Who Can Wear High Waisted Pants

Wide pants with high waist have retained their popularity since the middle of the last century. This is explained by the fact that almost any figure looks feminine and stylish in them. In addition, women’s high waist pants fit everyone. They are appropriate in any style of clothing and perfectly go with denim shirts and leather jackets, knit tops and silk blouses.

What Kind Of Figure Would These Pants Fit?

Many people believe that overstated pants are models, the belt of which ends almost under the chest, and they can be worn only by slender tall girls. In fact, these pants have a belt strictly at the waistline or a few centimeters above it, so pants at high waist fit almost all women. They can be worn by girls and women:

  • with narrow hips;
  • without being overweight;
  • with extra centimeters on the waist;
  • with wide hips;
  • with a miniature figure.

The choice of the model of pants with high waist depends on the characteristics of the figure. If a girl has narrow hips, she can choose pants with a belt, on which there are pleats, puffs, flounces. Any additional element at the waist will make the hips wider, and then the figure as a whole will look more proportional.

This fact should be considered for women with wide hips and waist. According to stylists, they should wear pants with no decoration on the belt. In this case it should be wide and ending almost under the breasts. Then it will simultaneously serve as a corset and make the waist look slimmer. Wearing such pants, a woman visually becomes more trim. Girls who can boast of a good physique will look good in laconic pants and with all sorts of decorative elements. They can wear black pants with a high waist with:

  • with a wide belt;
  • with a bright textile belt;
  • with a chiffon scarf;
  • suspenders.

Girls who do not have extra centimeters on the waist and hips, will suit pants with complex patch pockets, rhinestones, embroidery and applique. Many models will fit well on a petite figure, except for shortened pants: they will make your legs look even shorter.

Which Models Are Available And What To Wear?

Today there is a huge range of pants with an high waist. The most popular and well-known styles are:

  • classics;
  • snug;
  • flared;
  • shortened;
  • wide;
  • banana pants;
  • narrow.

Classic pants are made from suit fabric. Typically, they are straight, with arrows and simple inside pockets. Such pants, as a rule, do not have decorative elements. This is an ideal option for the office. They are worn with silk or chiffon blouses, knitted turtlenecks, laconic tops. To such pants, wear a jacket, cardigan or vest.

Flared pants remain straight up to the knee and diverge from it, and oversized pants start to diverge from the waist. These trousers fit well in different shapes, because any of them stretch and make slimmer. On the oversized and flared pants, pay attention to women with puffy forms. These pants are not a classic example of business style. However, if you do not have a strict dress code in the office, you can think about buying oversized or flared pants. In this case they are worn with classic blouses.

Such pants made of flowing fabrics have a very elegant look. This can be linen, lightweight cotton, chiffon or silk. Such pants are appropriate to wear in the city and on vacation in the summertime. They can be monochrome or decorated with large floral or geometric print. Nevertheless, such loose pants make the hips appear larger, so they are only suitable for some.

Narrow pants along their entire length fit tightly around the leg. They are made from stretch and other stretch fabrics. It is difficult to argue with the fact that such pants will sit well only on an ideal figure. If your hips are full, there is a slight “orange peel”, give up the idea to buy narrow pants. A woman with an imperfect figure in such a model will look vulgar. These pants can be worn in the office with a blouse and a cardigan, and for a walk or a movie with a turtleneck and a thick sweater. They will look equally well with shoes with stiletto heels, flat soles or low stable heels.

Tight pants with high waist come in a variety of styles. The models differ in the width of the legs at the top. For example, the upper part is straight in the classic version, while the bottom tapers. There are also galifes, bananas and other models, in which the pants are wide enough in the hip area, and begin to taper sharply at the ankle or knee. These pants are sewed from jersey, wool, silk and other fabrics. This model visually tapers the silhouette to the bottom, so they are best suited for girls with shapely legs, well-proportioned or slightly full hips and a thin waist. If you are overweight, it is better not to wear skinny models, and choose wide or flared ones.

How To Choose Pants Color

In any woman’s closet should be not only a simple black dress, but also stylish black pants, because they can be donned on any occasion. First of all, these pants should be donned by women working in the office, who are both managers and full-time employees. With what to wear black pants, the question will not arise. They are combined with blouses, tops, shirts, sweaters and turtlenecks. These pants can be donned not only in the office, but also for a walk, a party, to the movies. High-waisted black school pants are more comfortable and practical than a skirt or sundress, so they should definitely be added to your daughter’s closet.

White pants are more of a festive element than an everyday item. They can be worn at festive events, especially at meetings. In white pants any woman will look very smart. Remember that this colour visually enlarges, and such things are less practical to wear.

Gray and beige pants are very relevant. They are quite acceptable to wear in the office or at a business meeting. Pants of these colours fit perfectly into the “urban” style – they are paired with turtlenecks, tops, t-shirts with original prints. Gray, beige, and white pants should also be paired with caution by owners of magnificent forms.

For several seasons, pastel pants remain topical. In summer and late spring you can wear lilac, pink, light peach, pale blue, pistachio pants. It is very feminine. Such shades will make your image delicate and sophisticated. The colour palette of pastel colours is so diverse that women with any figure will find their preferred option. Bright pants with high waists in saturated colours – red, orange, mustard, blue, green – are perfect for girls who aren’t afraid of being noticed. In combination with monochrome tops and T-shirts they look preferred.

Pants with a high waist can appear in every woman’s closet, because they fit well on almost any figure. However, in order to look flawless, you should choose a colour and model of pants that suits you. Here it is critical not to be afraid to experiment and to be able to hear a healthy criticism.

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