What To Wear With Women Leather Pants

Leather pants – a unique type of clothing, emphasizing the beauty of the female figure. Previously this piece of clothing was considered too bold and provocative. Today it contributes to the creation of bright images. Not to notice a girl in such clothing is simply impossible.

Choose Leather Pants That Fit Your Figure

To create attractive and fashionable clothing looks, you need to figure out what to wear leather pants with. Designers will offer different versions of this fashion accessory in 2022. Women can wear a suitable style of leather pants with different figure types. This season’s trend will be:

  • Very skinny models or skinny pants are ideal for slim girls of high and medium height;
  • Flared models – the right kind of pants for those who are going to hide uneven or full-skinned calves, wants to make the hips visually smaller;
  • Cropped pants – open the line at the ankles, give the wearer grace and elegance. Suitable for long-legged ladies;
  • Wide leather pants – visually reduce the fullness of the lower body. But the pants must be in size, you should not buy a very wide model;
  • trousers-slacks – the most popular and unique option, emphasize the advantages of the figure;
  • pants-galifes – an exclusive type of clothing, they look original to the fair with narrow hips.

When buying women’s leather pants, these features are taken into account. Combining them with other things in your closet, you will always be fashionable and stylish.

What To Wear With Leather Pants

Look feminine by wearing leather pants with wool sweaters, pullovers, and cardigans that are voluminous or fitted. Products made of large and small knitting will soften the aggressive appearance of leather and make it more charming and cute.

To wear leather pants in 2022, fashion designers recommend wearing fashionable tunics, various hoodies, and light cardigans. This type of clothing will help to visually hide body flaws. If you wish, use a strap in this image, which will emphasize the waist. But even without it you will remain irresistible!

Any member of the fair sex will suit such an exclusive combination as a delicate chiffon top and leather bottom. Blouses that are free-flowing or close-fitting are popular. They can be tucked into pants or worn loose. Fashion designers in 2022 created interesting images with leather pants and blouses or t-shirts made of translucent material.

Leather pants and business jackets and jackets are another unique combination. Under them, wear monochrome T-shirts and T-shirts, fitted shirts.

You will look austere and elegant in your classic black pants. One of the options below will be suitable for this:

  • A white blouse or sleeveless tank top;
  • black velvet jacket, decorated with ruffles along the edge;
  • Dark jacket – short, slightly elongated or fitted;
  • Men’s cut shirt in blue or navy blue.

Combined with black leather pants, this garment will give a woman a formal look.

In the warm summer months, it is recommended to pair women’s leather pants with asymmetrical monochrome t-shirts and shirts, which cover only one shoulder. For summer, choose shortened beige or brown leather pants. Combine them with a plaid or denim shirt, casually thrown over a cotton T-shirt.

The Perfect Combination Of Outerwear And Leather Pants

With these pants in the winter and fall wear a variety of outerwear:

  • coats and jackets with large fur collars, cropped coats and vests. Black pants will suit bright fur coats;
  • Jackets in different materials – denim, leather, suede, bomber;
  • A straight coat with a classic cut – in combination with leather pants it will add femininity to your image. Use a variety of combinations of shades and colours;
  • Traditional leather, textile or suede leather jacket and leather pants. Pants and jacket can match the shade or be contrasting colours. Both options are interesting and unique.

Fashionable leather pants 2022 are characterized by convenience and practicality. Manufacturers offer both summer lightweight models, and winter – insulated pants. You won’t get cold in them.

Current Colours

Leather pants for women can be more than black, although it is a classic. Fashion 2022 calls for keeping bright-coloured leather models. Clothing of this type will give the image a modern and bold accent. Elegant leather products in burgundy, brown, purple, and deep green tones, in a shade of dark cherry.

If you are a confident girl, buy trendy red leather pants. Wear them with a white, beige or black top. Women with an ideal figure can buy coffee or beige pants. Leopard prints will be a trend – leather pants of this kind are suitable for romantic dates.

Leather Pants: What Shoes To Wear

Leather pants are worn at any time of year. The main thing is to choose the right shoes, which will be comfortable and beautiful:

  1. In summer, leather pants are ideal with open shoes. They are matched with sandals or sandals, which are fashionable in 2022.
  2. In spring and fall wear pants with flat-soled shoes, medium-heeled shoes or boots. An acceptable option is classic pumps.
  3. In winter, the shoes for pants can be very different: boots, boots, uggs. Flared pants look great with boots, and narrow pants made of leather – with boots without a heel or with a heel.
  4. If you prefer a sporty style, combine leather pants with wedge sneakers.
  5. Fans of the rocker style may well wear to fashionable women’s pants boots with solid soles, decorated with rivets, buckles and other decorative elements.


Leather pants are a bright detail of your image. Refrain from overdoing their inclusion to avoid looking provocative. Do not combine leather pants with clothes made of shiny fabrics, as well as with things decorated with sequins, rhinestones, stones, etc. It would be best if you also avoided deep necklines and completely transparent blouses. Refrain from dressing completely in leather from head to toe, but wear enough leather in your image pants or jacket. A large amount of jewelry also looks out of place in such an outfit.

You have enough options when it comes to wearing leather pants. Your closet is sure to have the right items, shoes and accessories. With the right combination, you will look gorgeous.

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