Whats Great About A Red Pencil Skirt

Ladies treat scarlet with caution. Some consider it bright and provocative. Others do not know how to combine it with different closet items. A red pencil skirt creates bright, original images. This thing is worn everywhere. It looks strictly with a dark blouse, and in combination with a shiny top, the skirt becomes an evening outfit. Creating a fashionable image with a red pencil skirt is a flight of fancy and inspiration.

Features Of The Red Pencil Skirt

Every piece of clothing has its own characteristics. The classic red pencil skirt is no exception. Before choosing a top for such a piece, you should remember the following points:

  • There are no ready-made solutions. Red has many shades. What is good with one of them looks vulgar with another.
  • Scarlet attracts attention and does not tolerate mistakes. The image with a red skirt must be harmonious.
  • When selecting accessories and tops should pay attention not only to the shade, but also to the texture of the fabric.
  • The accent always stays on the skirt, the other elements should be restrained.
  • You should not overload the image. This rule applies equally to business style and for going out.

The choice of combination in the closet depends on the place, time, and age of the owner of this piece of clothing. The younger the girl, the brighter and shorter the skirt she can afford. Business women of middle age should opt for darker shades of red. They will add sophistication and elegance to the image.

What To Wear With A Red Pencil Skirt

Closet items must be combined competently. The best way to wear a red skirt of classical cut depends on the type of shape, the product model, and the fabric texture. Slim young people should choose a top that is tucked under the skirt. This will emphasize the waist. It is better to wear outdoor clothes with charming puffins. Skirts of thick fabric are combined with a turtleneck, sweater, cardigan. To the light she wore a blouse and top.

Nature’s colors should guide the selection of colors. Any colour is combined with achromatic tones.

The classic combinations with red are white and black. But gray or steel will not suit every shade.

These tones are acceptable only when the skirt is dark red. When creating an image, it is helpful to consult the table of colour compatibility. It clearly shows that green, blue and yellow are perfectly combined with a red skirt. The muted shades will complement the lilac top. Pink will look helpful with a bright tone.

Features Of The Cut

The pencil skirt is just the name of the cut. The styles of this model can be different. Details complement them.

Among the variety of options are the most relevant:

  • Classic cut with a slit in the back;
  • with a metal zipper in the front;
  • with a slit in the front;
  • with slash pockets;
  • with relief;
  • with a strap;
  • with a basque.

The choice of style depends on the type of shape, the density of the material and the time of year. Attention should be paid to the length of the model. Miniatures, for example, should not be overloaded with details. And the longer the skirt, the more additional elements it allows.


Often women buy their outfits in stores. But women seeking individuality sew things to order. The choice of material for a pencil skirt is very critical. It should conform to the season and retain a strict shape. For cold weather will do:

  • tweed,
  • costume,
  • gabardine,
  • eco leather,
  • knitwear,
  • cashmere.

Lightweight skirts are made from cloak fabric, cotton, satin, velvet. The choice of style depends on the shape, purpose of the product and material.

With an high waist

Skirt with a high fit is a universal closet item. Its peculiarity lies in the waistline rising several centimeters above the belt. This cut emphasizes the slim figure, stretches visually, and conceals the stomach. Raised belt narrows the waist, enhancing the figure. This product is a wise choice for women of small stature. This model does not require a special selection of shoes.

With basque

This variety is capable of changing any image. It gives softness, tenderness and romance. Originally, the basque was a 30 cm wide piece of fabric, made from a belt. During its existence, it has changed a lot. The modern basque – it is ruffles, wings, bows, flounces, overlays. They are made both from the main fabric and from other materials. Basque allows the designer’s imagination to unfold.

Ideally suited for girls with a “rectangle” or “hourglass” figure. Ladies with slender legs will suit a short model.

It is important to wear it with high heels so you will always be in the center of attention.

Ladies with a “pear” figure should be careful about the basque. The wrong model will emphasize the width of the hips.

With pockets

Slit pocket with a leaf or zipper – a unique detail of any product, always attracts attention. Pockets can add charm and visually elongate the figure. But it can also widen your hips and make your silhouette look squat.

All depends on the position of the line in this detail. Horizontal pockets should not be worn by puffy ladies. They expand the figure.Women seeking to emphasize the waist should opt for pockets on the oblique line. Pockets located vertically can be accessed by pulling the figure.

Who Is It For

Pencil skirts have been a catwalk staple for many years. Ladies wear the classic style in offices. This model can be worn in the evening. It is a convenient place to walk. The skirt will enhance the graceful curves of a young girl’s slender body and hide any disadvantages associated with aging. Modern products are represented in a large variety, so each woman will find a suitable option.


A red pencil skirt made of thick knit is a great choice in winter. It retains heat well and does not require special care. The product’s appearance is not spoiled by repeated washing and heat treatment. A thick jersey skirt with lining will look great on any woman. The exceptions are elderly women and those with excessive fat deposits. Soft knits will show flaws.

Knitted skirts are worn with sweaters and sweatshirts. Models look stylish in combination with a turtleneck. A blouse made of satin or cotton would suit to a thin knitted skirt. In the cold weather, women complete their look with a cardigan or jacket.


These models have long been beloved by ladies. They keep themselves warm in cold weather. The most relevant variety is a two-seam pencil skirt with a narrow bottom. Designers have moved away from denim’s usual style to various colors. A girl will emphasize her modernity if you choose a red denim skirt.

This model is a worthy choice for young people. There are many variations. Slim girls will look great in the mini.

Pudgy girls should choose a classic length to the middle of the knee. A sweater and sweatshirt would be a stylish addition to a denim skirt. In the summer, a shirt, a T-shirt, a T-shirt.


Red leather skirt always catches the eye. Fashionistas treat it with caution, and rightly so.

Improperly chosen combinations will make the outfit gaudy. If you stick to certain rules, you can create a beautiful image:

  • glossy leather skirt is not suitable for everyday wear;
  • as office wear should choose products made of matte leather;
  • Glossy cherry, burgundy or coral leather looks elegant;
  • Red leather skirt is unconditionally suitable for girls with an hourglass figure, the rest need to be very careful about the style.

A successful addition to the product – black blouses and turtlenecks. Lace bandeau with red leather skirt – the choice for brave ladies.


Handmade things attract attention, because they are unique. The knitted skirt is a characteristic model of the author.

Warm varieties are knitted on needles with woolen yarn. Cotton yarn is used to crochet light skirts, which are light and openworked. This is a gorgeous evening outfit. For the office, a skirt tied on needles.

According to the time of year, these things are picked up at the top. In summer – T-shirts, T-shirts, tops. In winter – a sweater, sweatshirt, cardigan. The only thing to avoid is the combination of lace blouses with an openwork skirt. The image will be very pretentious and overloaded.

Successful Combinations

Many colours go with red. The choice depends on the tone. The paler the red, the paler the complement should be.

Combine with this colour:

  • black,
  • white,
  • blue,
  • green.

Some shades go well with purple, lilac, and pink. It all depends on the color, the style of the product, its purpose. Business style tends to classic combinations. Leisure clothing is more free and uninhibited.

How To Wear Red Pencil Skirt

A red pencil skirt made of thick fabric makes a good warm clothing choice for cold weather. It is comfortable at work and you can go to a party. For a walk, denim models are better, while satin models are better for the office or a festive event. But the velvet products are created for an evening closet and require high heels and a luxurious blouse. An elegant linen red skirt cools the body in the summer heat.

What To Wear With Red Pencil Skirt

There are many ways to wear a red pencil skirt (it can be clearly seen in the photo). Wear this product with different tops. Sometimes the ideas are unpredictable. A red skirt looks great with a black blouse with white polka dots. There is an option with a leopard print. But stylists do not advise to overdo it. The classic option remains the black and white top. The photo shows that even the classic colours have their own nuances.

White looks better with bright red. Black looks better with saturated shades. Blue and green harmonize nicely with subtle tones. Red can be combined with gray and steel.

Harmony depends on the selection of shades. Blouses with different prints are worn with a red skirt. It offers good if there are scarlet inclusions in the color of the top. Red offers a wide range of different options.

With a white blouse

A snow-white blouse looks gorgeous with a bright scarlet bottom. The style of the top depends on the skirt’s model and the outfit’s purpose.

For the office a classic shirt made of thin cotton will do. Evening closets allow more freedom: lace, silk, or satin blouses are acceptable. Variants with or without a collar are possible.

Sleeve length is associated with the time of year, age and complexion of the owner. Girls are allowed to wear “lanterns”, light flounces-wings, wide sleeves, cut obliquely, reaching the middle of the elbow. Serious ladies are more appropriate for shirt sleeves or straight two-seam sleeve.

With a black blouse and tank top

Black requires a rich red. It pairs well with burgundy and cherry. Any blouse style is acceptable. The main thing is that it should not work against the situation. A black T-shirt is another matter. It depends on what it will be. Wear a plain black jersey made of thin material for a walk. Elegant lace with ruffles – an elegant evening dress. The dropped shoulder and the boat neck adds to the elegance of the outfit.

With blue clothes

Cornflower creates bright and juicy combinations with red. You should be careful about the shades when creating an image in these tones. Bright blue looks gorgeous with scarlet. Sapphire or purple must be worn with a dark red skirt. Blue blouses with floral or striped prints are ideal with red tones.


An outerwear without fasteners and sleeves. According to the definition, this closet item is worn during the warmer months. In cold weather it is worn with a jacket, jacket or cardigan. Most importantly, the top is in harmony with the red pencil skirt, made from cotton or linen. With a skirt of fine wool, the satin top looks appropriate for the office, while the lace top, paired with a skirt of velvet, is an appropriate evening look.

What Colours To Combine With

Red has many shades. The combination with other colours depends on the tone of the skirt.

ScarletYellow, pink, blue, white, light gray
CherryPale pink, sand, bright blue, sea wave
RaspberryPink, orange, dark green, lilac, steel
BordeauxDeep yellow, deep green, bright blue, purple, light brown
RubyLight lilac, pale orange, blue, lettuce
MarsalaPowdery, muted orange, dark yellow, dark green, greenish blue, lilac.
BloodyGray, brown, light beige, pale green

This is not a complete list of possible shades of red. Whenever you create an image, you should be guided by the combination of colours in nature. The table of colour combinations will help you find beautiful combinations.

Current Materials

Time moves forward. And fashion and industry keep up with it. New fabrics appear every year.

Designers successfully apply novelties in their collections. The most popular materials for fall and winter are wool and tweed. Designers recommend denim of different densities for spring, summer, and autumn. Corduroy and poplin returned to the runways. A practical trend is eco leather. The fabric is cheap and does not require special care.

For lovers of expensive luxuries – natural leather and suede. Cotton and linen are at the peak of popularity. They let in air and moisture and are hypoallergenic. Satin is in fashion again. For a skirt, choose a dense cotton fabric.

Appropriate Footwear And Accessories

To the red pencil skirt will look excellent high-heeled shoes in black. Modern fashion does not require other accessories in the same shade. Shoes are an independent closet unit. They can only be combined by colour. However, in today’s fashion there are no clear-cut boundaries. With a red skirt it is appropriate to wear beige shoes. In this variant it is necessary to choose stockings and pantyhose carefully. They should be a tone lighter than the shoes.

Stilettos are not necessary for the office or on a walk. Shoes with low heels are quite appropriate. The emphasis will be on maturity and femininity. In hot weather, a pencil skirt is appropriate to wear sandals. For the workplace, wear shoes with a closed toe. Gladiators look gorgeous with a mini skirt. Denim model looks stylish with espadrilles and wedge shoes.

Accessories are chosen depending on the top and shoes. With denim and linen skirts and light cotton blouses, combined with sandals and sandals. A successful addition would be plastic jewelry in muted tones.

A blouse with long sleeves is worn with tweed and wool. Strict closet requires appropriate accessories. The image will be completed with white metal earrings and chains. A velvet skirt is worn in the evening. It is suitable for gold jewelry with natural stones.

With a red pencil skirt it is possible to come up with a lot of attractive and original images that will be appropriate for work, walks and celebrations. Create interesting combinations. And then your image is sure to attract attention and a lot of enthusiastic glances.

Stylish Images

Stylists’ ideas are not suitable for everyone. It is better to create your own image of fashion. To have a stylish and unique image it is necessary to break away from the usual stereotypes. Taking the red pencil skirt as a basis, let’s determine its colour. For example, scarlet. Let’s see what colours it combines with. White is a classic. It will not work.

Let’s complement the scarlet skirt with a yellow blouse. If the skirt has a high waist, pick up a thin gray strap.

A gray-brown bag to match it. Beige shoes go well with the outfit in light colours. Finish the image with a brown neck scarf with scarlet flowers. Enamel and light metal jewelry will go well with this outfit. Each woman can create her own unique image by following the basic tips of the stylists.

Stylist Tips

No one stylist can give advice that suits all women. For the red pencil skirt, the advice is simple:

  • The shorter the skirt, the fewer the details;
  • The more details on the skirt, the less should be on the blouse or top;
  • The larger the figure, the smaller the print;
  • Horizontal details and pattern extend the figure;
  • Vertical lines elongate the silhouette.

Each lady just has to think about what she wants to hide and what to emphasize. With the general rules in mind, a woman can create a unique outfit with a red pencil skirt.

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