Will Cuff Jeans Be In Style In 2022

Fans of loft and casual style wear cuffed pants. This style came to us from Europe, where a few years ago, young people began to tighten jeans. Fashion magazines also show a lot of stars who are not squeamish about tucks, on the contrary, they actively emphasize this aspect in their images. Rolled jeans help a woman to show off her legs. A girl with a full build will look more elegant with tucks of the correct length that expose a thin ankle. Also it is a great way to emphasize the legs. Upturned jeans add mystery to the image of the fair sex.

How To Properly Cuff Jeans?

Before you make tucks on jeans, you need to understand what type of tuck is appropriate for certain jeans. There are the following models:

  • Wide jeans. In this case and women’s jeans are rarely tucked, but still you can meet such stylists, which are often introduced to the era of hippies and the musical 70’s. According to the rules of style you need to roll up the pant legs by 3-4 cm and the tuck should be a single. To keep the shape of the cuffs, iron them.
  • straight jeans. The width of the tuck should be 3-6 cm, you can roll it up once or twice. Such an image is found in the nautical, Italian style, as well as among fans of Provence.
  • Straight skinny jeans. Great for tucks. The width should be from 1.5 – to 3 cm, the so-called narrow tuck.
  • classic jeans. On long classic cut jeans, tucks reduce height, pay attention to this, tucking the pant legs. For a guy or girl of short stature, it’s best not to experiment with fold-ups on classic jeans.
  • coloured skinnies. Skinnies are called skinny pants that are tight on the figure. In most cases the pants are too long and therefore gather at the ankle. You should not turn them up like regular jeans, as it would look ugly. Turn the skinnies inwards and iron the cuffs to keep the shape.

If you follow these recommendations, you can always look fashionable.

How Do You Make Wide Jeans Tight

Any pair of jeans can be skinny. To do this, you must determine how narrow the twisted leg should be. Then perform a series of simple steps:

  1. At the bottom of the pant leg forms a small crease, which resembles a notch;
  2. Tuck the fold as if into the tuck;
  3. Make another tuck, so that the bottom of the jeans is not spread out.

Such manipulation takes only a couple of minutes. Another way is to roll up the bottom of the pant legs, but the narrow tucks should be manageable, so that the image seems reasonable.

Cuffs And Socks

To prevent some shoes from chafing, you need to wear socks under them, but what about the lapels in this case? If you wear closed shoes, such as sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins, boots, etc., you need to choose short socks, so that they slightly peek out from under the shoes. Excellent for socks: they protect your feet from unwanted blisters and peek stylishly.

On the other hand, many guys and girls wear socks with unusual patterns or bright colours. In this case, the sock should cover the bare leg and go under the jeans.

Stylish Outfits

If properly twisted, jeans will make any image more fresh and memorable. We offer you some famous combinations.

Almost any top can be paired with turned up jeans. For summer it can be a cropped top, chiffon blouse, jacket, t-shirt. For colder seasons choose bright sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, sweatshirts with interesting and beautiful prints, etc. But the choice of shoes should be approached more responsibly.

  • Under jeggings, leggings, skinnies, where the pant legs will be tucked several times, shoes with a thick heel or canvas-type sneakers are excellent;
  • Light blue jeans stylishly complement the sandals and ballet flats with lacing, which will emphasize the beauty of the ankle;
  • Jeans in dark and black shades feel free to wear with boots or boots, the image is great for cold weather;
  • Tucking the pants by 1-2 cm, you can choose shoes on a flat or small platform.

The most significant thing to remember: if you do a double tuck, the most stylish look will be shoes or boots with a high thick heel or stiletto heel.

It is optional to dress according to already known images. You can come up with your unique images, the main thing is to correctly combine the type of tuck with the style of jeans.

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