When You Are A Little Over 45: Age Makeup As A Rejuvenating Tool

Features of age makeup for ladies of balzac age are reduced to the moderate use of cosmetics: changes that occur with skin colour and facial contours mean the application of light, “airy” means and the rejection of weighting textures, rich and catchy shades. To look a few years younger, to camouflage pigmentation and wrinkles, it is important to learn how to apply makeup correctly for women after 50.

Makeup For Old Skin: Basic Rules

Professional age makeup is based on pastel, light colours. All lines should be as soft as possible: imperceptible transitions of colours will not accentuate wrinkles but allow you to form clear facial features visually. The priority should be given to a cool range.

Choose light natural shades of foundation. It should be light – the concealer will give your face a fresh, rested look. As you get older, you should give up pearlescent and glitter.

Makeup artists recommend to use correctors, which can hide wrinkles, lift the face through the play of shadows. Excessive use of powder should be avoided – its particles clog wrinkles and make folds more noticeable. Matte lipstick is more appropriate here than the notorious lip gloss.

Makeup You Shouldn’T Wear At 50: Analysis Of Common Mistakes

If your life experience has already passed the age of 45, consider that the usual bright shades of lipstick should become taboo for you. Nothing could be more ridiculous than a carrot colour that accentuates nasolabial folds. It is also a mistake to combine a saturated contour pencil and gloss.

Another common mistake is using bright, reflective eye shadows on the eyelids. Here we should also mention the overpainting of the lower lashes with mascara. Remember: age makeup does not accept additional effects for mascara, such as lengthening, curling, and volume.

Unforgivable mistakes:

  • cat and any other brightly coloured arrows;
  • coloured ink;
  • thick eyeliner;
  • Wide or excessively thin “drawn” eyebrows;
  • a bright blush covering cheekbones and cheeks;
  • A light foundation that gives the face a painful look and is too dark, imitating a tan.

Pay attention: there is no need to cover the wrinkles thickly with foundation. Highlighters do an excellent job of concealing them.

Tools And Instruments: Making A Universal Makeup Kit

According to the recommendations of makeup artists, the basic set of ladies of mature age must include the following positions:

  • makeup foundation;
  • foundation with a light texture;
  • powder of a natural shade;
  • Cool and pastel shades of shadows;
  • A soft eyeliner pencil, dark brown, is fine;
  • Blush slightly darker than your natural skin tone;
  • proofreaders;
  • Blush and shadow brushes, eyebrow comb, tweezers;
  • A discreet lipstick, a contour pencil.

The key to youthful skin is its proper hydration, so in addition to proper daily care, choosing a quality foundation for makeup is necessary.

Brown-eyed ladies will perfectly suit shadows for age-appropriate makeup of cool brown undertones. Blues, pale greens, and lilacs of the spectrum will also be appropriate.

For green eyes, you can use purple, eggplant, and pale pink derivatives.

Gray and blue eyes will advantageously emphasize the shadows of a yellowish palette – sandy, plum, peach, and brown.

How To Do Daytime Makeup After 50?

The main goal of daytime makeup should be to create a dignified image, showing good taste and self-respect. It is applied quickly enough, so it is actively used both in everyday life on the walls of the house and as a spectacular touch in the office during the holidays.

Initially, you need to take care of good skin cleansing and moisturizing. At this stage, you can use anti-aging cream as a base for the makeup. After 10 minutes, you can apply foundation: applying it with your fingers, including on the eyelids, is better. To correct minor imperfections corrector is useful – it successfully masks redness, age spots, rashes, and vascular manifestations. Compared to the foundation, the corrector should be a little lighter. The rules of age makeup allow the use of translucent powder, but it can not cover the area around the eyes – otherwise, the “crow’s feet” will become even more convex.

To make your makeup look more dynamic, you should apply pastel blush: locally, only on the “apples” area, in no case on the predominant part of the cheeks. Bronzer, shimmer, glitter and luminizer are strictly forbidden.

For a daytime look, choose light matte eye shadow. Especially in this aspect, linen shades are successful. They are applied to the mobile eyelid and brow bone. Use a brown liquid liner for eyeliner, and forget about black and a cosmetic pencil. For a good tracing of the upper line of lash growth, apply the liner clear strokes from the very base of the lashes and slightly shrink it. Next, it is necessary to trace the outer corners of the eyelashes with a shading towards the movable fold of the upper eyelid. Take as a rule not to underdraw the lower eyelid.

The correction of eyebrows in age makeup is done with a pencil a shade lighter, which is applied in small strokes, followed by shading with a brush. Note that a long eyebrow line adds to age, so do not overdo it.

For daytime makeup, use brown mascara; you should colour only the upper row of lashes, not touching the lower one. First, apply the mascara on the tips of the lashes, then trace from the roots in a zigzag motion.

With these simple manipulations, it is easy to hide under-eye puffiness and dark circles, make crow’s feet invisible and emphasize the expressiveness of the look.

In daytime makeup, the emphasis is on the lips or the eyes, but this rule does not work for age-appropriate makeup. You don’t run the slightest risk of remaining unexpressive by not highlighting them. Not sure how to achieve the desired result? Try the following option:

  • Choose a pencil with a colour that matches your natural lip shade and paint over the contour;
  • Use a brush to apply moisturizing lipstick with a matte effect;
  • Apply a drop of translucent gloss to the center of your lips and smooth it out gently with your fingers.

Look in the mirror from different angles and see how justified these little nuances of daytime age makeup are. Finally, to make your face look fresh and youthful, brush a peach-coloured blush across your forehead along the hairline and down your neck.

Things To Know About Evening Makeup After 50

Holiday makeup for women 50 years will be a little more expressive than the daytime, but even in this case, the basic technique of applying age makeup is relevant.

Start by creating your skin tone with BB cream. After applying it, remove puffiness, pigmentation, vascularity and other imperfections with a concealer. Mask wrinkles with a highlighter and apply a little powder with a wide brush. Complete the skin’s makeup with a cream blush of a natural pink shade.

Composing a festive age makeup for an overhanging eyelid, you can apply shadows of 2-4 shades with obligatory shading. The cool blue-blue and lilac palettes are topical. For expressiveness, apply a bit of pearl on the line under the eyebrows. With a black liner, you can draw arrows on the upper eyelid – short, bent upwards, and well-drawn. Use black mascara with a lengthening effect or volumizing. Apply 2-3 layers on the upper row of lashes and the lower – just 1. Adjust the shape of the eyebrows.

Evening lip makeup involves using a dark pencil in the colour of matte lipstick and a drop of gloss, followed by shading.

A simple and effective way to learn how to do the right age makeup is to sign up with a makeup artist, although watching an educational video also helps. Memorize the master’s work so you can repeat the rejuvenating makeup with decorative cosmetics.

Don’t be desperate to camouflage age-related facial changes with bright eyeshadows and glossy lipstick. Beauty at 50 is easy to maintain with imperceptible corrections of skin imperfections and natural shades of decorative cosmetics.

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