Wide Boots: Stylish Combinations With The Best Models

Wide boots are a trend that is only gaining popularity. For a long time, fashionable women have ignored this type of shoes, preferring more austere forms. However, more often, you can see women’s boots with a wide cuff on the fashion podiums. It is worth recognizing that they look truly feminine and stylish.

Who Should Wear Wide Boots

The first time you buy shoes with unusually wide shin, ladies begin to think frantically about the best fit for this type of boots. However, the algorithm for forming a fashionable image is the same as other accessories. It is important to consider the style, colour, material texture, height and width of the heel and only then take into account the model with a wide cuff.

Boots with a wide cuff is recommended to wear to ladies with too thin shins or vice versa – quite large. And in the first and second case, the original style will “hide” the features of the physique. Ladies with magnificent forms will appreciate high boots with a wide cuff on a stable, but small heel.

Slim girls can also choose such a model without a heel or on a refined wedge. Boots without a heel look, as a rule, ruder. However, the undesirable “brutal effect” can be levelled using different decorative elements. You can also experiment with the material. For example, any suede style will transform into a more delicate, refined shape, and patent leather will make even a feminine version of the shoes rougher.

Trendy Shoes For All Seasons

Do not think that only winter boots with a wide cuff can adorn the modern woman’s closet. In the winter, massive and textured shoes will look in a special way that is appropriate and relevant. However, many models are no less interesting for fashionistas in terms of style, aesthetics and comfort.

Just think of rubber boots with a wide cuff, allowing bright, stylish and comfortable to meet the first fall rain and spectacularly spend the last melting snow in the spring. They can be both neutral colours and bright colours. For the most extravagant ladies, designers have come up with original prints. This also applies to children’s fashion, although you can afford even more experiments in this fashion segment.

Even in some summer collections, you can find short boots with a wide cuff. They are usually made of lace, tracery fabrics, and natural fabrics. Moreover, some models of denim and denser fabrics are supplemented with an open sock, which gives the shoes a special charm and exclusivity.

The Most Winning Looks With Fashionable Boots

Once the new women’s boots are bought, it is worth thinking about how and with what to wear the new shoes. Designers unanimously declare that such models are universal. The secret of a perfect look is an innate sense of style and the ability to competently create fashionable looks (harmony of textures and colours, the ability to work with volumes and proportions).

So, the main fashion “partners”:

  • Simple skinny jeans, skinny pants in a casual style;
  • A combination consisting of thick dark tights with skirts or dresses;
  • Classic straight-cut pants;
  • Wide shorts made of densely textured fabrics. For example, boots made of reptile leather (or at least a material that artfully imitates the natural texture) and tweed gray or black shorts with tight tights of the same dark colour look incredibly stylish;
  • Suede jackets and cropped models of coats (cropped boots with a very wide cuff are ideal);
  • Lightweight sundresses and miniskirts (for summer models of openwork fabrics).

Separately, we should pay attention to rubber boots. The ideal option – is low boots with a heel (small). This model looks quite elegant and is also the most comfortable to wear. The most popular closet elements for such shoes are simple skinnies, skinny jeans, high socks, knitted cardigans, close to the classic style or an elongated jacket, a similar concept.

Do not combine the shoes with too loose, sporty, rough closet items. Otherwise, the fashionable look could turn into a “fisherman’s uniform.”

This season, designers are calling for using original shoes to create extravagant and unique images. They also tell what to wear boots with a high cuff to make the look fascinating.

Shoes for skinnies and boots for a full foot with a wide shank are used in various styles. The most popular styles are:

  • Boho;
  • Hippies;
  • Casual;
  • English Style;
  • Glamour;
  • Dandy;
  • Country or the famous cowboy style;
  • Urban Crazy Style;
  • Street or youth style.

To always make all the elements look harmonious, it is important to remember that wide boots with their exorbitantly wide cuffs should be in sight. It is enough to hide the boots under wide pants or cover them with a long skirt, and all the magic of this original type of shoes will disappear, and this is at best. Attempts, for whatever reason, to cover up a wide wedge or heeled boots will end up with the image being ridiculous or even strange.

Fashionable Combinations With Your Favorite Boots

Boots with a high rise and decorated top can be used to create feminine and romantic images. The main thing is to build an image on a filigree game of contrasts.
For example, a light, airy silk dress, crepe de Chine, chintz or lace is complemented by rude boots. Still, delicate suede boots in pleasant pastel colours can be made even more delicate and feminine through brutal clothing elements – dress with a strict cut of leather, rough shorts from tweed, and sundress of heavy denim.

Lovers of extravagant looks can refuse the “boring” skinny and straight classic pants in favour of galifs. In this case, it is better to choose boots without zippers or boots with a wide cuff without bright decorative elements. The image, of course, is risky, but therein lies its special appeal.

Traditional winter boots for women on modern fashion podiums have transformed beyond recognition. Creative solutions and an unconventional approach to working with quality materials allow you to create a true fashion masterpiece – such boots will suit any clothing style.

One of the main fresh trends of 2022-2018 is the street style in jockey direction. Jockey boots were presented by Ann Demeulemeester, Ermanno Scervino, Grinko, Peter Pilotto, Tod’s.

A typical “representative” of this fashion trend looks like a softly rounded toe, flat sole, and high cuff (up to the knees or slightly above). Simple, laconic style is decorated with demonstrably expensive leather or incredibly delicate suede. Girls with slender legs will appreciate such products.

High-heeled boots with a wide cuff also look attractive. The main thing is that the heel should be stable, and the cuff does not shock you with its extreme and inappropriate width. This style exudes a particular sexuality, even with elements of aggressive femininity. Not surprisingly, the spectacular shoes were used by many gurus of the modern fashion world: Dolce & Gabbana, J.W. Anderson, Jeremy Scott, Jonathan Simkhai, Mark Jacobs, and Valentino.

Aalto, Ellery, Luisa Beccaria, Mulberry, Osman, and Vanessa Seward actively used wide boots in their collections and successfully demonstrated another popular trend – patent leather. The combination of these two elements allows you to create bold, stylish and spectacular shoes.

The Best Ideas In Colour And Texture

Next to the classic black and brown boots on the fashion podium, models shone in shoes of completely different colours and shades:

  • Bordeaux;
  • Marsala;
  • Ripe Cherry;
  • Coffee-chocolate tone;
  • Cream;
  • Sky blue;
  • Powder Pink;
  • Golden Pearls;
  • Gray (close to ash);
  • Cream.

The absence of a heel allows you to complement the wide boots with other interesting details: a very wide zipper and jewelry in the form of “false” clasps with high ornate lacing. However, remember that the more laconic the model, the more versatile it is in creating casual looks.

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