Women Jeans 2022: Fashion Trends For The Coming Season

Stylish jeans look great in almost any style of clothing, you can wear them not only to a party or a date, but also to work. Even in companies with a strict dress code you can appear in the office in jeans on the eve of the weekend. Friday is considered a “free” day, so many employees prefer to wear comfortable jeans instead of annoying office suits.

Women’s jeans 2022 reflect the trends, because nothing can be worse than a tasteless or outdated model of pants, and to always look flawless, it is better to get acquainted with what modern clothing designers offer.

New Trends

Fashion is constantly changing, offering a choice of innovative solutions and original design finds. Design, silhouette, decorative elements and other tiny details are subtly replaced by others, so those who want to look relevant should pay their attention to what the fashion of 2022 offers.

Freedom and convenience

Tight skinny models and skinnies are gradually leaving the fashion pedestal, now the “palm of primacy” goes to a straight wide jeans.

High waist

The owners of pants with low-waist better forget about them for a long time, fashion trends this season include wearing jeans with a high waist.


The fashionable lapels are still on, but now the width of the lapels plays an important role. Straight jeans-pipes are decorated with wide neat lapels, while boyfriends can be rolled up carelessly. Well, if fashion trends have not inspired fashionista to buy wide pants, and to refuse tight skinny unrealistic, then putting them on, you should roll up the bottom of the pant leg as narrowly as possible.

Decorative techniques

In 2022 novelty denim fashion is decorated with a variety of elements:

  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • patches;
  • prints;
  • floral or cartoon applications;
  • embroidery, ethnic ornaments;
  • slogans.

In this sense, Fausto Puglisi and Marc Jacobs brands have succeeded the most. The original models are trimmed with fringe, which is formed naturally due to the lack of seams at the bottom of the pants or on the vertical cuts.

Derek Lam and Roberto Cavalli offer interesting models combining several decorative elements: floral patterns, sequins, fringe. Creative copies with patches and patchwork elements are offered by Warm and Vivien Tam.

Fashionable Styles


The summer jeans of 2022 are undoubtedly the clash that conquered the seventies. Hippie style or chic boho: designers offer a lot of laconic or richly decorated models to choose from. High waist and maximum length pants will emphasize the elegance and fragility of the figure. The correct style includes a high waist and a crimp, starting from the knee level. The length can be 7/8 or fully covering the shoes.


Women’s jeans-boyfriends not a year attract the attention of fashionistas, but this time, to “heat” interest in the model, the designers used some tricks:

  • removed the baggyness and gave the silhouette a smoother shape;
  • have raised the landing even more;
  • diversified the decor with sequins, floral or cartoon applications, slogans, and rhinestones.

This updated model is sure to attract the attention of fashionistas in the new season, and for sure they will buy boyfriend jeans 2022 to look fashionable and fresh.

Classic pipes

Buying such a model, according to fashion experts, will be the most successful in the new season. Every fashionista who can’t afford a few topical novelties will make up for it with classic flat cut denim pants. Laconic model without scuffs will fit perfectly into any image, but also fashionable ripped copies are still popular.

Ripped jeans 2022 presented by designers Banana Republic, Philip Lim. Some models are richly decorated with rhinestones, sequins and original patches.

Denim overalls

The hit of the coming season will undoubtedly become a denim jumpsuit. It will continue its march on the catwalk for several years, so this element of clothing in the closet will not be superfluous.

Modern fashionistas prefer to carelessly throw off the straps from the shoulders in order to show off a stylish T-shirt with a print. In the new season jumpsuits are abundantly decorated with scuffs, patches and holes. Loose cut models are an absolute novelty, such instances are similar to a set of a loose shirt and classic pipes, it is made of lightweight denim. Madewell models strike the imagination, so overalls lovers should pay attention to them.

Banana jeans

Popular in the eighties banana jeans have again captured the imagination of young beauties. This attractive and stylish piece of clothing will transform any figure, emphasize the smooth curves of the body and create the necessary volume in the hips. Laconic models of jeans are quite comfortable and complemented only with necessary details.

Designers Ruban and Anna October present fashionable styles in classic colours, some of them with metal buttons.

New Colours

White jeans are recognized as the most stylish jeans in 2022, they can be worn in any season. Unusual pieces are offered by Frame Denim, Rebecca Minkoff – they are made in white colour and decorated with fringes. Other topical denim colours are dark blue, bright sky and faded blue. Models of purple, wine, yellow and emerald shades are also found, but in this case stylists advise to complement them with shoes of the same shades.

The absence of scuffs and other decorative elements compensates the colouristic solution. Classic style jeans in sunny, blueberry, and khaki colours look flawless on the figure.

According to fashion experts, the most fashionable jeans for fall are covered in metallic plating: black, gold, silver and bronze highlights emphasize style and effect.

The mustard-brown palette looks great in modern sets; well, in monochrome combinations you can use banana gray or trumpet pants.

As in 2022, in the new season jerseys are popular. Gradient colouring, contrasting spots or longitudinal dark spots along the seams, limited by light-coloured divorces – such fashion finds are used by clothing designers. The colouring is characterized by softness and fade in comparison with the colour scheme of previous seasons.

What To Wear?

Minimalistic jeans in navy blue colours are perfect for the office. Such a bottom is complemented by a romantic blouse or cashmere turtleneck.

Pants are combined with cozy voluminous sweaters, monochrome cashmere turtleneck or jackets in a minimalist style. In summer, ladies wear to them various elements of the closet: a cropped top, shortened blouses, sweatshirts. It should be noted that the flared pants are suitable only for slender girls of average or high stature, pants of large size, alas, emphasize the disadvantages of the figure and shorten the silhouette.

If you do not know what to wear wide pants with, listen to the opinion of stylists. As the top, they recommend choosing tops, knitted blouses of both voluminous and fitted cut.

Banana pants with narrowed to the bottom silhouette and volume at the level of the hips are in harmony with quality sweaters and fitted jackets. Elegant pumps will complete the set and give the gait lightness. Ripped women’s jeans require a dark top and lack of bright accessories, including a wide belt.

The most favorite and practical clothing of all girls, of course, are jeans. From the variety of models it is better to choose those that will emphasize individuality and attractiveness, will be appropriate in each case and perfectly fit the figure. Well, in order to create a unique style, this attribute of clothing should be skillfully combined with the top and shoes, only in this case you can look stylish and flawless.

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