Where To Apply Concealer

You can accentuate certain areas of the face with lighter tones if you wish. This will allow ensuring its luminosity and brightness. It will also be possible to get rid of traces of fatigue. If you know how to apply concealer, you can perform beautiful makeup and successfully mask certain skin problem areas.

Concealer Features

It is a product of cosmetic origin that allows you to correct skin imperfections and highlight its advantages. You can see a noticeable difference compared to the classic correction sticks. This product comes in any color, from dark brown to porcelain to pearlescent.

It all depends on what flaws you need to hide. It is possible to choose a suitable color concealer. For example, it is good to prefer reddish products to cover bruises under the eyes. To neutralize redness, it is necessary to choose blue or green tones.

Concealer is quite different from concealer:

  • It is applied before or after foundation Corrector is usually used only before applying powder or foundation.
  • The corrector can cause skin dryness. Using it under the eyes is not recommended to cover redness or bruises.
  • The consistency of the corrector is thicker and denser. It makes it possible to use it to conceal large pimples. But this product feature contributes to its clogging in wrinkles and folds.

Concealer Types

Concealers are divided by color, shape, and application:

The following types are distinguished by form:

  • Stick It looks like lipstick. Such products are made in dark and light colors. It makes it possible to hide the skin’s imperfections and beautifully highlight the protrusions and depressions.
  • Palette Concealer of the professional level. It is designed to correct skin flaws. The palette can be different. It also contains different tones: yellow, red, green, etc.
  • Pencil The most convenient concealer. That’s why it is ideal for makeup artists who do not yet have much experience. Available in light and dark versions.
  • Liquid type Outwardly resembles a concealer. A brush is used to apply it to the skin properly. Suitable for treating redness and bruises.

There are two types of concealers: corrective and reflective. The first type is quite traditional. It is used in different makeup techniques. The reflective version contains particles of mineral origin. They reflect the light that is applied to the skin.

How To Apply Concealer

To apply concealer to your face correctly and achieve the desired result, you should follow the specific instructions:

  • Initially, you need to prepare the base. Sometimes these products are applied to the skin without preparation. Initially, a cream, moisturizing emulsion, and foundation type are used.
  • In the next step, it is important to determine the main color of the skin. It all depends on what is required: to darken or lighten. The choice of shade depends on this. It is better to work within two tones, considering the skin tone.
  • Yellow or apricot shade is used to tint the area under the eyes. At the same time, it is necessary to lighten the upper part of the eyelids to create the effect of open eyes. Then the process of eye makeup will be performed darkening. It will be possible to get a very soft transition.
  • On the cheeks, a dot of a soft shade is placed in the center. Then it is shaded. At the same time, the cheekbones are darkened. The same is done with the upper part of the forehead and the nose’s ribs.
  • To fix the tinted veil, the mineral-based powder is used. Dense means which are applied in a thin layer are the best. This will not interfere with the natural shine.

Often, with the help of properly selected concealers, experienced makeup artists perform facial sculpting. Since an oval-shaped face is considered ideal, its shape is repeated when contouring.

How To Sculpt A Face

  • The face has a square shape. It is necessary to darken the lower corners of the jaw, the cheekbones, and the forehead corners. It is also necessary to lighten the nose, the areas directly under the eyes, and the middle of the forehead.
  • It is easier to correct a round face. In this case, it is necessary to lighten only the forehead and the chin. It is also required to touch up the cheeks. Suitable for this are quality concealers, apricot, or pink shades.
  • To correct a triangular face, it is necessary to darken the frontal lobe. In this case, the lower part of the face must be highlighted. This makes it possible to broaden the chin visually. The proportions are evened out.

When sculpting with concealer, it is necessary to use brushes. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

Concealer is a popular cosmetic nowadays, which allows you to highlight the advantages of the face and hide its flaws. It is only important to use it correctly.

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