Woman Wardrobe Cant Be Complete Without A Gray Hat

A hat is no less important accessory to a woman’s closet than a fashionable handbag, a pair of beautiful shoes or original jewelry. Without a hat a fashionable image seems unfinished and boring. Designers advise girls to pay attention to the gray hat because it is easily combined with clothes of classic, sports, urban and any other style.

Some modern styles of hats in bright colours seem too strange and even ridiculous. In gray, however, even the most original hat looks stylish, so in modern stores there is a huge selection of models of gray hats. The most popular of them are:

  • beanie hat;
  • hat with a pompom;
  • earflaps;
  • Peruvian hat;
  • beret;
  • turban;
  • sports hat.

For many years the gray beret has not gone out of fashion. It suits almost everyone, except for girls with an oval or triangular face. A classic gray suit can be worn with a formal coat. For winter, there have been more voluminous beret with a not wide elastic, connected from thick woolen threads. Such a model, decorated with a large brooch, will look good with a black or gray fur coat.

For a long time the gray fur earflaps were the leader. Fashionistas love it for its versatility. Thus, the earflaps with tied ears fit well into the business style. It can be worn with a fur coat, sheepskin coat, winter coat. If the ears are untied, it will go well with a down jacket of any colour, sizeless coat and other outerwear, which are loved by young girls. Earflaps are indispensable in cold weather – they will definitely keep your ears warm. Today you can find gray earflaps made of natural and artificial fur, which is also very warm.

Fashion always calls for a classic fur hat made from mink, sable, or fox. This model is chosen by older women – it is worn with long fur coats or warm coats with a fur collar. Young people in recent years give preference to gray Peruvian hats with pompons and tassels. Such a hat perfectly covers the ears and pairs well with sheepskin coats, fur coats and coats. The choice is also broad: there is a laconic gray hat, as well as a bright one decorated with interesting ornaments. If you knit, you will definitely not have a problem making your own original headwear in the Peruvian style.

Beanie hats retain their relevance and have an elongated shape. Women’s hats are more in line with the youth style. They can be both monochrome and decorated with bright inscriptions, pompons, rhinestones, embroidery. At first there were acid-colored beanies, but when it became clear that they do not suit everyone, they were replaced by gray hats. They are equally well dressed with jeans, skirts below the knee, wide coats, leather and denim jackets, sneakers, sneakers and high-heeled shoes. Young girls choose gray beanie hats – older women do not fit this model.

In recent years the knitted turban has come to European fashion from the East. This hat itself is very original, so it looks fantastic in gray, not in bright colours. A knitted hat like this will look stylish with a long coat, such as a fitted classic sheepskin coat. A stylish addition to the turban will be a large brooch with stones and natural fur.

Gray sports hats are becoming more and more popular each season. And if before girls wore them only for jogging and to the gym, today they have taken their place and are worn casually.

Now long and tight-fitting sports hats are worn with classic coats, jeans, skirts, not only with sports pants. Hats decorated with the logos of world sports brands are very popular.

Choosing A Shade

Gray, like any other colour, has a huge palette of shades. If you choose it wisely, it will enhance other colours in your image.

Light gray hats with a slight silver patina will go well with almost all colours, including other shades of gray. This colour is so interesting that in special lighting it seems white. Furthermore, it’s better not to wear such a hat with white accessories and clothing – it will blend in with them. Ideally, light gray will complement deep blue and red-gold.

Designers recommend paying attention to hats in the shade “gray dove” to create a romantic image. Silver gray appears matte here, which pairs well with a pink, mint or lilac coat or scarf.

Also popular is a black gray hat with a steely shade. It is quite a rich colour that will combine with turquoise and blue. Hats in marengo color – a black gray with a bluish tint – original design. Dark gray hat will be paired with emerald and black clothing.

Original hats have a pencil lead colour. Combine this shade with pink and green clothes in deep black. The color of gray hats can also be anthracite, asphalt, pewter, silver, or other shades, each unique and beautiful in its own way.

Who Should Wear Gray Hats?

The answer is absolutely everyone. Many girls refuse to buy a gray hat because they do not know what to wear it with and whether it suits them. Gray suits everyone, find your ideal shade. Gray hats are especially important for brunettes. Against the background of black, your facial features will be more expressive, and the colour of your eyes will be brighter and richer.

Girls with blond hair should be more careful in choosing hats. Warm shades of greige as well as saturated colours will suit them. Blondes can also try on hats of different colours. They will be suitable for a greige-blue, greige-green, red-brown hat and other combinations.

The color of gray hats also depends on the complexion. So, fat ladies are advised to avoid buying hats of light and silver shades. And petite girls are better suited for light gray hats – they will seem higher. Slim tall girls are ideally suited for hats of dark colours – they make the figure look more proportionate. But in any case, the priority should be your preferences. Wear not what is fashionable, but what you like.

A gray hat is a real find for modern fashionistas. This is because it pairs well with a huge number of other colours and becomes a real highlight of any fashionable image. A huge variety of hats in different styles and shades allows each girl to find her ideal hat, which will be combined with clothes of different styles.

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