What To Wear With Satin Skirt

The stylish satin skirt is the fashion trend of 2022 ❤️. It is suitable for all seasons. I’ll show you what to wear a satin midi, a long mini skirt.

satin skirt
What to wear with satin skirts of different lengths in 2022 – trends.

Combination By Length

The variety of styles of satin fabric skirts gives room for imagination💫.

blue satin skirt
The blue-flowing midi of satin with an attractive striped blouse is perfect for the summer look.

For the image to be complete and not overwhelmed, it is essential to choose the right length. The height and type of figure depend on what to choose – mini, midi, or maxi. Pick up the top and shoes according to the length of the skirt.


The long satin skirt looks original and festive. It could be a part of evening attire. Ideally, complement the image of going out. Not without reason, the “stars” of show business love to wear them on the occasion of high-profile events. Suitable for a romantic date.

long green satin skirt
Stylish and simple – long satin skirt and white cotton shirt.

This length suits almost all women. Girls of small stature and long skirt visually elongate the silhouette. But here, we must observe the principle of contrast. Combine it with high-heeled shoes.

And for those who don’t have very slender legs, the maxi length will help hide this flaw and give confidence.


The midi length usually ranges from the knee to mid-calf. It suits friends and business meetings, important meetings, and negotiations.

To hide the fullness of the legs, stylists advise wearing a length that reaches the calf’s narrowest part. It makes your legs look thinner.


The short satin skirt can be knee-length and above. There are models with interesting draping and lits.

The short satin skirt can be up to the knee.

Short puffy trapeze or bell-style skirts look unusual. This style came from the 60s, but it is still relevant in our time. The puffed skirt looks good with a short openwork top.

The short-length skirt can be advantageously combined with a top and a jacket or denim jacket. Shoes, in this case, can be both flat-soled and heeled.

A satin skirt sewn as a pencil can be a bright and stylish image element. It’s enough to play with a nice top and shoes, do the appropriate styling, and get a pretty exciting ensemble.

Combination In Style

Models and styles are many. It is essential to learn how to compose the image correctly. For example, a puffy model is not harmonious with a massive top. The color solution and layering play an essential role.

yellow satin skirt
A yellow skirt with a beige top and nude sandals is an excellent solution for a summer look.


A calm and simple solution is the combination of glossy with matte. Wear a satin skirt; the top should be monochrome and not so sparkly. Although, in some cases, a shiny top combined with satin glitter can also be entirely appropriate.

image with white satin skirt
White bottom and bronze top – stylish and elegant. The top and skirt are made of buildable satin.

In lingerie style

The linen-style skirt can be paired with a monochrome t-shirt, straight-cut shirt, and suede loafers. The result is quite a simple but classy look.

Gray satin skirt with loose jersey top – elegant look for any occasion.

It looks great with a knitted sweater and almost any footwear. This outfit is more suitable for a cool morning or evening.

The unusual combination of a satin lingerie-style skirt with a leather biker jacket and high-heeled shoes will make the look bold and eye-catching. You can complement it with a small leather backpack or a massive bag.

As for wearing a satin top and the same lingerie-style skirt at the same time, stylists do not advise. Such an image can not be called successful, so combining them separately with contrasting clothing items is better.


Women often purchase straight satin skirts for office work because the straight cut does not attract unnecessary attention; it looks strict and mundane.

Wear it with a simple blouse, jacket, or cardigan. But if you want, you can create a weekend image with a straight satin skirt. It’s enough to wear an open top, open sandals with lace-up shoes, and casually throw a jacket on the shoulders.


The pencil skirt is also considered a familiar option for office weekdays. It is never going out of fashion classics. However, if the bottom of the dress is sewn with delicate lace, it can be worn at a solemn event.

In dark shades, they look austere and elegant, while light or bright ones are sexy and eye-catching. It is impossible to go unnoticed in such an outfit. Delicate lace sewn over the lining will add charm and playfulness to the image, and outside of it – it will draw attention to the legs.

If you have one, the high-waisted skirt will help hide a slightly bulging tummy.

Color Match

Basic options are still skirts in beige, white, gray, and black. Especially since they’re the easiest to pair with the rest of your closet. And with dresses sewn from a material with a different print, it is necessary to be careful. In this case, it would be required to “break his head” to create a harmonious image.

What to wear a black satin skirt

The black satin skirt 🖤 is a universal solution. It visually slims the figure and stretches the silhouette, which is suitable for both office work and an evening out.

The black satin skirt

Combining black clothes with items from the rest of your closet is much easier than things of any other color. You can wear T-shirts, shirts, blouses, and jackets in bright or standard colors, with a small or large print or without it. But we should not forget about the combination of clothes by style.


The beige skirt 💛 pairs perfectly with other clothing in light pastel shades. If you want to play with colors, you can wear it with a top or jacket in black, coffee or green.

beige silk skirt

Beige satin skirt and black top – a festive and stylish look.

You’re good to go if you want a simple, casual look, a white t-shirt or cotton shirt, sneakers, or low-heeled sandals.

Look for a white cotton top and comfortable flip-flops every day.

Beige pairs well with all shades of brown, white and blue.


The brown skirt plays attractive colors with an elegant silver, green, burgundy, or red top.

An exciting combination would work with a t-shirt or denim jacket in soft blue. It looks sharp in black.

The combination of brown with white, beige, and black is standard as complementary pieces of clothing can be, for example, a white T-shirt and a beige trench coat.


The emerald, bottle, and mint 💚 are the trendiest colors of 2021. In addition to the classic combinations with white, beige, gray, and black, the green skirt can be combined in the same image with a top of the pink, mustard, blue, blue, and lavender shades.

For the office, a white shirt or blouse. For an evening out, gold or silver colored top.


The red satin skirt ❤️ is not suitable for a simple bow. It looks flashy and somewhat provocative.

The red satin skirt is not suitable for a casual look.

Even when paired with a blouse or top and jacket in white, black, or white, it will draw undue attention to your look. But if that is your goal, then an exciting option can also be a combination of a red skirt with a bright silver or gold top, a knitted vest, and a soft blue or dark green shirt.


The white skirt is easy to combine with other shades. It is a vast choice not only of basic tones but also of “screaming” colors. A classic option is the combination of white with black, gray, beige, and brown.

The skirt is easy to combine with white with black, gray, beige, and brown.

White-white with sky blue or turquoise gives a fresh look, and white with yellow or fuchsia pink gives a bright look.

Blue and blue

The bright blue skirt looks great with a sweatshirt or t-shirt in yellow, mustard, coffee, coral, and turquoise.

Tender blue is still best combined with pastel shades: cream, beige, powder, lavender, etc.


Gray belongs to the basic, but you need to be able to combine it favorably with other shades.

For a casual look, combine gray with white, black, soft pink, blue, and dark green, and for specific occasiwith bright yellow, purple, blue, orange, and red.


Yellow is bright, summery, and warm. It looks good in white, blue, and silver.

yellow satin skirt
Short crop top with attractive print and yellow midi – bright and stylish.

For lovers of bright shades – a bold combination – of fuchsia and yellow. Yellow satin skirt and accessories in bright pink.

A white t-shirt, a cozy beige pullover, an orange blouse, or a short top all go with yellow.

What To Wear Satin Skirt With Depending On The Season: Fashion Looks 2022-2023

The satin fabric is very kind to the body. It gives a feeling of softness and coolness. It’s not surprising if you think that clothes made of this fabric can be worn only in warm seasons.

In the past, they were only worn during late spring, summer, and early fall. Nowadays, fashionable women are not hiding satin items in the entresol until the warmth and wear them all year round. The correct composition of the ensemble allows you to feel comfortable in such clothes in any weather.

What to wear satin skirt Summer 2022 – photo

In the summertime, you can wear a satin skirt with open tops and T-shirts, light chiffon blouses, cotton shirts, and thin, coarsely knit sweaters, as the footwear suitable includes ballet flats, sneakers, sandals, and high-heeled shoes.

Fall and spring 2022-2023

In fall and spring, they can be worn with thicker shirts, knit sweaters, jackets, and vests.

From outerwear, a cropped leather or denim jacket, raincoat, or coat. Depending on the length and the style of the skirt, there should be appropriate footwear: stiletto or pumps, high boots, ankle boots, or even rude shoes with a massive platform.

Winter 2022-2023

In winter, a satin skirt can be combined with an oversized sweater, a leather jacket, a cozy cardigan, an insulated jacket, and even a fur coat.

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