Why You Should Sleep On Silk Pillow

The latest fashion is silk pillowcases. The effect is almost as good as rejuvenating apples: old wrinkles are smoothed out, new ones are prevented, and your hair feels like it’s been in a beauty salon. Below we will find out which of the promises is true, why we need a silk pillowcase, and whether it is time to run to the store for your copy of beneficial sleep and beauty of skin and hair.

Sleep is a time of recovery for the body as a whole and the skin in particular. That’s why it’s no surprise that experts are now working in this area. It’s a good idea to get exactly 8 hours of sleep, monitor the quality of sleep, and assist the body in recovery.

This is where natural silk pillowcases come in handy. Experts emphasize two points about the quality of the material:

  • smooth;
  • does not absorb unnecessary.

Silk Cases Provide Smoothness

There is a direct link between the reflection in the mirror in the morning and the quality of the pillowcase. Rough fabric (linen, cotton) and seams can leave marks and creases on the face. For ruffles or embroidery, your skin will definitely not thank you. But silk is another matter. It’s so smooth it doesn’t leave marks on your skin.

Smoothness also has a positive effect on the hair. They don’t rub, so they stay smooth and don’t get electrified.

Some girls notice a smoothing effect and reduction of split ends. The hair structure becomes more homogeneous, the cuticle scales close, and shine appears.

Silk Does Not Absorb

Silk virtually does not absorb care products that are applied to the skin, which makes the face more moisturized and well-groomed. The material does not dry out the skin or hair by taking moisture from it – but keeps it naturally moisturized.

That’s why African Americans with thicker, more unruly and dry hair constantly use silk handkerchiefs or pillowcases – they fight the drying out of their hair. Although it was originally invented to sleep on silk in Japan.

Pros and Cons

Consider the other characteristics of silk beauty pillowcases, in addition to those listed above.

Pros Cons
Positive effect on hair and skin Requires more careful handling, care, and storage
Composition without synthetic impurities Hand wash only at 30°C with special detergent for delicate fabrics
The perfect combination of comfort, appearance and durability High price
Hypoallergenic Can be confused with artificial silk
High durability, so with proper care the pillowcase will last a long time

Popular Myths About Silk Pillow Cases

Let’s dispel the most popular myths about silk.

Myth #1: It’s Cold

No, artificial silk may seem cold or cool. The natural material takes body temperature almost instantly, so this pillowcase is comfortable to sleep on.

Myth #2: Natural material is not suitable for long-term use

With proper care, the Beauty Pillowcase will last 7-12 years.

Myth #3. Natural silk is unreasonably expensive

Natural silk has been an expensive treat for centuries. But you can’t say it’s unreasonable, because a beauty pillowcase is an investment in your youth and beauty.

Myth #4. Dry cleaning only

Silk items can be washed by hand in cool water. Some manufacturers allow delicate machine washing.

Myth #5. Highly electrifying

Natural silk is not electrifying at all, but artificial silk is.

How To Choose a Silk Pillow Case

The heavier the fabric, the denser and higher quality it is. There is a separate indicator of the weight of silk – mommi. This value should be between 16 and 21, but the best value is considered 19 mommi. This value strikes a balance between beauty, comfort, cost, and durability.

If the store does not provide information about the Momi, then most likely you are facing a fake – it is better to buy a silk pillowcase from another seller.

When buying it is important to pay attention to the appearance. The fabric should be soft and slightly velvety.

How to Replace a Silk Pillowcase

Due to the popularity of natural silk, you can often find its artificial counterpart. Unfortunately, it does not have the same advantages. It is not easy to tell the difference: artificial silk has a tighter weave, which will make it sit on the pillow.

Satin or bamboo can be an effective alternative. The latter has an antimicrobial effect, so it is suitable for those who have acne or any other skin problems.

Many Hollywood stars already appreciate the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Take advantage of the secrets of star grooming. After all, each of us is a real star.

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