What To Wear With Leopard Print In 2023

Leopard print is a flirt. Bright and bold, a little bit languid, a little bit provocative. But no one leaves indifferent! Deciding to use a coat, or a dress, or an accessory in the form of a bag with a beastly print, be careful! You need to know how, with what and to whom you should wear it. Hit the mark!

Animal Print: A Story That Began At The Dawn Of Mankind

The currently fashionable leopard print did not enter the fashion world with the easy help of couturier Christian Dior. After his fashion show in 1947, the designer became famous, and society girls of that time began to demand coats/mantos/dresses in animalistic colors. And not 22 years earlier, when Marian Nixon strolled down Hollywood Boulevard in a leopard print fur coat with a live animal on a leash. And not in the 70* years, when it became part of various subcultures and wearing it was a kind of challenge. Powerful in its energy, animal prints were originally skins of real animals. And a man, who threw a leopard/tiger/lion skin on his shoulders, felt not only its warmth, but also the drive, positive charge, courage and speed of the beast. And one’s own jubilation from victory!

So even today, leopard color fascinates, enchants, and charms. It helps to attract attention and to tell an intimate secret without words, to seduce without movement, to bewitch with a bit more than frank desires. Therefore, preference for leopard print in clothing is given to the chosen ones. Do not be afraid, try it!

Leopard Print In Action

To wear a coat/coat/manto, or pants, or a leopard-print dress is to recognize your uniqueness. Not everyone can do this with dignity and ease. So feel free to choose fashionable animal print jeans, accessories or tone your nail polish if you:

  • You are a vamp woman and you are not as shy not only about your body, but also about your desires. After all, a dress or pants with an animal print is a special challenge;
  • are brave and like to be frank about everything. It will be easy for you to win over every member of the male sex / to arouse the envy of the female sex;
  • sexy and openly demonstrate it. Transparent fabric, deep necklines, daring necklines are more likely to charm than to cause a desire to possess;
  • don’t like boredom and ordinariness. Animal print implies dynamics, game, speed and excitement;
  • You want to experience the new/unfamiliar/attractive. An item in your closet with an animalistic print will give you that opportunity.

Leopard prints in clothes will certainly win over the confident/bold, determined and active. Respecting and valuing real deep feelings and being able to reciprocate fully. Confident? Then opt for the leopard print loafers, coat, cape or dress!

Top 5 Basic Rules When Dealing With The “Beast”

On the nails, in combination with accessories or as the main item of an outfit, animal print is acceptable in some cases. The classic rules are a tribute to the fashion/art of wearing things with a leopard print. They will allow you to look flashy, original and luxurious, presenting the female figure as advantageously as possible and will not be considered vulgar.


  1. The choice of things with leopard print in expensive, high-quality fabric.
  2. Wearing 1 thing in one outfit – a dress/blouse/pants or 2 accessories.
  3. Match the pattern in case a bag and shoes or gloves and scarf are chosen with an animal print.
  4. Emphasizing the skirt/dress/blouse/jeans of the part of the figure that you want to emphasize the most.
  5. Absence of things in the outfit in checks, flowers, stripes, polka dots.

Simple rules will allow you to mix animal print items with other favorite things from the closet. Just remember that animalistic colors are an explosion of power and drive, so everything must be in moderation!

The Eternal Question: What To Wear And How To Combine

The question of what to wear leopard print with if you have just purchased a new skirt, shirt or jeans. This will make you explore the classic rules and fashion trends/trends 2022. And learn how to combine boldness and calm, speed and peace, boldness and simplicity!

You can start your acquaintance with animal prints with accessories. A bag with an animal print, a belt, a scarf, and shoes can be added to an outfit to make it more sexy and catch the eye of the same innovators. But no more than 2 accessories, the pattern/pattern of which should be identical. That said, it doesn’t have to be a shoe-bag or belt-garter pair. It’s up to your taste, choice, and mood.

The key point is the bold nail pattern. It is perfect for a themed party and will be the only decoration of its kind. Big cat spots don’t always mean much.

As the animalistic pattern is also fashionable in 2022, many people will want to look like a leopard or a panther by wearing the print “from head to toe”. This is fundamentally wrong: 1 thing is to accentuate a certain part of the figure. The rest of the outfit – top or bottom – is a simple and discreet style with a quality cut in white, milk, light chocolate tone. And then you are irresistible/evocative/charming.

A unique print is suitable for every conservative. You only need to complement your strict daily image with, for example, a coat with a leopard print or an exquisite accessory – and you will be able to feel the new possibilities of yourself! Moreover, the innovator can combine the print not only with the classic monochrome colors, but also with turquoise – which looks exquisite, with pink – which is bold, and with red – which is undeniably charming.

If “flirting” with color can afford a few daredevils, then conservatives or anyone just getting to know the print should prefer a natural shade and pattern. Do not forget that this print is a gravitation towards the organic, real, powerful and a little bit magical. Therefore, only natural shades, quality fabrics, original patterns.

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