Which Highlighter Is Better

Recently, the cosmetic bag of the modern woman was replenished with a fair amount of new fashion products to help create stylish makeup. Not so long ago, highlighter was used only by professional makeup artists, but now it is widely used in the makeup of ordinary girls. Understanding the variety of its types and applications is difficult, but if you approach it correctly, this product can add brightness and expressiveness to your image.

Peculiarities Of Using Highlighter In Makeup

Highlighter is a product applied to areas of the face to give the skin an extra glow and shine. The product contains pigments with shimmer, which can visually change the relief of the skin. Thanks to this, you can:

  • conceal external imperfections;
  • hide skin irregularities and problems;
  • emphasize the shape of cheekbones and the facial oval;
  • add glitter and luxury to your makeup.

Highlighting the contours allows you to correct facial asymmetry, making your features stronger and more clearly delineated. When the product is used correctly, the image gets notes of freshness, naturalness, and purity. Due to these qualities, highlighters have become an integral part of every day and other styles: evening, business, and festive. It is also challenging to do without this cosmetic on photo shoots. With its help, the face in photos looks more alive and natural, glow effect emphasizes equally smooth relief of the skin.

The most popular palettes include tones of light natural colors: pink, creamy beige, golden, and nude. They perfectly combine with the natural skin color and serve as a successful background for creating expressive eye or lip makeup.

Types Of Highlighters

Creating the perfect makeup look is only possible with the right products. To this end, there are highlighters in different textures. Convenient packaging noticeably reduces makeup creation time, and using the correct product type helps ensure high-quality and even application.

There are several types of highlighters on the mass market:

  • Crumbly

Dry highlighter has long been in the lead because of its ability to be applied quickly to the skin. However, it requires some skill and practice when creating makeup. The powder doesn’t always spread evenly to the skin and needs to be shaded with a brush.

This product is most suitable for girls with wide pores, as it can efficiently hide skin imperfections. Flake highlighter powder will appeal to girls with dry skin but will require additional moisturizing with a protective cream in the preliminary preparation stage.

  • Liquid

A versatile tool to create a beautiful and memorable image that will fit perfectly into the cosmetic bag of any girl. The liquid highlighter is compact to store. It does not take up much space in your purse. You can take it with you to work or for a walk. The package includes a special brush that can quickly and easily apply the composition to the skin. When blurring, it will be easier to achieve a uniform texture if you use a sponge or brush, although your fingers can do it quite well.

Liquid highlighter is suitable for girls with dry and combination skin types. When applying the product on oily skin, you need to be careful and follow the dosage: too much thick product can make your makeup look heavy and cheap.

  • Cream

The delicate consistency of the product is perfect for creating an evening and festive look. It is an excellent option for girls with problematic skin prone to dryness and rashes. A light layer of cream highlighter will be appropriate even for adult women afraid to use makeup to add to their age. The right product gently protects the skin, gives it an inner glow, smoothes out minor wrinkles, and makes a face look younger and healthier.

With the large variety of product types and cosmetics brands, it is difficult to say which highlighter is better because it depends on the specific task it intends to solve. Highlighter liquid consistency is simpler and easier to use, but the wrong ratio of the product can make a face flat and untidy. Dry highlighter can accentuate problem areas of the skin if not applied correctly, but it is also less dense and makes makeup light and airy.

Cosmetics can emphasize and enhance a woman’s beauty or ruin her makeup. Thoughtfully chosen highlighter will make the image lively, natural, and memorable.

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