What You Need To Know About Fall Hats For Cold Season

With the onset of cold weather, girls and women want to remain stylish, but not freeze in the rain and wind. There are a variety of autumn hats from designers that will satisfy the taste of fashionable women. Blowing French chic from the fashionable berets and canotier, though no less elegant than traditional knitted hats and fur caps. Detailed consideration of the presented models for the spring and autumn period will help determine the appropriate headwear style.

Here Are Some Fall Hats Features And Varieties

During the cozy season, hats provide protection from the sun or act as a decorative element. With the advent of autumn, stylish accessories keep your head cozy and protect you from inclement weather. Demi-seasonal models are available in dense fabrics or knitted from cozy yarns.

Another feature is that you will wear it all the time, so it is imperative that you will consider compatibility with your hair as well as your overall style.

Headwear is conventionally divided into the following categories:

  • Youth styles. Young fashionistas prefer casual or sporty style. Cockettes are recommended to have a look at hats with earflaps, helmets, caps. In the trend of products with ears, decorated with embroidery or crystals. Fur headphones are gaining in popularity.
  • For the older age. Women prefer autumn hats in a classic style, without additional embellishments. The turban or hat in pastel or classic colours is in fashion.
  • Universal styles. Some models are equally suitable for the image, regardless of age. These include berets, snoods or shawls.

With so many choices of hats for autumn (shown in the photo above), you can pick a model for everyday wear as well as a model for special occasions. As you choose the model you like, be sure to consider the color and style combinations with the basic closet.


Elegant variant of an autumn hat, which adds femininity and charm to your image. Beret is considered a universal headwear, an essential part of the wardrobe of a fashionista. With a variety of styles available, you can create an individual image that is both romantic and businesslike.

The right accessory complements a girl’s long curls or short hairstyle, highlighting her advantages.

Clear lines and the absence of additional decorations characterize a classic French beret. The model is often made in a monochrome version, worn with a slight shift to the side.

When choosing a beret for autumn for a girl, you can consider models decorated with beads, rhinestones or embroidery.

For everyday wear, choose plaid options or berets with fur trim.


With the onset of cold weather, most fashionable women consider hats. A variety of materials are used to create elegant headgear with fields. When buying a hat, it is recommended to be guided not only by fashion, but also by the shape of the face.

Autumn models tend to be made of felt. Textile and knitted versions are also popular. Depending on the model, the size of the margins changes.

Small hats act as accessories, giving a flirty image. Hats with large fields require a careful selection of outerwear.

The right hat – a prerogative of older women, but also an elegant accessory for the youth image.


Chanel’s efforts made straight narrow brims a regular feature of women’s fashion shows. Originally, the hat was made of straw and decorated with a satin ribbon.

Over time, the style has changed slightly. There were versions with wide margins, and the decorative black ribbon was replaced by multicoloured silk inserts.

Modern models are made from different materials capable of holding shape. Made of felt canotier adds a bohemian image and looks great on short girls.


A pillbox is a small accessory with an oval or round mull. The hat was first made in the 1930s, especially for the actress

Greta Garbo.

It gained its greatest popularity in the 1960s through the efforts of Jacqueline Kennedy, who carried an elegant ivory-coloured tablet at her husband’s inauguration.

The modern tablet is a fashionable headpiece for lovers of classic style. The model is decorated with brooches, feathers, often supplemented with a veil.

The benefits of the pill were appreciated by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, who occasionally wore the elegant accessory.


Cloche means “bell” in French. The model really resembles a flower. The product with soft or hard narrow margins fits snugly on the head. The crown is decorated with bows, ribbons or veils. Having appeared in the 20s thanks to the hat

Caroline Reba, she was a breakthrough in the fashion industry.

In recent years, styles with a small visor are trending. Also look interesting knitted models, especially in two-tone.

Hat-blend not only helps to create an individual image, but also protects from the cold. Easily fits into a classic or casual style, but does not combine with sportswear.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Headwear of this style is characterized by large, soft or rough fields. It is advised to choose a wide-brimmed hat with special care, because the wrong accessory distorts the proportions of the figure and accentuates the disadvantages.

It is not advised to wear a hat with a brim wider than the shoulders.

This style looks harmonious on taller women. Having a full figure will balance the parameters of the figure and make the image appear elegant.

The product harmonizes with a coat, insulated dress or poncho. A fedora completes an everyday look in the fall and spring. Also popular are hats knitted from different types of yarn.

Not advised to wear them with down jackets or elements of sports style.

Knitted Hats

A knitted hat is considered essential to a woman’s look in autumn. Fashion accessories perform the main function in cool weather – keeping you warm. Through knitting a hat for spring, you can tune in to the creative process, pick up yarns and patterns for the next season.

When choosing a knitted model, it is recommended to give preference to natural yarn with a pleasant surface to the touch. Combinations of natural and synthetic yarns from different types of wool are also popular. An imperative criterion when choosing a headgear is the thickness of the yarn and the density of the knitting.

Smooth Jersey Knitting

Classic-style followers wear knitted hats. Such products cover the head and do not give excessive volumes. Most often, demi-season hats are represented by elongated models of beanie, popular among young people.

Textured Knitting

Trendy women like to wear products with textured knitting that catches the eye. Relief hat can be made on your own, if you know the basics of knitting. You need woolen yarn and a set of needles, and then you need to follow the scheme.

Beginners knit simple “staircases” and “cones,” experienced craftswomen lend themselves to knitted “braids. It is recommended for a spring hat to choose a yarn consisting of acrylic and cotton.

Mohair Hats

Models made of mohair (angora goat wool) are softer and warmer than autumn knitted hats made of other materials. The accessory comfortably fits the head and does not irritate the skin. Knitted children’s things are widely used because of the material’s advantages. The elegant combination with classic things has gained popularity among older women. Hats for the fall are produced in a variety of knitting techniques, using threads of different thicknesses.

Unusually Shaped Hats

Women with unconventional ideas choose hats in interesting styles, rather than trying to keep up with fashion trends. People of creative professions wear trendy caps or helmets and accessorize with laconic scarves or headbands. Lovers of comfort prefer warm fur hats suitable for the cold season.


The cap is borrowed from men’s closet and regularly appears in fall collections. You can harmoniously complement the fashion image through a variety of styles.

This cap is considered to be a combination of feminine and masculine style. Coquetry and elegance are woven into the austerity of the masculine element.

Cap made of dense materials effectively protects against autumn weather. Knitwear, wool, leather or suede are popular. A luxurious image is obtained with the use of a fur cap.


The advantage of a helmet hat is the ease of donning and the ability to protect the neck and back of the head from the weather. Some models leave the face open, keeping the chest and back warm.

Helmet hats have become popular among children and athletes due to their features. The absence of fasteners and ties characterizes the product.

Fashionistas hat-helmet offers the ability to maintain the hair and compatibility with any outerwear. The presence or absence of pompoms greatly influences the appearance.


Another accessory borrowed from the men’s military uniform. The fashion for caps dates back to the 70’s, when many originally male items found use in women’s closet.

The model has undergone some changes and has become a universal accessory for weather protection. Unlike a cap, the cap does not crumple, reliably retains its shape. The optimal height of the cap is 4 cm, it is decorated with chains or similar decorative elements. An obligatory element is a long and narrow visor.

There are knitted options of dense yarn that are in harmony with casual and business styles. In the autumn look, felt, cloth or leather are used more often.


A beautifully tied shawl adds femininity and sophistication to girls. For autumn, dense wool, cashmere or fur products are ideal.

It is recommended to buy a handkerchief made of high quality natural fabrics, otherwise you will get the image of a rural belle.

In combination with a business image you should not use variegated scarves. Recommended to wear monochrome models of similar or contrasting colours with outerwear. The product can be knitted by yourself, using a knitting needle or spit.


Using a headband as a headwear for fall is a stylish way to diversify your look. Designers offer a variety of options that differ in width, style and material used.

For fall, we recommend wide knits, felt or tulle.

The headband is advised to match the wardrobe or use a contrast accessory with a bright accent. The same image looks different with different headbands.

Choosing Hats: General Rules And Subtleties

Headwear takes an imperative place in the composition of the image, and given the constant wearing in the fall, it is recommended to choose with special care. Compliance with the rules will allow you to create a harmonious look and look effective in any situation:

  • The higher the height, the more voluminous and larger the choice of headgear.
  • Matching hairstyle. Berets, hats or caps are recommended for long hair. Sports hats are combined with short hair.
  • Interaction in style and colour with outerwear. For example, an elegant coat does not match a cap.
  • Match the shape of the face. Wide-brimmed hats will suit a round-faced fashionista. Models that are not tight fit to a triangular shape. An accessory in a sporty style will suit a girl with a square face shape. Owners of an oval shape can afford any model.

Properly selected headgear fits perfectly on the head and does not cause discomfort when wearing it.
An alternative to the usual hats

The alternative to traditional headgear are fur headphones. In the classic version, two circles are connected by a rim. The product protects your ears from the cold in fall and spring. The headphones harmoniously complement the hairstyle without deforming it.

An interesting accessory has some age restrictions, more suitable for young girls or sports fans. Some people prefer to choose a model that matches their hair color, achieving inconspicuousness.

Fashionable accessories made of natural or synthetic fur look presentable and go with most closet items.

Helpful Tips

One of the indicators of a harmonious image is the choice of the correct colour of the accessory. Designers advise adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Brunettes should preferably choose bright and saturated colours;
  • Blondes are recommended in blue and pink colours;
  • For brown-haired women, shades of blue or brown will do;
  • Red, yellow, or green colours go well with red hair.

Black headwear can visually add to age. Therefore, it is advised to choose an accessory in a dark color with caution, especially for older women.

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