Woman Knitted Hats Make Great Additions To Their Closets

No matter the weather, a stylish knitted hat can make your appearance elegant, but in the colder months this accessory becomes imperative. It is noteworthy that every woman has knitted models, even if she does not follow fashion, because the variety of styles, materials, availability make knitted women’s hats versatile.

Fashionable Types Of Knitted Hats

A stylish and original headpiece will not only attract the attention of others, but also allow you to create a distinct and elegant image. Of all the variety of knitted products we can highlight several fashionable models that have been in trend for several seasons. It is noteworthy that you can choose things suitable for both everyday life and for sports activities.

Knitted beanie hat

Any hat can be included in this model without fasteners and ties, so its range of models is quite diverse and there are no clear boundaries to its style.

Beanie can be in the form of hats, tightly fitting the head or long and loose with a baggy part at the back of the head. It is possible to divide products by seasonality. Hats for fall and spring are knitted thin and light. Winter models are made of denser yarn, so they look voluminous.

There are several options for decorating and creating it:

  • Knitted hats for the winter 2018 season are decorated with a pompom on the top. And these cheeky additions can be created from yarn or fur;
  • products with lapels have not lost their relevance. This method gives the hat volume and looks stylish in winter;
  • Creative looks knitted women’s hat with ears, which can be made or knitted when shaping the model. Such hats are suitable for young fashionistas who welcome creative and unconventional clothing trends;
  • The double beanie is an interesting two-layer and two-colour model. Since it can be turned inside out, it is possible to create two hats of different shades from one hat. Such models, as a rule, have an uncomplicated design. One side of the double beanie can be decorated with a print, simple openwork knitted elements, and the other is made as a plain canvas;
  • The two-colour model consists of a single layer. The border of different shades does not necessarily go in the middle. Some models may have a different colour on the underside.

Beanie hats are not the kind of products that are elegantly adorned. It is discreet if any decoration is used – an embroidered logo or inscription on small bows.

When knitting models for different seasons several types of yarn are used. Winter women’s knitted hats are constructed of natural wool. Manufacturers use mohair, angora, cashmere, and merino to protect from the cold and wind. For making knitted fur hats a special technology is employed, in which strips of fur are knitted or a special “fur” yarn.

Sports or hats for fall/spring are knitted light and thin, so cotton, bamboo or linen yarn is used. For exquisite summer models, luxurious shiny silk yarns are chosen.

Hats with earflaps

This model is very popular because it can be used in both men’s and women’s closets. The hat goes well with coats, fur coats, and jackets. Knitted fabrics with fur trim and dense fabrics are features of winter products. Flared “ears” can be worn both loosened and tied at the nape of the neck. Models of bright red or blue shades have a more youthful look and may look ridiculous on people of age.

Knitted berets

Democratism was reflected in such models the following year. Simple styles gained popularity, and the expressiveness of the models gave relief to openwork patterns or classic English elastic bands.

Pastel shades of beige, sandy colours are part of the current colour scheme. Large pompoms give berets originality and a touch of levity. However, this does not prevent wearing such headgear with elegant fur coats or quilted coats.

Voluminous products, knitted from thick woolen threads, will allow the fashionista to survive cold days comfortably, and models made of cotton or linen will elegantly decorate the summer closet.

How To Choose A Knitted Hat

Undoubtedly, a knitted hat can be considered a model “without gender and age”. For it to function as a decoration and harmoniously complement the closet, certain guidelines must be followed.

For short fashionistas it is undesirable to choose voluminous models with puffy knitting or large pompoms. It is better to buy knitted hats of thin fabric, especially if the facial features are small. Taller women can look for hats with large knits, with lapels.

It is better to choose a knitted hat with a smooth fabric, so that the threads do not irritate the skin. It is desirable that fluffy models have a lining.

It is necessary to choose the size of the headgear carefully. As a result, too big products will constantly slip off the back of the head or face, while too tight ones can cause headaches.

Products in pastel shades are considered the most versatile. Because such models allow you to create more combinations with various clothes. Bright coloured hats can become a real closet decoration, but headpieces in saturated “poisonous” shades are more appropriate to use with sportswear or active recreation.

How To Wear Knitted Hats?

The hat has the peculiar quality of adding a special mood to the closet.

All 2022 beanie hats possess this trait. This hat brings a certain carelessness to the image, which allows the play of contrasts when creating images. Spectacular look have images, where such an inconspicuous hat is combined with an elegant expensive outfit, thereby diminishing the sophistication and gloss of the closet. Wear knitted beanie sets in spring and autumn with dresses, skirts of different styles (flared or pencil). The non-standard look features a hat paired with straight pants and a shirt with a pullover or sweater.

Hats with earflaps belong mainly to the headwear of the winter season. Women’s knitted hats without a pompom in discreet shades will perfectly complement coat. Earmuffs decorated with fur pompoms or braids will look organic with down jackets or coats.

In general, when choosing knitted hats, you should remember that models with large knitwear or braids look harmonious with bulk outerwear (down jackets, quilted jackets, leather jackets) or with cardigans, sweaters with large knitwear. Women’s knitwear made of thin yarns is a stylish addition to summer outfits. Trendy are combinations of thin beanies with skinny jeans, loose tunics, and light shirts.

Composing the image, do not forget about the other accessories: scarves, snoods, gloves can be monochrome or multicoloured.

Thanks to the modern fashion industry, a large selection of knitted hats allows you to make an everyday image richer and more interesting at any time of year.

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