What To Wear With Oversized Shirt In 2022

how to wear an oversize shirt

how to wear an oversized shirt in 2021-2022

Fashionable Colors Of Oversize Shirts

There is no doubt that a lot of the perception of the image depends on the color scheme, the combination of shades, and patterns. At this point, we need to recognize some trending solutions.

These shirts are sure to take pride in your closet and will harmonize well with different colors.

White oversize shirt: how to wear

A versatile option, as classic as possible. With this color, you can create any ensemble.

Check over-size shirt – what to pair it with

Trend. It is now that plaid is back in fashion. A clear preference is given to a large cage, colored and contrasting. Excellent if it combines several shades. For the bottom, you can choose one of them.

Black oversize shirt

The color is classic, giving the image an understated touch of austerity.

Blue oversize shirt

Trend. The current color is relatively light but looks more original than white and beige. A very refreshing image that combines perfectly with denim bottoms.


You can give preference to a cool beige. Warm shades are also acceptable. Looks often combine close light tones, although contrasts will also be catchy.

The looks are often a combination of close light tones.

Pick up other shades and patterns, too. For example, shirts with big logos or writings look garish. But a monochrome version is a good solution even for the working environment.

Types And Trends Of Oversize Shirts In 2022

Yes, a lot depends on the style. The features and the characteristics of the shirt can make it your favorite. And it is for it that you will come up with different ensembles, what to wear as often as possible, but always look original.

Warm oversize shirt

The optimal solution for cool weather. There are actual models in large plaid, which will keep you warm even in the real cold. And you won’t need a light jacket anymore.

Long overcoat shirt

Much liked by all lovers of tight pants; it harmonizes well with wide jeans. Looks quite extravagant with shorts.

Oversize shirt dress

That’s the elegant option, even though you’re wearing oversize. The silhouette lines are flowing and understated, and the look can be sophisticated.

It’s a great option to have multiple styles in your closet. For example, you wear a dress shirt for a party, a long shirt for a walk, and in cooler weather, you can easily do without a jacket, because a warm shirt keeps you warm.

Oversize Shirt Materials

It’s not just the cut and shade that plays a significant role, but also the material. Consider a few on-trend options. They will work with jeans, pants, wide midi, and maxi skirts.

Leather oversize shirt

Trendy option for any season and weather. Combines with jeans and pants, midi and maxi skirts, and shorts. You can make an ensemble of leather top and bottom. Now there is a vast horizon for experimentation: for example, the idea of combining leather and corduroy is also relevant. The trend is the combination of a leather shirt of a warm shade with colored leather pants.

Denim oversize shirt

Another versatile option. The classic shirt remains relevant for almost any look. It perfectly combines with jeans and leather pants and skirts.

The over-size jean shirt remains relevant to almost any look.

Velvet oversize shirt

Velvet will create the softest, coziest homemade look. You can successfully emphasize femininity to accentuate the silhouette with such a shirt. The corduroy material looks dressy on its own; it doesn’t even require additional accessories.

It’s possible to combine an oversize corduroy shirt with a variety of skirts and pants:

  • Straight jeans
  • Traditional pants, tapered, high-waisted
  • Skirt in soft fabric
  • Midi and maxi skirt with wide pleats.
  • Velvet pants, one color palette.
  • Celtic pants with contrasting colors, for example, dark top and light bottom.
  • High-waisted jeans in a contrasting color.

Some people find matching options and experiment with acidic contrasting shades. A chic corduroy ensemble is when the skirt is a rich blue shade, and the shirt is terracotta, yellow, or orange.

How To Style Oversize Shirt

The topical oversize shirt goes great with a variety of bottom options. Traditionally it’s believed that jeans are more suitable for this model. But now the trend is significantly transformed: the boldest combinations are trending—the emphasis on comfort, non-trivial style, and the formation of his memorable image. Let’s take a look at the main options.

With a skirt

Yes, you can pair an oversize shirt with a skirt, too. Some people choose short denim skirts; others prefer skinny models: they create a contrast with the top, but the ensemble looks excellent. Of course, a great look is a relatively broad midi skirt with soft pleats combined with an oversized shirt.

With jeans

The perfect combination that has long been a classic. And the oversize shirt goes perfectly with almost any style: jeans can accentuate the body lines and be voluminous. For example, wear oversize with bell-bottom jeans, with pipes. And they can have high or low waists.

If you want to make the look trendy, pay attention to mom jeans, piping, and comprehensive models. That said, skinny ones will look good too. One more detail: an actual look will not suit the tiny waist. Now it is already out of trend. To emphasize the peculiarities of the bottom style, it is enough to tuck in partially the top but not the whole.

By the way, you can also choose a bold ensemble in the summer, combining an oversized shirt with shorts. They would look flashy, bright, and perfect for hanging out with friends.

With pants

It’s an excellent solution to choose a more refined version of the shirt—for example, a classic silhouette, without additions and flashy elements, monochrome material. And the ensemble will immediately become more sophisticated. In this case, comfort will be provided. Such combinations are acceptable even for the office style if the company’s established dress code allows it.

With vest and sleeveless jacket

The fashionable combination for 2021-2022 is an oversize shirt with a vest.

Define for yourself the most successful ensembles. Trendy oversize shirts fit almost any style, please with comfort and freedom of movement, and form a silhouette with flowing lines.

These shirts are the perfect fit for almost any style.

Stylish Looks With Oversize Shirt 2022

Look with an oversize shirt for your inspiration.

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