Who Should Wear Culotte Pants

At the top of the world of women’s fashion list in 2022 are pants culottes – bright novelties for any age and type of figure. Fashionistas learned about this stylish clothing a few years ago. Still, this model has gained unprecedented success, because the most famous fashion masters began to work with it.

Asymmetrical culottes

The History Of Pants

Silk cropped wide pants were worn by French aristocracy several centuries ago. These images with culottes became a new trend for creating fashionable culotte pants. Coco Chanel was a famous admirer of this piece of clothing, although this model’s authorship was not hers.

Asymmetric cut culottes

The author of the creation of wide pants called culottes is considered a tennis player and a desperate feminist Elsa Schiaparelli. She felt quite free in short pants and wore them as sportswear. In 1931 Elsa presented her creation at the Wimbledon Championships to fashionistas, which was designed to make life a little more comfortable for women of that time. Progressive Englishwomen were the first to appreciate such clothing. They began actively using cropped pants culottes for cycling and horseback riding.

Beige culottes

Until the 60’s fashion culottes remained a symbol of feminism, as not all women dared to wear them. Since then, women’s closets have remained a haven for comfortable clothing.

White culottes

The victorious return of pants took place only in 1995, when designer Gilles Sander (Germany) presented some variations of suits with cropped culottes in a retro style in a new collection.

Fashionable burgundy culottes pants

Choosing The Right Culottes For Women

Fashionable pants-culottes 2022 can be found in your closet for women with different body proportions. This is the main advantage of these pants. Basic rules for the correct selection of the highlight of your closet, which will hide the disadvantages of the figure and emphasize its positive advantages:

  • Choose the right length of pants. Basically it is below the knee, which can visually shorten the legs. To avoid this, you should use high-heeled shoes to pair with culottes. Or you can choose a different model of culottes with a landing at the waist.
  • Observe the proportions of the body. The hips should be visually wider than the waist, but also to exaggerate with a placket from the hip, a wide belt or large pleats is impossible. These additional details can have a detrimental effect on a woman’s image.
  • Do not weigh down the upper part of the silhouette with elements such as massive patches or pockets. This can play a cruel joke even with women of ideal proportions.
  • Choosing a monochrome models of a calm cut, you can diversify the suit with blouses of different colours. Short pants of a calm shade and a blouse with an unobtrusive pattern (in a check, stripes or houndstooth) can be perfectly combined.

To not look old-fashioned in culottes for women, it is critical to complement your image, emphasizing it with stylish and relevant accessories.

Trendy black culottes pants

For ladies with a bodacious figure, it is better to opt for dark or black models of pants. They look stylish paired with light shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Black pants look great with red tops.

Trendy denim culottes

Girls with wide hips should not wear short culottes with large drawings or prints. This will visually add extra pounds and increase the figure. In this case, it is better to choose a monochrome model with pleats or arrows.

Fashionable culottes pants

How To Wear Culottes In Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Fashionistas have been struggling with how to pair culottes pants with different seasons. When the ideal model of pants for your figure is selected, the only thing left to do is find the right combination of the top of the suit. In addition, you need to correctly choose shoes.

What To Wear With Culotte Pants In Summer?

In the warm season culottes are best paired with sharp-nosed ankle boots, Birkenstocks or ballet flats. Shoes with high heels suit petite women, but it is best to avoid high heels for taller women.

Red culottes pants

You can wear bright colours in summer instead of restrained ones. This will give the owner of such an outfit a positive mood and distinguish it from the crowd of boring suits.

For example, summer culottes of rich green hue will convey a sense of purpose and activity, and paired with a white or beige top will be a suitable outfit for a businesswoman. Stylish accessories, designed in a black and white colour palette will help to complete the image. Culottes with lighter textures will easily replace the owner’s annoying shorts.

Black leather culottes combined with a white top or T-shirt give a girl an independent and slightly aggressive image. Perfect for parties in nightclubs or active dates.

Leather culottes

What To Wear With Culotte Pants In Spring And Fall?

In cool weather it is better to match the culottes with pantyhose. Women’s closets should include this item in the same tone as their pants and shoes. The shoes should have a closed toe if tights are used in the image.

In spring and fall such pants can be combined with a light coat, giving an image of formality and smartness. To look more free and relaxed, you should wear a leather jacket.

Linen culottes pants

Refresh the closet of women in the fall and spring pale pants. However, they should be worn only by the owners of slender figures, as pale shades visually increase the proportions of the body and give volume. You can combine pale versions of culottes with shirts, tops of the same shade, or pure white. Such an image will be very feminine and airy.

Gray culottes made of viscose or fine wool are suitable for the office. They will be a real competition for pencil skirts and straight pants. Such culottes are easily combined with a variety of pastel shades.

Using bright suspenders, you can wear insulated culottes with socks of a similar shade. An outfit like this will look like a stylish jumpsuit with a bright detail.

A combination of voluminous pants with fitted jackets or coats looks stylish. They easily compensate the voluminous bottom and balance the proportions of female body parts.

Summer culottes pants

What To Wear With Culotte Pants In Winter?

Winter does not mean you have to give up trendy pants, you need to know how to wear culottes in winter. Pants of tweed, suede, wool or corduroy can be combined with blouses of thick fabric, paired with a jacket or jacket. In winter it is necessary to wear tight kapron tights to match the pants and shoes.

Shoes include short boots with a heel, boots, high boots without a heel and with a heel, and ankle boots. Boots can be elegant and understated, as well as rough and rugged. The right model should be chosen based on the desired image. You can use boots on a massive tractor sole or a flat and graceful wedge.

The image of boots is one of charming femininity and unobtrusive sexuality in winter. Boots, oversized coats, and dense fabric culottes are the right combination for the modern girl.

Gray culottes

In cold weather the smart choice would be a long coat combined with culottes, the length of which slightly covers the pants or remains at the same level with them. A woman’s image will become slimmer as the hips will be hidden. Under the coat, wear only high-heeled boots. This simple combination of fashionable closet items gives a girl a luxurious and confident look.

An overcoat in an oversize style paired with culottes is an ideal option in the image. Slim women can safely wear short insulated overcoats or jackets. This outerwear is a perfect match with wide culottes or versions of pants trimmed with a basque.

Knitted sweaters also look stylish with calottos. However, please do not choose a very voluminous model, it is better to focus on the fitted versions, made by a large or fine stitching.

Terracotta culottes

What To Wear With Denim Culottes?

Models made of denim are essentially shortened denim culottes with a wide cut. They are suitable for wearing both in cold and warm seasons. They are a suitable alternative for lovers of irreplaceable jeans.

Denim blue culottes look good paired with a white shirt for women who prefer a classic style in their closet. You can also combine jeans culottes with printed blouses or denim shirts. The term ‘topical print’ describes models with a pattern in a plaid, floral or military style. To maintain body proportions, use a shortened top or tuck long shirts and blouses inside flared pants.

With short pants of blue denim fabric, you can wear tops, shirts, and light blouses in the most daring colors.

The variety and colourfulness of culottes pants available now is simply limitless. This allows you to easily create a spectacular and stylish image for everyday life and evening events. Pants are beautiful, but when combined with outerwear, accessories and shoes, they become irresistible.

Green culottes pants

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