What To Wear With Pants 7/8: Stylish Solutions For Different Situations

It is impossible to imagine a woman’s closet without pants. Different styles and features cut allow you to choose a model for your figure, for certain occasions. Stylists also propose to play with the length of things. The original models 7/8 fit quite naturally into the fashionable images.

Features Of 7/8 Pants

Due to this length of trousers the ankle is exquisitely opened, which gives the image a stylish and feminine look. Some ladies are wary of wearing such models. Shortened pants will visually reduce growth. But designers suggest experimenting and choosing interesting styles with an elevated or lowered waist.

Of course, skinny models will look better on slim girls. Ladies with curvy figures should preferably choose straight pants.

What It Is

The definition of 7/8 is conventional, it means the length of the pants at ankle level or slightly above. Emilio Pucci is responsible for the appearance of this type of pants for women. The model was a bold alternative to the usual pants with arrows. Standard pant style was a close-fitting cut with a slightly low waist.

Who Suits Fashionable 7/8 Pants

The original length of the models does not prohibit sewing products in different styles. To ensure that the thing does not gather dust in the closet, and become a permanent element of everyday images, it is important to pick up pants according to the figure.
Slim fashionistas can safely try on tight-fitting products. Women with magnificent forms fit models loose at the hips (with pleats at the waist). In such products will be comfortable, and extra volumes will not stand out.

Where You Can Go In Them

Pants in 7/8 length is a topical item in the closet of the modern fashionista. With the right image pants are suitable for different seasons and situations:

  • Summer casual collections will decorate the loose cut pants made of lightweight natural materials (linen, cotton, viscose);
  • For cooler weather, the image consists of a shortened jacket (for every day) or demi-seasonal overcoat type (office version);
  • smart skinny satin pants with a top and a light jacket are a great option for a party.

Classic dark models of straight cut with arrows will elegantly complement the office closet. You can combine these pants with a jacket or sweater.

General Rules For 7/8 Pants

Designers recommend taking into account certain nuances when choosing clothes to make it easier to understand,
Who looks good in 7/8ths pants.

A practical way to determine the perfect length is to wear long pants of your favorite style and gradually turn them up. Once the image in the mirror likes it – this will be the most suitable option. But the pants should be at most the middle of the calf. Also experiment with shoes with different heel heights.

It is possible to blindly follow fashion trends, if there are no claims to the figure. Stylists offer pants with a high waist. However, if there is a stomach, the most suitable option would be a model with a classic medium-height fit. If the hips are too wide, choose products with a reduced waist or a standard classic fit.

When selecting the width, it is best to choose models of medium width at the bottom of the pants. But narrowing things down is still in trend.

How Long Should They Be

Products are usually made up to ankle length (or higher by 3-4 cm). There is an opinion that such pants will visually shorten the silhouette. Stylists encourage their clients to take risks and experiment boldly. After all, skinny pants will emphasize the slimness of the legs, and the silhouette will visually seem higher.

Modern Models

Currently, the fashion industry offers a variety of pants 7/8. On the catwalks, plus-size models are elegant, so stylists offer things for fashionistas of different complexities.


Narrow pants retain relevance for several seasons in a row. “Puffers” look organically with voluminous blouses, oversize sweaters, shirts. Stylists advise paying attention to boots, short boots, sandals or ballet flats, high-heeled shoes when choosing shoes. Pants with a floral print or pastel shades are stylishly combined with silk blouses, tops, turtlenecks. The cold season is the time to wear long tops (coats, raincoats).


Fashionistas have long been wearing pants with lapels. The most popular models are chinos, jeans-boyfriends or ripped jeans. Pants with lapels – a great chance to visually “correct” the width of the ankle, which is not distinguished by elegance. Because the bottom, thickened due to the lapel, will visually make the ankle thinner.

For the office, wearing straight gray pants with arrows, a black jacket, a white shirt, and patent leather shoes with low heels is appropriate.


Summer looks will decorate things with bright colours and prints. Such smart models will enliven the casual style closet and be comfortable on vacation or walks in the city.

Warm option

In the cold season, pants are worn with boots (the best solution is to wear stocking boots, which are hidden under the pants). Cozy long cardigans, voluminous knitted sweaters are perfectly combined with tweed or wool pants. In winter, in sub-zero temperatures, a set of warm pants, loose mohair sweater and a short fur coat will be cozy and comfortable.

The colour variety of clothing is great. And the right choice of things, the shades of which are perfectly combined, is the key to a spectacular image. Consider the most popular colour variations.


This colour coincides with a person’s skin tone, so it looks rather plain in clothing. Although beige is considered a neutral color, it is recommended to choose light sand, gray or dark-beige things. “Liven up” the closet with original combinations with things, accessories of other shades.

The owners of magnificent forms will look good in dark-beige pants with a classic straight cut or high waist. Fashionable slim women can try on narrow light pants in different styles.

Stylish solution for a casual look – beige pants and blouse with leopard print. The black/white top with beige bottoms looks flawless.


The basic colour is one of the versatile colors because it blends with any shade and visually slims the silhouette. Black pants are relevant in all seasons and closets for all situations. Thin models with high waist will elegantly emphasize the silhouette of girls with an hourglass shape. Cropped pants will visually smooth out the wide form of the owners of pear-shaped figures.

Slim fashionistas combine pants 7/8 with shortened jackets, oversize sweaters, bright blouses and shirts.


Light models are a fashion trend for summer looks. The ideal option – lightweight pants, made from natural materials (linen, cotton, silk), creating comfort even on hot days. As white visually plumps, stylists do not recommend buying pants for girls “in the body.” But skinny girls can not shy away from experiments.

Must have summer wardrobe – white tight-fitting pants with an high waist. Especially feminine images, paired with cropped tops or lightweight silk tops with thin straps.


Rich palette of colours allows you to choose pants that will be appropriate in everyday looks and fit perfectly into a business closet:

  • Narrow cropped pants or straight models with arrows will elegantly complement the office suit. Blouses of white shades will give a more austere look than beige ones.
  • Straight models with lapels will be comfortable in everyday life. A stylish addition to the image – loose sweaters, jackets.

Blue is a stylish solution for a closet at any time of the year. Wool pants of rich blue shades are a stylish choice for the cooler seasons. For summer holidays you can choose light blue models, made from denim, linen, cotton, viscose, poplin.


Spectacular things in bright colours – the choice of brave fashionistas who welcome experiments with the closet. Pants 7/8 will allocate the owner from the crowd and bring positive image. Warm colours visually add volume, so it is desirable to buy things scarlet or red-orange colour for skinny fashionistas. And sumptuous girls should pay attention to things cherry
.or burgundy tones.

Narrow trouser styles successfully combined with short tops (tops, T-shirts) or long tops (sweatshirts, cardigans, vests).

Unless there is a strict dress code, straight models in muted colours complement the business image. Pants are worn with chiffon blouses, fitted shirts.


An increasing number of people are wearing pants in trendy colours (turquoise, coral, terracotta). Naturally, such clothes look appropriate in a summer closet. Creating an image, it is necessary to consider not only the figure, but also a harmonious combination of colours. According to stylists, one should be guided by the warmth of colour: cold tones are not paired with warm ones. Successful options are turquoise/ash pink, mustard/brickberry.

With print

Pants with coloured patterns and prints enliven the summer closet and are very popular for several seasons. To prevent a Christmas tree look, prints are paired with plain clothes. Black and white pants with vertical stripes visually “stretch” the silhouette and look organic with the black and white top.

Stylish and successful image: skinny blue and turquoise pants with a white sleeveless blouse. A short white sleeveless blouse stylishly complements straight pants with marsala print.

Fashionable Images

Harmonious combinations of shades, styles, fabrics allow you to create interesting images for women of all ages and complexes. Therefore, there is no problem with what to wear for pants seven eighths (photo below).

Weekend image

For cooler weather, wear products made of thick materials (tweed, gabardine, corduroy, velour). You can complement the image with a voluminous knitted sweater, sleeveless extended jacket, drape coat above the knees, leather suede jacket. As for footwear, booties or low-heeled boots will do.

Pants with bright colors or prints can liven up a summer look. Light blouses or tops can be tucked into the pants or worn outside. On a chilly evening, you’ll be cozy in a pair of pants and a thin sweater or a knitted hoodie.

A casual look does not require adhering to a certain colour palette. You can consider variants of pants in gray, blue, turquoise, terracotta, green shades. On a warm autumn day it is pleasant to walk around in pants of a current nude colour and a warm sweater of marsh colour. Add elegant dark-brown pumps and you have a smart casual look.


Black, brown, and gray are considered classic office colors. If there are no strict requirements to the dress code, dark shades (blue, dark beige) can also be considered when choosing pants.

Slim fit or with arrows will help to maintain a professional look. The suit version is completed with a jacket or jacket in the same shade as the pants or a shade lighter. Bright accessories (neckerchief, belt) and shoes will bring femininity to a strict office image.

To the party

Wear pants made from satin, silk, and leather to create a festive mood and a bright image. Combine a bright bottom preferably with a more modest top (monochrome chiffon blouse, thin top). Accessorize your outfit with stilettos, a clutch or a handbag on a chain.

The original image is silk blue polka-dot pants and monochrome white cambric blouse. A non-standard option – shortened galifs, which are effectively combined with a top with thin straps and stiletto shoes.

7/8 Pants: What To Wear And How To Wear It

Women’s 7/8 pants are quite popular, and stylists offer many options for combining them with clothes of different lengths. They can be worn differently, depending on the season and physique.


When choosing items, one needs to consider the colour nuances of the closet. Designers advise buying a monochrome top in pastel colours to wear with a bright patterned bottom. The colour scheme of pants can be repeated in other details (bag, shoes, belt).

If the pants are made of neutral materials, it is okay to wear striped tops. Blouses with polka dots or small prints will work well with black bottoms.


In the case of short pants, the choice of shoes becomes critical. The harmonious look of the image depends on what kind of shoes 7/8 pants are worn with. A shoe with a heel is always a win-win situation. Elegant shoes will organically complement the image with skinny and straight pants.

For colder seasons, don the boots. And stylists recommend buying shoes that fit tightly to the ankle.

For an informal atmosphere the closet is supplemented with boots. Heavy boots or shoes with rough soles are not an option. The best choice is the stylish chelsea boots or timberlands. These shoes will fit organically into a casual style and will go well with skinny jeans length 7/8. The office closet will benefit from elegant and laconic deserters.

A win-win option for summer – sabots, flip-flops on a wedge, ballet flats or sandals without heels. Must have – sneakers in different shades.


Catchy and massive accessories always attract attention. But choose things carefully, so they maintain the harmony of the image. A scarf-snood made of voluminous knitting or a knitted Scandinavian triangular shawl is an absolute must. Stunning scarves made of thin materials that can be tied like a man’s tie.

What To Wear With Pants In Summer

Naturally, in summer the most comfortable clothes are made of thin natural fabrics. There are no rigid restrictions on the tops, so ripped blue jeans look organically with colourful T-shirts and tops. Feminine blouses are tucked into pants or worn loose.

All-Season Looks

Pants are an indispensable option in the closet of the modern woman. And it does not matter if she follows fashion trends or creates a comfortable image. Thus, there is no concern about what to wear pants 7/8: topical images are formed at any time of the year.

In the fall or spring short pants are most often worn with knitted or crocheted things (loose sweater, voluminous cardigan). Those in search of spectacular solutions select stylish jackets and jackets.

On warm days, trouser/top looks are in demand. Especially popular are ripped jeans with lapels, which are combined with T-shirts, shirts, T-shirts. More elegant look images with shortened straight pants and light jackets with ¾ sleeves.

Stylist Tips

For fashionable pants to become a favorite thing and seamlessly fit into different images, stylists recommend adhering to some rules, how to wear pants 7/8:

  • Products in dark colours – a win-win choice, because such colours perfectly visually mask the defects of the figure;
  • Wide belts, high waist, tight top organically look on fashionable women with perfect figures.

When choosing tights, the material of the pants is taken into account. The thinner the fabric, the less denser the tights should be. The colour scheme chosen is neutral (black and nude tones).

Pants 7/8 have many styles with only one parameter in common – the length. Models look organic in suits and on their own (in an outfit with other clothing and accessories).

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