What You Need To Know About Beachsuits For Plus Size Women

Swimwear for full-figured women is a special category of clothing. To look stylish on the beach, it is imperative to pay special attention to the side of the beach suit. Modern fashion is very democratic and loyal, and puffy girls can look just as good on the beach as slender ladies.

Brands That Favor Lush Beauties

Lush forms, as never before, are now at the peak of popularity. Lush breasts and a Brazilian butt are the dream of all girls.

Many designers are working to make women look stunning in any situation. They know exactly how to remove the flaws of the silhouette such brands:

  • Monif C;
  • Kiyonna;
  • Qristyl Frazier;
  • Marc & Andre.

These brands offer large size swimwear for large women that is stylish and sophisticated. It is, however, not enough to choose a worthy offer from a renowned designer. Only then can one find the right swimming set, taking into account the peculiarities of one’s figure.

Models Naming

Because of banal ignorance, many ladies do not spoil themselves with original swimwear. Let’s consider the main types of swimsuits, which will be especially popular in the new season.

Mayo – modest and versatile

Mayo is a classic version of a closed bathing suit. Distinctive features: made-on straps, rounded or square neckline. In this swimsuit you can play sports, relax at the beach or just sunbathe. The latest models are equipped with special side lines of correction. They model the silhouette, making it much more spectacular and even.

Bandeau – refined and stylish

The bandeau is one of the most popular models among both pudgy and skinny girls. It became incredibly popular back in the 50s, as soon as it appeared on the covers of fashion magazines and on blue screens.

The bandeau fashion was introduced by Betty Brosmer, America’s first beauty. Such bathing suits visually reduce the hips by reducing the upper torso segment. This is a viable option for most women with a problematic figure.

Halter – sexy and modern

A halter is a bathing suit with straps attached to the neck. This type of swimsuit is considered one of the sexiest. This model is preferred by ladies who wish to draw attention to the cleavage area.

At the same time, both small breasts and puffy figures look spectacular. Closed halter well conceals pudgy shoulders and perfectly supports a large bust. Ladies with magnificent forms should consider a halter version with massive wide clasps.

Plunge – bright and festive

Plunge is a bathing suit, characterized by a particularly deep neckline in the front, as well as the maximum open back. Models with this shape are always risky, regardless of whether the girl is thin or has a chic form.

There are some advantages to plage, however, for girls with an disproportionate silhouette. The bathing suit of this format visually elongates the neck and torso. Breasts seem larger and more lush. This is ideal for ladies with a small bust and narrow shoulders.

Tank – practical and elegant

The tank is one of the mayo variations. Distinctive features are the one-piece straps and bust cups. The straps are extremely wide. They accommodate large breasts. The right color and ornament can lengthen the silhouette, giving the figure a more refined and harmonious appearance.

High Neck is the most chaste option.

Hi-Necks are designed specifically for modest women. Not every overweight girl can freely undress on the beach. It is quite natural for a woman to cover her body. To do it beautifully and appropriately will allow hi-neck.

This is a fusion swimsuit with a small neckline. Visually, the model significantly lengthens the silhouette. Originally, the high-lux was positioned as one of the modern variants of sports swimsuits for swimming pools.

Over time, the model was improved even more. Ruffles and large ruffles were added to the waistline. Sometimes a skirt was part of the costume. It did not necessarily have to be thick. It could be a thin translucent fabric.

Swim dress – bold and youthful

This type of bathing suit was originally equipped with a skirt. From season to season, the size of this addition changes, as well as combinations of fabrics, colors and ornaments.

Sweat dress is a real find for overweight women. They conceal flaws in the thighs and lower abdomen. In such a swimsuit it is convenient not only to rest on the beach, but also to be engaged in active sports.

Choosing A Swimsuit By Body Type

Fashionable swimwear for large women, as a rule, are designed for specific types of figures. There are several common types of figures of girls. Here are the main ones:

  • Apple. As a rule, girls have pronounced lush breasts. Fullness is concentrated in the abdomen area. In some cases it may seem that the breasts and the abdomen are of the same size. The main advantage of the figure is slender legs;
  • An inverted triangle. Girls with this type of figure have rather broad shoulders and narrow hips. The silhouette is more reminiscent of a man’s due to the fact that the waistline is practically not expressed;
  • Pear. Ladies of medium build look very feminine. Excellent look exquisite neckline, thin waist and appetizing hips. In case a girl is prone to obesity, it is the lower part of the figure that will be attacked;
  • Rectangle. Shoulders and hips seem equally wide. The figure is saved only by a correctly chosen form of a bodice or spectacular breasts, if any. As weight is gained, fat deposits are distributed evenly throughout the body;
  • Hourglass. This is the most spectacular and refined type of figure. The ideal silhouette will require a tiny minimum. The task of overweight ladies in this case is only to look slimmer.

Choosing a swimsuit for large women with a belly, large hips, large breasts and other appetizing features, there is no need to force yourself into any strict framework. There are no taboos. There may be separate and fused swimwear, with ruffles on the problem areas and a skirt. It’s possible to look effectively at magnificent forms and bright colors, and unusual prints, and bold décor.

Swimsuit For Girls With A Pear Shape

Problem areas for girls with a “pear” type of figure – narrow shoulders, overly wide hips and poorly expressed waist. The more problems with excess weight, the more disproportionate the figure will be, and therefore swimwear for the pool will be more difficult to choose.

The most advantageous models of bathing suits that look spectacular on the ladies-“pear”:

  • Traditional tankini swimsuit;
  • Bathing suits of large sizes, where massive straps are spread as wide as possible. They help to visually widen the shoulder line, thereby correcting flaws in the silhouette;
  • A good alternative – swimwear for large women with ruffles, ruffles and other accent details on the shoulders. Such models visually make the figure proportional;
  • Contrasting inserts, all sorts of colorblocks and bright accents in the top will help draw attention to the bodice and exquisite shoulder line;
  • The simplest option is a dark bottom and a light top. They will perfectly complement the figure of type A;
  • For full girls with a particularly massive bottom suit tankini with a skirt. It is better to choose a model with a light bodice and a neutral black bottom. Good, if the beach dress is decorated with vertical or diagonal stripes, which further correct the figure.
  • Separate swimsuit for large women with a “pear” figure should be selected according to the same principle as in the examples described above. A little balance, a good cut, a well thought-out style – all that a woman needs for a fabulous image.

Girls With An Inverted Triangle Shape

Type of figure V or “inverted triangle” is the exact opposite of the previously described “pear”. In fact, all design techniques and tricks are reduced to balance. However, in this case, all methods will be radically different.

Let’s take a look at the basic models:

  • Swimsuit with a skirt or large ruffle just below the waistline;
  • Solid swimwear with an elaborate colorblock. Traditionally, the top should be darker and the bottom lighter;
  • Any monochrome suits of the closing type (closing is done partially or completely). It can be a hi-neck, covering the neckline and part of the shoulder girdle, including the collarbones. A halter style model with high thin ties and a deep but thin neckline on the chest will do.

This year, all kinds of retro looks are at the peak of popularity. A girl in the body can play the seductive role of an appetizing girl in pin-up style on the beach. Thanks to the spectacular prints, textured fabric, interesting styles, different at the same time intimacy and sexuality, you can become a real star at any resort.

Girls With A Rectangular Shape

Recall that girls with a “rectangle” figure suffer from a lack of waist. The disadvantages of being overweight only exacerbates, making the figure incredibly massive. The task of the bathing suit is to add lightness to the image, to make being textured, to mark the waist line.

Swimming suits with a zippered waistline conceal an angular silhouette, emphasizing feminine lines. The win-win variant is a monochrome suit with an accent on the neckline and a pronounced scoop. This season is characterized by all kinds of experiments with pastel shades, so girls will have a lot to choose from.

Diagonal lines that ray down from the hip to the chest and to the waistline will also help you look slimmer. Geometry in all possible manifestations is also incredibly relevant in the looks of 2022. Do not ignore the retro style. Relevant bathing suits with a textured belt, inserts at the waist, ruffles. You can buy one of these swimsuits in neutral dark color.
Beautiful separate swimsuits should be with a high waistline. They will make your figure more sophisticated. Models with a voluminous figure on the chest are good.

Girls With An Apple Shape

Corrective swimwear for girls with this figure should hide rounded belly and pronounced flanks. Side inserts of contrasting colors will help balance the silhouette. Look cute on chubby girls bathing suits with horizontal lines on the chest and hips.

The Main Features Of Swimwear For Ladies With Curvy Shapes

The spring-summer 2022 season is characterized by an abundance of bright colors and original colors. “Pudgy girls” should take a closer look at the fashionable trends, but remember the basic rules. Stylists focus the attention of ladies on the following nuances:

  • Whatever the figure, a swimsuit must be the right size. If even the highest quality thing with impeccable cut will hang out on the figure, the silhouette will only distort even more. Such inappropriate oversize will only draw the attention of others to the shortcomings of the figure and imperfections of relief. The same undesirable effect will be if the swimsuit will be too small. Very ugly look bodice straps and other details digging into the skin of the girl;
  • Thin ties are a categorical taboo in any case. Such thin accents will be useless for concealing the problem area. Rather, they will accentuate the massiveness of certain parts of the body, which is undesirable for all types of figures;
  • Shiny fabrics also should not be elevated to the canon of favorites. This year’s collections are full of shiny textures, but in this case it is not necessary to chase the fashion.

When all the contours of the silhouette are corrected, lush shapes look gorgeous, but a bikini that shows everything should be avoided. A chubby beauty is gorgeous in a classic look, in bathing suits with a skirt or with shorts.

Important Point

Many ladies think that a swimsuit can only be black if we are talking about a figure with particularly prominent forms. In fact, this is not the case.

There is nothing wrong with putting a bright swimsuit in the closet of a chubby beauty, all you have to do is choose your style. Black is a suitable accent color. For example, for full breasts, which give a figure too massive and making it disproportionate, would be suitable for a black bodice.

To hide prominent hips, wear a tankini with a black skirt. For girls looking for high-waisted swimwear, black stripes can help visually transform your favorite type of bathing suit.

Swimsuit Materials

Considering the question of which swimsuits are suitable for girls with buxom forms, it is worth paying attention to the materials from which they sew fashionable bathing suits. In 2022, the absolute trend will be the combination of dense and lightweight fabrics.

Many design tricks will transform even the most classic models of swimwear, favorably emphasizing the advantages of puffy figures. Lace bottoms will softly hide rounded hips, and mesh on the bodice will hide the problematic waistline.

The real fashion trend – elongated fringe or “spaghetti” of synthetic dense materials. As for the choice of swimwear for full girls with a tummy – this option will be the most attractive. A simple fused bathing suit is decorated with fringe along the bodice, over the accent line of the waist or over the neckline. Elongated fringe would not give a massive image, but would conceal unwanted silhouette lines.

How To Choose A Beach Suit

A high quality material allows the correct shape of the bra cups to be shaped, and also generally guarantees an excellent supporting effect. For ladies who suffer from any kind of figure defects, this feature is extremely helpful.

Do not forget about the basic quality indicators. There should be no protruding threads, uneven or sloppy seams. Even a sloppy cut can not only worsen the appearance of the product, but also distort the figure. Women should be especially careful in this matter.

The most suitable fabric is cotton with an optimal percentage of elastane. This is a viable option in terms of price, economy and performance characteristics of the product. From this fabric look viable and panties any style, and the bodice for the most puffy forms.

Beach fashion is a special segment in today’s fashion world. Fashion trends are favorable to all girls. Now chubby girls can dress up in the most fashionable versions of bathing suits. There is an option for every fashionable woman, regardless of their figure type, to shine in the upcoming beach season.

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