What To Wear With Leggings

Leggings have won the love of consumers for their versatility and comfortable fit. But a peculiarity should be remembered when discussing what to wear with leggings. These are not jeans and pants, they are so tight to the body that it is recommended to wear them with clothes that cover the butt. Exceptions are possible, but for outerwear this rule is mandatory. A harmonious outfit helps to create the right styles of tops, shoes and accessories.

Leggings With A Long Shirt Or Short Dress

A loose shirt covering the buttocks can be any colour as long as the elbows are traditionally black, gray or beige. Leopard or camouflage prints require a more careful choice of top shades. Monochrome shirts in tone with the elastic band are a win-win option, but the youngest fashionistas can play with the colour, considering the season’s trend.

In the fall or spring, you can complete the look with a denim jacket, fur vest or jacket. A wide belt on top of the shirt will perfectly emphasize the figure, and jewelry or beads will give a festive look. It is customary to wear a set of leggings with a shirt with heeled shoes. Depending on the season, it may be boots, shoes or sandals.

You can achieve the same effect with a short dress, monochrome or printed leggings. It is comfortable to wear knitted leggings with a warm dress in winter, to go to school or to work at the office. To achieve this look you can pick up a coat or a short jacket, combining with shoes in the form of high boots or boots of simple style. In winter, you should choose something other than coloured leggings. In addition to black and blue, dark grays and beige shades complement the winter palette.

Leggings And Cardigan

The leggings are combined with a sweater just as well as the usual skinny jeans. A thin sweater with a properly colour-matched cardigan is a stylish solution for cooler days, if you wear them with skinny leggings. Leopard or camouflage colours are more suitable for walks in nature in combination with low running shoes. You can wear heels with leather leggings or skinny clothing under the leather.

leggings are not pants, but sometimes they can replace the bottom of the usual pantsuit and look elegant at school or work. Wear a tunic of the same length or a bit shorter under the jacket and pick the right colour scheme. Here you can use not only one-colour, but leopard-skin loafers, choosing a top that resonates with the leopard pattern of pants. For example, the tunic can be used as the background of the pattern on the leggings, and the jacket – in the tone of the leopard spots.

In winter the look of leggings with a cardigan or jacket perfectly complements a coat of any length or a coat to the knees.

A Great Combination: Leggings And A Short Skirt

Young people love short skirts and gladly wear them with leggings. A set of leggings with a skirt is no less popular among young girls than jeans. A short denim skirt looks great with black leggings and high heels.

Puffed short skirt over leggings requires a tight top, monochrome pants look harmoniously with a motley skirt, leopard and camouflage leggings are combined with a monochrome non-wide skirt. Beige shades are versatile, they can be used with skirts of different colours. The tanned skin is emphasized particularly well by beige leggings, they are a must for the closet of brunettes.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind About Leggings

Popular leggings have one negative feature. They exaggerate the flaws of the figure, clearly demonstrating extra pounds. To avoid leering, it is necessary to pick the right top for the look. It should be light, airy, without unnecessary layering.

Colored elbows or with flowers are designed for leisure, they do not fit into the style of office clothing. Gray and beige shades may be an exception. Mature ladies ought not to wear leather and flowers, as they give the age a feeling of vulgarity. It is considered bad to combine lace or with lace inserts loafers in winter looks, with cardigans, dresses with prints.

The choice of material is critical. To wear out, you should buy leggings made of expensive materials, it is desirable to have leather or suede pants in your closet. In winter, it is better not to wear leather bottoms, but a dense material under the skin to keep warm. If the leggings are used as sports pants, they should be bought in specialized stores.

Shoes And Accessories

Leggings go well with shoes of different styles. Take into account seasonality and your preferences.

For summer:

  • Ballet flats, sandals, flat-soled sandals;
  • high-heeled shoes and sandals.

For winter:

  • boots with low and high heels;
  • boots and uggs;

For the off-season:

  • moccasins made of natural materials;
  • sneakers;
  • booties.

Accessorize the whole image to add elegance, playfulness, smartness, and emphasize style. Beads, brooches, bracelets are combined with most colours, except for camouflage leggings and with inserts. There is one rule: the brighter the leggings, the more muted the accessory color.

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