What To Wear With Mom Jeans

what to wear jeans with mom

What to wear mom jeans within 2022

What Do Fashionable Mom Jeans Look Like In 2022

They have a distinctive cut. High waist, broad at the hips, tapering along the hips, and ending above the ankle. The most popular length of pants is 7/8. Today they are created in all shades.

White sneakers and an attractive blouse are an option to create an exciting look.

Thirty years ago, the most popular color was faded blue. Now mom jeans can be chosen in any palette – from sky blue to indigo 🌈.

The mom jeans got their name from the cut worn by moms of a particular generation, women of the 90s.

white mom jeans

A striped shirt tied at the waist and flat-soled shoes are an everyday option.

Who Suits Mom Jeans

As with any item, they don’t fit everyone. If you’re slim and tall, you can buy them with confidence. Jeans will accentuate your waist and give volume to your hips.

They look perfect on a slim figure. They accentuate the hips.

On the other hand, don’t forget that mom jeans will enhance your shape. They make you look fuller. You’ll need to find the right combinations if your figure is shaped like an inverted triangle, pear, or apple. This will help remove accents from your shapes if you don’t want to accentuate.

For example, choose dark jeans instead of light-colored jeans. You can compensate for your low height with high-heeled shoes or a platform.

❕To avoid adding weight to your figure, remember to accentuate your waist and open up your ankle (especially if you’re short), or combine with subtle shoes and a heel.

6 Ways To Wear Mom Jeans In 2022 And Look Stylish

Let’s look at the most on-trend and exciting ideas for what to wear mom jeans with.

Tucked in with boots

Yes, yes, it’s a significant trend for 2022. Please take advantage of it and tuck them into calf-length boots. You’re set to complete this look with sunglasses, an oversized jacket, or an oversized blazer.

That’s what they wear in the winter and spring, and summer. Rugged boots have long been an all-season trend.

With shirt unbuttoned

The shirt is in fashion, especially the warm plaid one. It can be an alternative to a cropped top. Undo the bottom buttons and expose the high-waisted jeans. You can wear a short top and stretch the shirt completely.

If it’s cold outside, the shirt can be leather. A beautiful set would turn out with black moms, a black leather shirt, boots, and a white tank top or top.

White Image

If you don’t need to contact small children/animals/red wine/grass/boldly, create a solid white look or blue pants. Sneakers or white shoes and a white t-shirt are always a good idea.

If it’s chilly outside, wear a cardigan. It goes with both a sporty and feminine look.

You can wear a cardigan anywhere.

With a hoodie

The sweatshirt has firmly entered the everyday closet of modern women. It’s comfortable, comfortable, and warm. Why not wear it with jeans?

The plus side of hoodies is that they’re easy to pair with sneakers and heeled shoes. Sport-chic hasn’t gone out of style in a long time.

With a short button-down cardigan

Comfortable, simple, and stylish at the same time. No need to make up complicated combinations.

You can play with colors and shoes. Anything will work here – sneakers, heeled shoes, ankle boots, rugged boots.

With a coat or cape

What do you have in your closet? A trench coat, a light coat, a leather raincoat? All of these can be safely combined with a moe.

The leather cape and stiletto boots are cool, stylish, and feminine.

A camel hair coat, booties, and a cozy beige sweater are for every day.

Train in beige, beige pumps, and pullover in color – for a special occasion, a date.

Mom Fit Jeans

Mom-fit jeans have a high waistline and healthy hips. If you can’t boast volume around the hips, they’ll help you visually create it.

If you can’t boast volume around the hips, they’ll help you visually create it.

This model will accentuate if your hips are okay and you’re comfortable with them.

Fashionable Ways To Wear Blue Jeans

Blue mom jeans are a classic in every woman’s closet. Any top shade – from white to black – can be combined with blue.

Colorful with blue are shades of brown, sandy, and beige.


It’s been said that the most straightforward solutions are always the best, so I decided to bet on a classic in the first option. Mom jeans paired with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers in the same color – stylish and simple.

Wrap up the look with minimalist jewelry, a bag, and glasses in brown. They perfectly harmonize with the rest of the elements. A look that’s perfect for every day.

classic look

blue mom jeans


Moms can look great not only in casual casual casual styles but also in a more elegant look. To create a comfortable and sleek look, plug in a monochrome, gray or plaid blazer and a white top.

Wear beige or nude shoes that optically elongate the legs, a small handbag, and gold jewelry. Such a set would be perfect for the office, with no strict rules.


Opt for a short top if you like to get away from classic, familiar patterns and feel better in unconventional combinations.

And throw a long cardigan on top. Such an outfit will effectively differentiate you from the crowd: a long cardigan, a big bag, and comfortable flat sandals. Choose unique jewelry and extravagant sunglasses for an original look.

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With What To Wear Black Mom Jeans

The brighter the denim, the greater the effect of increasing. Conversely, black or coarse mom jeans cancel it out and allow all morphologies to embrace this model of jeans. The ideal combination with black is white, beige, and brown.

Gray Mom Jeans – Stylish Looks

The gray color is classic and neutral. They look favorably with a white T-shirt, a black nude or top. But also bright shades can go well with it – red, pink, yellow, blue.

How And With What To Wear White Mom Jeans

White is the perfect color for spring and summer. A complete look in white always looks bright and noticeable.

What to wear white jeans mom

White t-shirt, white pants, and sneakers diluted with a cute plaid blazer.

How To Wear Mom Jeans In Summer

Summer is the time for thin denim that is comfortable and not hot. Tops, short sleeve blouses, or lightweight linen and cotton shirts are the best choices for these bottoms.

How To Wear Mom Jeans In Spring

In spring, you can add a blazer or a jacket to the look. A stylish beige trench is a good option for spring.

The jeans are a good option for spring.

What To Wear Mom Jeans With In Fall And Winter

In the fall, you should add comfortable boots or high-soled sneakers. Top – a cozy, warm sweater. Outerwear – jacket, lightweight coat, trench coat.

What Kind Of Shoes To Wear Mom Jeans With

This is a versatile garment that can be combined with any footwear. They can be sneakers, sneakers, shoes, boots, sandals, ballet flats, and flip-flops.

These are the most versatile clothes.

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