What You Need To Know About Pencil Technique In Makeup

Most professional makeup artists recognize the pencil technique in makeup. This is because the technique allows you to change the eyes of any shape dramatically. Follow the right steps to create a beautiful makeup.

Features Of The Pencil Technique In Makeup

Makeup is a procedure associated with the complex treatment of the face. The eye area requires the most attention, because without quality eyeliner it is impossible to create a memorable image. Classic makeup, done in pencil technique, gives the eyes a similar appearance.

In contrast to methods involving the application of shadows, the pencil creates the conditions for fast work with a small percentage of error. The technique is considered universal. Professionals in the process of creating an elegant look take into account the presence or absence of skin imperfections. There are no strict algorithms, which opens up freedom for creativity.

The main aspect of the technique is an understanding of the anatomical features of the face. Experienced masters are able to perform any popular variant of make-up. You may apply everyday makeup or modeling makeup.

Pros Of The Pencil Technique

Pencil eye makeup has obvious advantages over other methods of makeup. First of all, girls save a lot of time and there is no need to correct their makeup.

Classic varieties of shadows are prone to rolling, so that by the end of the day your eyes begin to look dull. The pencil method eliminates this disadvantage. The variant is suitable for all girls. The specific features of the method of application are based on the preservation of the natural beauty of the eyes.

Using The Pencil Technique

The application of decorative cosmetic substances on the face with the pencil technique can be carried out by girls themselves. Before starting with it, you must prepare the basic tools and study the procedure carefully. To use the method it is necessary to purchase:

  • cosmetic pencil;
  • Several brushes for shading;
  • a brush to apply eyeliner;
  • sharpeners.

A standard pencil should be medium soft and have a slightly pointed tip. Other variants are incapable of tracing a line for subsequent shading. If there is a brush on the other end of the product, this variety will be the most advantageous. In other situations, it is acceptable to use separate flat brushes. As for the sharpener, its purpose is to ensure the sharpness of the pencil.

The Main Differences From Other Techniques

The basic difference from the other techniques is the possibility of giving the eyes specific shapes. There are several common methods. Among them are:

  • loop;
  • half loop;
  • cat’s eye.

Mascara should be used when it is necessary to create a smooth transition between dark and light shades. To master the skills of creating spectacular makeup, girls should turn to renowned makeup artists. Close contact with instructors helps to achieve the most effective results in mastering facial makeup.

Makeup In Pencil Technique Step By Step

Before pencil dyeing, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristic nuances of the procedure. First of all, it is necessary to choose a well-lit room. Pre-cleaning of the face is carried out with foam or masks. For every method of creating makeup, there is its own algorithm of actions.

Hood eye makeup with pencil

The hooded effect is created by applying eyeliner slightly. A foundation is applied to the face and eyelid area as a base product. In order to fully consolidate it is recommended to apply a layer of powder. Further algorithm includes the following steps:

  1. Applying concealer under the eyes.
  2. Create a thin line on the lower eyelid with a dark pencil – draw it strictly from the middle part to the corner of the eye, taking into account the wrap on the upper eyelid.
  3. Each step must necessarily be done in small strokes.
  4. From the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid, a light line is drawn, which will connect smoothly with the dark tones.
  5. The shaped contour should be shaded with a small brush – the makeup artist must observe the boundaries of the lines, otherwise the result will be poor.
  6. Filling the glimmer between the lines with matte shadows.

It is worth noting that only dark shadows should be applied to the area of the lower corner of the eye. Under the eyebrow, pearlescent variants are used. As a finishing touch, you can use special mascaras, distinguished by the effect of false eyelashes. The use of such cosmetics will enhance a light feminine image.

“Cat” makeup in pencil technique

This variant of makeup involves creating a special eyeliner, creating a cat eye effect. First, a classic base of foundation is applied. The eyelids are slightly powdered. You can use any corrective substance to hide flaws. Eye makeup with a black pencil begins in the middle of the eye. A smooth line is drawn to the inner corner and cut off sharply.

The same pencil should be used to draw a line on the upper eyelids. The inner space of the eyelid is filled with shadows of lighter tones. It is possible to change the algorithm of actions, skipping the stage of joining the lines in the area of the outer corner of the eye. This is done by applying expressive shadows.

Secrets Of Pencil Eye Makeup

The pencil eye technique in makeup is a technique that is based on the use of an eye pencil. Certain rules affecting the width and brightness of the arrows are not set. The pencil is capable of giving the eyes an eccentric shape.

The lines should be drawn as symmetrically as possible. The eyelid colour separation should be as saturated as possible, but smooth at the same time.

Experts recommend participating in educational courses or reviewing numerous photos to achieve the desired effect after facial treatment. Knowing the key techniques allows you to make eye corrections without much trouble. Pencil technique creates favorable conditions for makeup, preventing it from rolling off during the day.

Makeup “Loop”

“Loop” is suitable for creating evening or laconic wedding makeup. The variant can be easily performed in pencil technique. The procedure includes:

  1. Smoothing the upper eyelid and applying foundation to the entire surface.
  2. Applying the base line with a brown pencil. The process begins in the middle of the eyelid, considering the rounding. Lines are drawn along the contour of the crease. This allows you to mark clear boundaries between the light and dark areas.
  3. Drawing the surface behind the formed loop with small strokes.
  4. Connecting to the lower eyelid with a neat line.
  5. Stretching the resulting strokes in the direction of the eyebrow.
  6. Applying shadows to soften the final makeup.

The eyeshadow should be beaten into the treated surface of the eyelids. With additional eyeliner in the upper part of the eye, the tip of the arrow is beautifully rounded. The final strokes are made in the upward direction.

What You Will Need

Creating a memorable makeup involves the use of special cosmetics and specific devices. Each stage requires a different tool. In order to perform the pencil technique, the pencil remains the basic element.

The pencil technique in makeup is recognized by most professional makeup artists. This is because the technique allows you to dramatically change the eyes of any shape. Follow the right steps to create a beautiful makeup.

Tools and InstrumentsCharacteristic features
BaseThe classic version of applying makeup involves the use of foundation or concealer. Despite the abundance of models, there is an alternative – applying a base made of silicone components is possible. Powder may be required.
PencilThe products used must be of high quality. High-hardness pencils should not be used – they interfere with normal shading. Softer versions are incapable of creating a clear outline
BrushSynthetic brushes are designed for the most effective shading of pencil outlines. Professional shadows are applied only with natural flat tools

The choice of additional cosmetics directly depends on the girl’s preferences. Individual makeup options are performed in each case. After purchasing basic equipment, you can proceed to makeup.

How To Learn How To Colour Eyes Beautifully With A Pencil

Despite the presence of specific points, this art can be taught to any girl. Depending on the makeup type, choosing neutral or bright colours is necessary. There are several basic options for pencils.

Makeup with black pencil: step-by-step instructions

Before applying the eyeliner, it is necessary to pull back the upper eyelid a bit in order to smooth out wrinkles. To get the smoothest arrow, professionals place several points. This makes it possible to mark the gaps. All marks should connect into one continuous line.

It is not recommended to press hard on the black pencil – it is almost impossible to narrow the finished arrow. In the process of applying the pigment to the lower eyelid, you should make a thin line and bring it to the upper part of the eye.

Inexperienced makeup artists apply pigment near the inner corner of the eye. This is wrong, because there is a risk of fluid secretion from the lacrimal glands. A few drops will ruin the makeup. As for small smudges, they are quickly removed with cotton swabs.

In white pencil at the bottom

White pencils are used to visually enlarge the eyes. For this purpose, a thick line is drawn on the lower eyelid. When choosing a product, it is imperative to pay attention to the texture – they should be extremely soft.

Extending the wear of makeup is achieved by choosing specialized pencils that are resistant to any type of moisture. However, it is critical to keep in mind that not all cosmetic products can be used to remove lines.

Pencil Kayal

Kayal is designed for eyeliner on the contour of the inner eyelid. The makeup stays in the eye area very well. Antiseptic components prevent trauma to the mucous membrane of the eyes.

These pencils differ from the classic varieties with their creamy texture. The beige colour visually enlarges the eyes, and darker shades help to achieve a “smoky” effect. Bright “kajal” tones enhance makeup, however, their choice should be based on the skin’s natural colour.

Makeup To Make Your Eyes Bigger

To create a big-eye effect, volumizing mascara is used. Before applying cosmetics, it is recommended to carry out a preliminary curling procedure with the help of specialized devices. There is no need to save money on the product – the higher the quality of mascara, the more expressive the final result will be.

In the case of small eyes, it is better to use dark mascara. Bright variants emphasize the attention on the lashes themselves, rather than on the eyes. Gets the effect of narrowing.

It is necessary to color the lashes thoroughly to cover the bumps. Eyeliner in this situation is undesirable. It is possible to use gray or brown pencils, if it is planned to shrink lines.

The Main Task Of The Pencil Technique In Makeup

The main purpose of the pencil technique is to create a sophisticated makeup look by altering the eyes’ natural shape. The technique has no specific rules that can affect the width and brightness of the arrows. In every situation, the application of a saturated pigment is allowed. The choice of cosmetic option directly depends on the shape and colour of the eyes, on the type of skin and on the colour type of the girl.

How to correctly eyeliner pencil

Eyeliner is popular with all categories of women. Every year the current fashion trends are subject to change, but the basis of the arrows remains the same as always. The current trends include wide lines on the upper eyelids and long ponytails. To complement the evening dress, pencils with a metallic shade are well suited. The base contour is made with a pencil, and the inner base is painted with shadows.

If necessary, you can draw any pattern on the eyelids, including symmetrical lines, figures or curves. For girls who prefer provocative makeup, any pencil options are fine.

Pigments are used to the lower eyelid depending on the chosen look. It is allowed to apply eye contours strictly according to the form (from top to bottom). If the makeup is intended for evening the complexion, shadows are used as a harmonious addition.

How to make eyeliner for different eye shapes

Selecting the right contour involves determining in advance the actual shape of the eyes. Pencils are used by makeup artists to emphasize natural beauty and to eliminate obvious imperfections. The look becomes more spectacular, the eyes open and become expressive.

  • Almond-shaped eyes. Any variant of eyeliner looks good, but often classic arrows are chosen.
  • Eyes with a round shape. Owners of such eyes need to change the outline of the eyelids. The eyeliner is applied strictly to the outer corners, due to which the width of the lines in the ponytail zones is changed. Additional elegance to the created image is given with the help of an arrow on the lower eyelid (between the eyelashes).
  • Small eyes. It is not recommended to resort to dark eyeliners. White pigments should be applied to the inner contours of the lower and upper eyelids.
  • Narrow eyes. It is necessary to avoid eyeliner on the lower eyelids. Arrows in the upper part should not go beyond the corners of the eyes.

Before applying makeup, it is advisable to consult with experts. They will point out the basic nuances of eye cuts and suggest the most effective ways to use pencil. Inexperienced makeup artists who apply contours on their own can make mistakes.

Helpful Hints

Sometimes you can experiment with the consistency of cosmetics. To create a gel-like pigment, you can mix the pencil with oil. It is recommended to add a few drops at a time until the desired result is achieved. Professionals advise mixing pencil soot with water, almond oil or coconut oil.

The pencil makeup technique can be used by any girl to create an incredible everyday image. The procedure is quite simple. The main difficulty is to achieve eye symmetry. It is not necessary to strive to create flawless arrows – neat and even lines are enough.

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