to the closet of sailors and military men. Later it was transformed into a lightweight and comfortable product made of cotton fabric. The fashion for this practical piece of clothing spread among the male population. It was worn in cool weather as warm underwear. Until the end of the XX century, long sweaters belonged to the category of underwear. Only at the turn of the century they became successful as an independent type of gentlemen’s clothes. So the unique potential of the silhouette came to the attention of inventive ladies, and long sleeves very soon became an integral part of stylish women’s images.

Women’s Long Sweatshirt: Features And Benefits Of The Model

Women’s long sleeve t-shirt combines the potential of stylish clothing for casual looks, sports sets and outfits for the office without a strict dress code. In the composition with sports pants and sneakers, the long sleeve is relevant as a comfortable silhouette for jogging and outdoor workouts. The same piece with jeans and platform shoes is suitable for a street look.

Long sleeve with a half-sheer skirt, classic shoes and a stylish cardigan is a fashionable office outfit for a lady with progressive views. Noting the advantages of the silhouette, most emphasize the following points:

  • The versatility of application. Clothing that resembles a T-shirt is relevant in the closet of women of all ages;
  • Comfort and comfort. The product does not restrict movement. It is comfortable in any weather;
  • The versatility of solutions. The fashion collections feature models in a variety of designs;
  • Warming properties of the product.

In the democratic closet, tight long sleeve shirts are probably the most common clothing, along with jeans. Long sleeves are sewn from a stretch fabric, the basis of which is most often cotton or bamboo. The product is pleasant to the body and does not constrain movement. It is warm and comfortable in cool weather. In harsh climates, a tight cotton long sleeve T-shirt is relevant in combination with insulated clothing.

Variety Of Women’s Long Sleeve Silhouettes

T-shirts with long sleeves on the material of the basis are divided into the following categories:

  • long sleeve cotton;
  • models made of bamboo fibres;
  • Mixed compositions of natural bases and elastane;
  • synthetic products.

Synthetic fabric can be solid or in the form of a grid, which is characterized by a tight-fitting figure.

By design, there is a distinction:

  • monochrome long sleeves;
  • with a contrasting sleeve;
  • Longsleeve with print;
  • with inscriptions, drawings, and club symbols;
  • with transparent inserts;
  • a long sweatshirt made of textured fabric.

Products are also complemented by decorative elements such as patches, zippers, rivets, and sequins.

According to the peculiarities of the cut are the following models:

  • Classic long sleeve t-shirt with a round neckline;
  • Longsleeve with a V-neck or tight under the neck;
  • with 3/4 sleeve;
  • double sleeve;
  • elongated long sleeve;
  • Long sleeve polo with button-down collar and buttons/buttons;
  • Longsleeve raglan;
  • hooded sweatshirt.

According to the stylistics, there are different models:

  • casual;
  • sporty style;
  • street chic.

Stylists suggest actively using the potential of long-sleeved t-shirts and composing spectacular sets for fashionable urban looks. Note that:

  • Sports models are distinguished by brevity, deliberately brutal style, made of cotton or bamboo;
  • Tight unisex style long sleeve provides a simple design with a round or triangular neck and is made on the basis of a densely knit fabric;
  • The elongated models can effectively emphasize the waist and hips. In the design are actual drawings, embroidery, and applique. The most popular is the sweatshirt with sequins and rhinestones.

Hooded sweatshirts are often decorated with prints, symbols, and slogans and fit perfectly into youth sets.

Long Sleeve In Casual Outfits

Monochrome casual models with a shortened hem are perfectly combined with skinny pants. Here are relevant samples with laconic prints in the form of stripes or polka dots. They are worn with sneakers, a slip-ons, and boots. No less interesting are the compositions with ankle boots or feminine wedge shoes. Combine the outfit depending on your mood. Ladies with a subtle sense of style often complete the long sleeve with a V-neck with bermuda pants. Shoes advantageously complement the image with a stable heel or a high platform.

Elegant models with transparent inserts or 3/4 sleeves look spectacular with a midi skirt. Choose a dark palette top, such as a blue long-sleeve, and wear a skirt with an abstract or geometric print. If you decide to make a set with a short flared skirt, opt for a long-sleeve T-shirt in a contrasting colour.

Silhouettes for successful casual looks are presented in the most fashionable colours. The combination of simple styles and spectacular street style provides original prints and bright saturated shades. Trending long sleeves in an elegant stripe and frivolous polka dots with funny applications-anime. Self-confident ladies will also like long sleeve models with images of divas and star heroes stylized as black and white photos.

When deciding what to wear a longsleeve shirt with, pay attention to a pleated skirt. Yellow long-sleeved shirts with a tight fit look good with a textured bottom in a neutral palette. Elegant model in bright multicoloured stripes can be combined with black skinnies. To these cute street looks perfectly suit the shoes of democratic design.

How To Use The Long Sleeve In Office Fashion?

The classic style closet elements look presentable with samples of local colours. Suppose the company does not provide a strict dress code. In that case, it is worth a widely used and successful combination of unpretentious T-shirts with long sleeves, feminine skirts and spectacular pants. A stylish jacket and classic shoes will provide the necessary business status image. Wear a black longline with an oval neckline with 3/4 sleeves in a duo with a gray-blue French-length skirt in a large fold. As for shoes, go with a pair of deep burgundy or cream-coloured heeled pumps.

Women’s smart casual long-neck sweatshirt with its characteristic geometric print will fit perfectly into an office look with straight pants. For a work outfit, also suit a longitudinal stripe silhouette with classic pants of neutral colour. Models of smart casual with a geometric print or elegant stripes are harmoniously combined with the tulip skirt in rich shades of the current gamma. A stylish cardigan is often put on top of the long sleeve to give a simpler look.

Fashionable Combinations Of Long Sleeve With Classic Clothes

The black and white striped loose model long sleeve looks great with black wide-cut pants slightly tapered to the bottom, which bend, revealing ankles. Elegant white shoes on a high wedge and a bag in tone with shoes will go well with this urban look. Lightweight classic straight-cut knee-length coat with a collar and large buttons will complement the smart casual look in cool weather.

A spectacular look for a young lady will turn out with a women’s long sleeve t-shirt in gray with a print or fashionable inscriptions. Pick up a tulip skirt of graphite shade. Here it is topical to wear a long sleeve tucked in, and the sleeves should be gathered into a fold to the elbow bend. Complement the flirty look with classic black pumps and jewelry in the form of wide bracelets of colourful design.

Sporty Style Sweatshirts In Women’s Outfits

Sports models mainly perform monochrome without prints and drawings. For professional sports, produce long sleeve models of special cut from special fabrics. Almost all global sports brands include long sleeve shirts in their collections. Cotton long sleeves free cut is popular in comfortable compositions for jogging and light training.

On the basis of long sleeve T-shirts it is easy to compose interesting everyday sets for young ladies and ladies of elegant age with active life positions. This can be a comfortable set for a walk in the park, which seamlessly combines a white T-shirt with long sleeve free cut and straight jeans with sneakers.

To compose an outfit for a shopping trip, you can complete the sports model with shorts and sneakers. Also interesting is the image for a meeting with friends in a fashionable cafe, which will fit perfectly with a cotton sweatshirt and skinny pants 7/8. Comfortable platform shoes are relevant here.

Silhouettes in this category look perfect with overalls and sneakers. This combination is especially good with a long sleeve T-shirt with a bright tone. A sporty long sleeve is advantageous to wear with wide straight pants from the hip, skinny jeans, shorts and semi-sport pants of a democratic cut. Slim girls will like experimenting with leggings and sneakers if you pick up a long, long sleeve. In cool weather, the set is completed with a windbreaker and boots.

A classic of the genre – a combination of long sleeves with elements of clothing denim style. Skirts, sundresses, jeans, shorts, jumpsuits and other things democratic plan will make a perfect pair of any model of t-shirts with long sleeves. If you pick up denim companions’ expressive styles, it is easy to eliminate the risk of excessive simplicity topical set. For deliberately natural looks, choose sneakers or sneakers for the outfit. Want to impress with a spectacular appearance – complicate the set with bright sneakers or patent boots.

Spectacular Looks For Every Day

A white long-sleeved boat-neck sweatshirt with a floral print and long sleeves in solid blue fabric pairs well with a burgundy knee-length pencil skirt. Elegant gray shoes on a stable heel and a small bag with a solid frame in the tone of shoes will suit the look. The outfit is relevant to the office closet, if there are no strict limits, for informal meetings for lunch. In this image, you can visit a cafe with friends, visit an exhibition or take a walk around the city in pleasant company.

Grey long sleeves with oval necklines and inscriptions on the sleeve are popular in duets with stylish pants. The set is well complemented by exquisite jewelry of original performance: earrings of complex shape made of aged silver, a pendant with a pendant, belt with an elegant buckle. Shoes on a wedge and a city backpack will complete the look of a young fashionista.

A gray straight-cut sweatshirt with large letters and contrast raglan sleeves made of black fabric looks stylish. A gray-blue denim skinny jeans would be a successful company. Dilute the composition with colourful accessories in the form of juicy pink flat-soled shoes and a bag of large format in tone.

Ladies with an independent character are happy to wear a cropped long sleeve with high-waisted pants. White tight pants 7/8 with a contrasting stripe on the side and long orange sleeves go well together in such a bold set. Light feminine high-heeled shoes and an envelope bag help complete the stylish urban look.

Clothing resembling a T-shirt has recently been a trend in women’s fashion. Complement your closet with cute models of simple design and with bright design, and use long sleeves in creating irresistible urban sets.

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