Women Camouflage Pants

Army style periodically returns to fashion. Designers present collections of women’s clothing made of camouflage fabric. But many girls buy pants, jackets and T-shirts in this colour not because it is fashionable. Camouflage is worn because it is convenient, practical and… sexy! It seems too rough to wear black and green clothes, but they adorn a woman and highlight her best features. But, deciding to buy camouflage, it is necessary to understand that it is not always appropriate to wear it.

Features of camouflage clothing

Military casual wear is characterized by the following features:

  • flat silhouette;
  • restrained colour scheme;
  • practicality;
  • variety of models;
  • themed decor;
  • patch pockets.

Camouflage is that rare case where designers do not experiment with colours and do not look for creative combinations. Everything was invented for them by the developers of military uniforms. In the colour palette, the main shades are shades of green, which are combined with black, white, brown, sometimes dark blue and sand.

In everyday life, camouflage clothing should be comfortable, just like in a real uniform. Therefore it is made from natural breathable fabrics that fit well and wear for a long time. These clothes have simple models and a flat silhouette. This fabric is rarely used for models with unusual cuts. Most often, they are simple leggings, tops, T-shirts, jackets and pants. Sometimes they are decorated with thematic decorations, but more often they have patch pockets. In mass-market and expensive brands camouflage clothes of different models appear almost every season. You just need to find something that is right for you.

What is this

Women’s camouflage pants are, of course, different from the uniform. There are models that completely replicate it. They are made specifically from rough, non-stretchy fabric and are loose. Such pants are tucked into high boots or worn with dark sneakers.

But, as a rule, women’s pants made of protective fabric are of the same patterns as any other. They can wear jeans, loafers, tight cotton or knit pants. Casual models can sit loosely or tightly on the figure. In all other styles it is present, only in military colours it is not sewed.

Who it’s for

Camouflage pants for women began to be worn in the early 2000s. They were introduced by world-renowned brands such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. The brand-new clothes at first were treated with distrust, but then they “tried them out” and began to wear them boldly with cotton blouses, bright tops, suede jackets and silk shirts.

Women’s army pants have become incredibly popular because they suit almost everyone. Another question is whether a woman is ready to step out in such clothes, because many still consider them only uniforms and do not allow civilians to wear them.

Nevertheless, fashionable camouflage pants can be worn by women of any age and any figure. Do not think that this clothing is only suitable for slim ladies. Such pants can camouflage figure flaws, visually make hips smaller and legs slimmer. Here everything is the same as with conventional pants: you only need to choose a model that suits your particular type of figure.

These pants are especially suitable for girls who like sports style and lead an active lifestyle. It is comfortable to ride a bike, walk, and play paintball. In society, it is believed that camouflage clothing refers more to youth style. But no, these pants can be worn not only by teenage girls. If a woman over 35-40 years old wears skinny camouflage pants with high heels and a cotton white shirt, she will look spectacular.


Everyone wears camouflage clothing, so the pants are protective colours:

  • men’s;
  • women’s;
  • children’s.

Designers and ordinary customers are still arguing about whether such clothes can be used or not. No one can explain why camouflage pants should not be used. Perhaps the only argument is that military clothing should only be used in the army. If a person is not in the service, he has no right to don khaki pants and T-shirts. But stylists recommend that opponents of this trend treat camouflage fabric in the same way as denim or linen. Actually, this is just a fabric of the original color, from which they sew comfortable things.


Pants for women are presented in different models. There are loose and tight, tapered and long. Popular are leggings and leggings in military colours. They can be worn with long tunics or a short skirt.

These pants are often worn with clothes of similar style (wrestler shirts, fitted shirts, solid-colored shirts, and sports shoes). They are easily combined with bright belts and heels, chiffon blouses and lace blouses.


The choice for men of camouflage pants is not so diverse. As a rule, designers offer loose models of dense fabric. Women’s are decorated with different decorations, men’s are only with patch pockets. Men, as well as women, are recommended to wear them under a leather belt and a monochrome T-shirt. Camouflage pants do not go well with classic leather shoes. Only sneakers, sneakers, boots and casual style shoes made of soft fabric with laces.


Camouflage pants for children should be made of natural materials that the child can pair comfortably. Loose models with high or medium waist are suitable for boys. They can be worn with t-shirts, sweatshirts, single-colour shirts, sweatshirts. Girls are typically offered leggings in protective colours or jeans. They can also pair them with t-shirts, sweaters, tunics and any top. Both children and adults should pair shoes that match their style: sneakers, moccasins, sneakers, boots. If a girl has pink sandals and a t-shirt with flamingos, you should not buy them with camouflage pants – they will definitely not fit in this image.

Women’s camouflage pants in the photo often fit into the images of the following styles:

  • summer;
  • sporty;
  • youth;
  • casual.

These pants are not suitable for images in a classic or romantic style. Although they can be paired with sports jackets, black loafers, and silk blouses, this image does not always look appropriate and meets the office dress code.


Camouflage pants are an indispensable item of women’s summer closet. We want to hide away heavy sweaters and warm pants from the cold weather and wear something light and comfortable instead. For warmth, pants are made of light, breathable fabric. For the July heat, linen or cotton clothing is ideal.

You can style camouflage pants in different ways. Girls style knit tops, T-shirts with bright prints, long loose tunics. Monochrome shirt with short sleeves will look good. Under the pants, you can style ballet flats, high-heeled sandals, sneakers, and any other shoes. They are worn with bright bags made of leather or textile, as well as straw models. For hot weather it is better to choose loose pants, which will not fit tightly to the body and stiffen the movement.


This is a very practical option that can be worn at any time of the year. In winter you wear these pants made of elastic fabric to the gym, and in summer you can go for a jog in them.

Free cut sports pants are suitable for hiking, cycling, relaxing in the park. They are not ashamed to walk through the city streets or go to a cafe to meet friends. Camouflage pants look more stylish and interesting than the usual sportswear, so they are popular.

They can be worn with T-shirts and tops of any cut, sweatshirts with zippers and sweatshirts with bright prints. The choice of accessories depends on the cut of pants. Leather or textile backpacks would be more suitable for the tight fit, and loose ones could be worn with a leather shoulder bag and a clutch.

Sporty camouflage pants are not always worn with sneakers – that would be too easy for modern fashionistas. Girls pair them with sandals and high heels. There are definitely no bans on pairing any shoes: if the image is composed correctly, even a pair of black pumps or ballet flats with a bow will fit into it.


Camouflage pants are often chosen by members of the younger generation. Girls love these clothes for their versatility and practicality. They are perfectly combined with everything that modern young people like to wear: long sweatshirts, caps, sneakers, sneakers, backpacks. They can be worn with bright belts made of fabric or eco leather. Sports pants are usually decorated with stitched chevrons, large appliques, rivets and other decorative elements. Pants with contrasting color inscriptions look original.


They are also called combat pants because they are almost indistinguishable from real uniforms. Free-cut pants with patch pockets above or at knee level. More often they are worn by men, but in women’s wardrobes they are also present. Cargo models do not look as elegant as the summer models. They can be worn under a wide belt and combat boots with a T-shirt, top, denim jacket.

Camouflage pants with an elastic band at the bottom

This is a very functional and practical model. The elastic band tightly encircles the leg, and such pants provide reliable protection from wind, mosquitoes and gnats. Slim girls can wear pants so that elastic bands would be visible – under shoes and high-heeled sandals. Such an image will complement a close-fitting top and a short jacket in beige, green, blue, decorated with chevrons.

Ladies with full legs should also have such pants in their closet. But it is better to wear them under sneakers or ankle boots.

Tight camouflage pants

This is a very stylish model that will add originality to any image. They are suitable for girls with thin, long legs. If there is excess weight, this model should be worn with caution. Girls love this option for its feminine cut and rough masculine colouring. It is this “combination of incongruities” that makes these pants a bestseller. They’re tucked into tall boots and worn with lace-up combat boots. If these pants suit you, combine them with everything in your closet.


This is the most versatile option that will suit slim girls and girls with a slim body. They can be worn for a walk, in a cafe, a movie, a meeting with friends. However, for a club or a date it is better to choose more sophisticated clothes. These pants are worn with sneakers or boots with lacing, but with heels they also look stylish. Complement such an image with a large leather shoulder bag, textile backpack, cap, and large sunglasses.

Women’s military pants with low waist

Suitable for girls with different body types. They can be worn with a high top, turtleneck or T-shirt. This model looks great with shoes without a heel: sneakers, sneakers, sandals. A universal type of clothing that fits more into casual or sports style images. Decorate these pants with a bright leather belt.


Camouflage pants, like any other women’s pants, are made from different materials. Cotton, linen, stretch, denim fabrics are popular. For the cold season, it’s best to buy pants made of dense fabrics, and for the hot season – linen or other natural fabrics.


To make the pants more in keeping with the military style, they are decorated with distinctive decorative elements:

  • lacing;
  • chevrons;
  • rivets;
  • with iron buttons;
  • metal sprockets.

Sometimes, however, embellishments are more romantic: pants are decorated with inscriptions, floral applications, bright designs, rhinestones and sequins.


The size range of safety pants is the same as all the others. In stores, you will find them on the racks with your size. Choose the one that fits you perfectly and emphasizes your figure.


Like all pants, camouflage pants come for different seasons. They only differ in fabric. In the summer, they sew loose, breathable models of natural materials, because synthetics will be difficult to wear in the heat. For autumn and winter choose a dense fabric that warms and protects the skin from wind and rain.

What to wear for women

Girls can wear these pants with any outfit. They can be combined with knitted shirts and tops, cotton, silk and linen shirts, fitted and loose jackets. Under them are not only sneakers, sneakers and combat boots, but also ballet flats, sophisticated high-heeled shoes. Women can combine them with backpacks, bags with any handles and clutch bags.

Stylish Images

It’s too easy to wear sneakers under camouflage pants.

Shoes and clothes can be worn with skinny models. For a stroll, wear sneakers, a T-shirt, a cap and a loose jacket. For a party, wear a sleeveless blouse, boots and a long chain clutch.

If there is no dress code in the office, you can wear pants with an elastic waistband, a black turtleneck, black high-heeled shoes, and a bag with short handles. They will be worn with a white shirt and open sandals.

Stylist Tips

Fashion designers recommend combining army clothes with other styles. It does not mean the pants can only be worn with a cap, sneakers, and protective jacket. The tapered or elastic band style will go well with high-heeled shoes and the flared style with leather sandals. Stylists advise not to be afraid to take a clutch on a chain instead of a backpack and wear large jewelry. To wear these pants, you need to choose the right jewelry. Leather or wooden bracelets, earrings-rings, pendants on a long textile strap, watches with a large dial will look gorgeous with them.

In the closet of many modern women you can see camouflage pants of different models. Stylish women have long preferred the army fabric and gladly started wearing the clothes made out of it every day, since camouflage looks stylish, conceals figure flaws, and fits into images of different styles. Such pants are suitable not only for playing paintball or sports – you can wear them to a meeting, a party or even a date.

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