What To Wear With Silver Dress: Fashion Examples

Fashionistas who are brilliant and daring will love the silver dress. Silver shimmers, starry shine, rich platinum glow: this is what will surround the girl all evening. However, the more expensive and complex the outfit, the more difficult it is to choose suitable accessories to it.

What To Wear With Silver Dress

Silver is always very effective and brightly emphasizes the texture of the fabric. The more expensive and higher quality the material, the better the outfit looks. This is probably the main requirement.

As for colours, the ideal partner colours for platinum shimmers are blue and black. Red can also be correctly introduced into the look, but in doses.

For example, a white and black evening dress with a silvery sheen can be enhanced with accessories like a bracelet and earrings with large red stones. A short dress should not be enhanced with pink-red or crimson accessories unless the style of the outfit is quite strict and restrained.

It is worth remembering the main rule: a silver dress looks chic if not overloaded with additional attributes. You should not be overboard with jewelry, flashy accessories, manicures, and makeup.

The Perfect Shoes For A Platinum Outfit

A win-win option in any case – black stiletto heels dress of matte-finish materials. The model should be graceful, laconic and elegant. It will complement not only a silver outfit, but also a long evening dress, and a short red-pink vestment, and a discreet black midi dress of exclusive fabric, dress for special occasions. Massive platforms and open style are not allowed.

If the basis of the outfit is a silver floor-length “total” dress, you can safely wear it with skillfully chosen blue elements. For example, choosing shoes and a nubuck handbag, jewelry made of quality silver, inlaid with spectacular aquamarine. In this case, manicure and makeup should not be too bright.

Girls who like to wear red and black attire or combine pink and silver colours and accessories in tone should think about whether such pretentious combinations make sense. Silver does not like bold experiments. It is better to complement a silver dress with white and red shoes and elegant jewelry (such as earrings, cloves or bracelet threads) to achieve a calm, restrained look.

How To Accessorize A Silver Dress

The choice of jewelry, bijouterie and other accessories should be carried out according to the principle of minimalism: the less the better. Sapphires will go perfectly with a platinum outfit. If you want to wear jewelry, you should always opt for earrings and a bracelet or a small pendant and a headband.

If you need to effectively beat up a long floor-length dress made of expensive silver fabric, it is better not to wear low-grade silver or jewelry of dubious quality. Only white gold or platinum can be worn with chic outfits. As a last resort, jewelry will do, but only in the most flawless condition.

Makeup For Silver Dress

Do not think that the platinum glow of a mind-blowing outfit will take all the attention. A woman’s face and hands always draw the eye in the first place, so manicure and makeup should always be flawless.

Nude lip makeup combined with blue or purple eyeshadow is acceptable. Smoky makeup always looks flawless. A long white and black dress with a silvery sheen can be complemented by a bright scarlet lipstick and accentuate the clearly drawn eyebrows.

The original concept of silver makeup is only appropriate if the following conditions are met:

  • The skin of the face should be light and clean (dark circles under the eyes – taboo);
  • No gold, bronze or orange tones in your makeup (no manicure in this colour is also not welcome);
  • Mascara and eyebrow dye are used exclusively in black;
  • You can accentuate the porcelain tenderness of your skin and the depth of your eyes with peach or light pink blush (this concept is suitable to emphasize wedding looks);
  • Dark brown-eyed brunettes can afford cherry and plum tones of matte lipstick. Blondes can use peach shades.

Wedding Outfits For The Most Sophisticated Brides

Not every girl will risk putting on a silver wedding gown. Such a “total look” is a solution for extraordinary personalities.

Classicists can wear a wedding dress with silver accents as a spectacular decoration. Another option is to wear “star” accessories to a cream or cool white dress. For example, the hem or bodice of the dress is adorned with lace ruffles of intense platinum colour. The corset is often decorated with a scattering of silver rhinestones, silver embroidery or sequins.

The mystical starry glow looks spectacular in today’s vintage-style wedding gowns. This kind of gangster girl in a tight silk dress, lavishly decorated with silver lace, flowing ruffles and a string of pearls looks simply stunning.

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