What To Wear With Velvet Pants: A Few Delicate Outfits

Velvet is the most delicate, exquisite material that requires special attention. Though it might be difficult to match it with other items in the closet, a successfully selected image can inspire a sense of taste and style. Clothes made of this fabric are worn both every day and on holidays.

Pants made of velvet are a favourite of ardent fashionistas. Velvet is characterized by resistance to wear and elasticity, which is pleasant to the body. In addition, this material is a key trend for autumn. It is very similar to velour but more delicate and lightweight.

Velvet Pants: Pros And Cons

Velvet is a rather controversial material, which has positive and negative sides. After getting acquainted with them, every girl will decide whether she is ready to spend time caring for this material. The pros of velvet:

  1. It is a stretchy fabric which perfectly fits the figure and rounds out women’s shapes. It is very effective and dressy to look at.
  2. The material is hard-wearing and practical. It can be washed even at high temperatures.
  3. It has persistent thermal insulating qualities and good air permeability. It allows you to wear pants in cool weather and hot weather.

Minuses of velvet:

  • Even with high wear resistance, the pants will eventually fray and form conspicuous light stains and crumpled chips.
  • Tight-fitting women’s pants can stretch at the knees – because velvet stretches.
  • When improperly combined, pants tend to increase the volume of the hips. They are more suitable for slender, tall women.
  • Velvet pants are not easy to combine with other clothes. But once you understand the basic principles of a successful closet, it will no longer be difficult.

Women Velvet Pants: How To Wear Them

The use of velvet pants is great for casual style. It is worth including jackets, shirts, leather and denim jackets, coats, raincoats, down jackets and even parkas in the image for this purpose. You can add something more comfortable and simpler from footwear: boots or sneakers.

Wearing tight women’s velvet pants to a club or a party should be paired with an unconventional top or T-shirt that stands out. Turtlenecks, sweatshirts and blouses of different styles will also work. Wear T-shirts or track tops to the wide pants, which characterize the sporty style.

Hippie style can be achieved by combining women’s velvet pants with brightly coloured shirts, ethnic jewelry and textile bags. In general, with them, you can wear platform shoes, ballet flats, boots and sneakers. Shoes should be concise and have no additional details. Barefoot shoes are not suitable for this piece of clothing.

Velvet pants work perfectly with a jacket of the same material. Women’s straight-cut jackets stretch the figure, making it appear slimmer and more refined. This season, flared velvet pants and jackets are the hottest styles. This look, which came from the 70s, now captures the fashion covers of magazines and promises to be quite successful.

Another trend of this season is cropped pants. Complement the stylish image with shoes like slip-ons, moccasins and casual sneakers. Thus, you will mix your everyday looks with something new and interesting.

Stylish Looks With Velvet Pants For Different Occasions

It can be worn both at work and celebrations. It all depends on the product’s colour and cut and what to combine it with.

  1. Velvet pants to school. In this variant, wearing a white shirt or blouse with fascinating patches on the collars or cuffs is advised. Complement the style with strict shoes. Put a jacket or a coat in plaid on top.
  2. For a walk. In cool autumn weather, it is worth taking care of the warmth. Therefore, wear a warm knitted sweater and striped moccasins to the pants. On top, you can throw a jacket made of silver material to shine among your friends.
  3. For a party. You can wear tops and blouses of unusual cuts with these fashionable women’s pants. They will perfectly suit the festive atmosphere. Complementing the image with suitable shoes and accessories, you will remain irresistible and attract attention.
  4. For a date. For a romantic meeting, a gentle image from a combination of velvet pants + shortened pullover of pastel shade will do. As for footwear – the choice to your taste: sneakers or high-heeled shoes.

On sale, you will find velvet pants in different colours. The most popular colours are black, blue, red, and brown. There are also more exclusive clothing options – velvet pants in bright colours, made from fabric with patterns.

How To Take Care Of Velvet Pants

A material as delicate as velvet requires meticulous care. You need to know the basic rules for the proper use of things made of this intricate fabric:

  • Stain removal. Before washing, inspect the fabric for stains. To remove them, use only a mild stain remover that will not be aggressive on delicate material;
  • Washing. Machine processing is not suitable for velvet. You can wash things by hand. But it should be done with gentle movements, without mashing the fabric and not twisting it. Another option is to give it to a dry cleaner;
  • drying. After the wash is complete, place the pants on a terry towel, roll them up, and wring them out gently. If necessary, change the towel. Finally, shake the garment well and gently place it on the terry cloth surface to finish drying;
  • storage. To prevent creases, place the garment on a trempel. If you go on a trip and want to take your pants with you, turn them inside out and roll them up. Preferably in a roll. When you arrive at your destination, take the garment out of the suitcase and hang it on the handlebars;
  • getting rid of scuffs and creases. Steam will help get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. Pour hot water into a tub and hang your pants over it. At the same time, close the doors tightly, so the heat doesn’t escape as quickly. After a while, the creases and scuffs will not be visible. If there aren’t too many creases and they’re not noticeable, remove them with the steam from the iron.

Velvet pants are an interesting thing that will help you diversify your daily images. Making amazing and exquisite combinations will make your image memorable.

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