Whitening Face Mask

Post-acne, pigmentation, and an uneven complexion are common problems that embarrass and develop self-doubt. The whitening facial masks you can prepare yourself at home can help remedy the situation.

The Benefits Of Masks

Special products for an evening out facial tone not only actively fight pigmentation and other skin problems. Whitening masks also:

    • normalize metabolic processes;
  • saturate cells with vitamins and valuable components;
  • rejuvenate the skin;
  • Tone the upper layers of the dermis.

Regular use of masks prevents unwanted pigmentation and maintains skin quality for years.

What Brightens The Skin

Homemade recipes involve the use of only natural ingredients. The composition of the masks is mainly present:

  • berries;
  • essential oils;
  • citrus;
  • vegetables;
  • herbs.

You can also make a mask with sour milk products. The result is achieved due to the acids contained in the products. Penetrating the components effectively exfoliates keratinized cells and accelerates skin regeneration. The peeling visibly lightens the tone and reduces pigmentation.

Indications For Use

Whitening agents are recommended for:

  • couperose;
  • freckles and age spots;
  • Acne scars and scars;
  • Unhealthy skin tone;
  • Redness and irritation.

Regular use of this mask will restore the metabolic processes in the body, due to which the skin condition will improve.

Rules Of Use

For the result to be as effective as possible, it is worth considering a few rules. The main recommendations are:

  • Apply skin whitening products in a thin layer. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 15 minutes so that the body’s water balance remains normal.
  • It is not recommended to do whitening in summer so as not to worsen the metabolic processes involved in melanin. The best solution to use a mask is to apply it in winter or autumn.
  • Avoiding the negative effects of the sun after using a mask will help sunscreens.
  • The mask should be washed off with cool water. High temperature has a negative impact on the dermis, drying it out.
  • Enhancing the mask’s effectiveness will help you eat a proper diet. It is worth adjusting the menu and adding products that contain a large number of vitamins.

Additionally, cosmetologists recommend testing the skin for allergic reactions before preparing and using the mask.

Top 5 Masks

You can make a whitening face mask at home with simple ingredients. The most popular variants of homemade compositions are worth considering for lightening the skin.

Lemon mask

The preparation will require the following:

  • honey – 50 g;
  • sour cream – 15 ml;
  • lemon pulp – 20 gr;
  • rice or wheat flour – 5 gr.

The recipe is simple:

  1. Melt the honey and leave to cool to room temperature.
  2. Grate the lemon.
  3. Add sour cream, honey, and flour to the pulp and mix thoroughly.
  4. Clean the face with a scrub, wash and dry.
  5. Rub the mask into the skin with massaging movements.

Keep the composition for 20 minutes. Then you will need to rinse it with warm running water.

Parsley mask


  • parsley – a bunch;
  • sour cream – 30 liters;
  • honey – 10 g.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary:

  1. Dissolve the honey and leave it to cool.
  2. Finely chop the parsley.
  3. Mix the ingredients until homogeneous.
  4. Apply to the face for 15 minutes.

After the mixture will need to rinse with warm water.

Peroxide mask

To create an effective remedy, you will need the following:

  • cottage cheese – 50 g;
  • hydrogen peroxide – 5 drops;
  • Egg yolk – 1 pc.

The cooking process:

  1. Beat the egg yolk and mash it with cottage cheese.
  2. Add the peroxide and mix thoroughly.
  3. Apply the mask and remove it after 20 minutes.

The product is ideal for whitening oily skin. If the dermis is dry, add a teaspoon of cream is recommended.

Aspirin mask

The preparation will require the following:

  • aspirin – 6 tablets;
  • lemon juice – 30 ml.

The process of preparation and use is simple:

  1. Crush the tablets.
  2. Mix with lemon juice until smooth.
  3. Apply the solution for 10 minutes.

Removing the composition with warm water mixed with 15 g of baking soda is recommended.

Peppermint Mask

An interesting option that would require:

  • mint – a handful of leaves;
  • water – to the eye.

The recipe is quite simple:

  1. Grind the mint leaves to a paste-like consistency.
  2. Add a small amount of water and stir again.
  3. Wash and dry your face thoroughly.
  4. Apply the mask with clean fingers.
  5. Wait for 20 minutes.

In the end, it will be necessary to rinse the composition with cool water. Before creating any masks, it is recommended to consult a beautician.

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