What To Wear With Leather Leggings

Not everyone manages to find a fashionable image so that it looks stylish, not ridiculous. To solve this problem will help a collection of interesting looks collected below. They will give a complete answer to the question with what to wear leggings. This topic is relevant, because there are a lot of models of trendy pants: with leggings, ribbed, leather, with slits in the front. Because of such a variety it is not always clear what to combine them with and what to refer to: pants or leggings?


Originally leggings were considered a men’s ceremonial garment, which appeared in the XVII. Over time, fashion changed and leggings for many years turned into the clothes of artists and circus performers. But at the end of the XX century world couturiers remembered about leggings, positioning them as a comfortable analogue of women’s tights.

Naturally, such leggings were not made of leather or suede, but of lycra, knitwear or elastic velvet.

Types of leggings

Manufacturers offer a huge selection of leggings. Conventionally, all models can be divided into four criteria:

  • Season: winter, summer, autumn (demi-seasonal);
  • Material: leather, suede, latex, leather (eco leather), velvet, knitted, etc;
  • Design: with straps, with slits (front or side), flared, with stripes, with sequins, noodles (with ribbing), etc;
  • Purpose: sports, casual, and festive (for going out).

All of these parameters depends on how and with what to wear a specific pair of women’s leggings (there are also men’s, but this article is not about them).

Leggings design

Clearly, it is impossible to list all the possible variations of leggings. Manufacturers, almost daily, come up with new models. Therefore below will be collected only the most popular options.

With stirrups

Leggings with stirrups – this is one of the most comfortable and popular models.

They are versatile, and fit almost any outfit, from a leather jacket to a suit jacket.

It’s still worth noting that leggings with stirrups belong to a more casual style rather than to a sporty one, so they are usually paired with sandals or ballet flats rather than sneakers.

In this case the emphasis is on the stirrups, they are put on top of shoes, even if we are talking about winter boots or autumn shoes (pictured below).

But still need to take into account the peculiarities of the climate of your own region. In slush it is better to hide the leggings inside, otherwise they will quickly get dirty and lose their marketable appearance.

Otherwise there are no restrictions, it is difficult to find clothes that could not be worn with leggings. T-shirts, cardigans, tunics, jackets and coats – with fashionable leggings fits everything.

With slits at the bottom

Leggings with slits also do not belong to the sport, so they are worn with more austere clothing: shirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, tunics and turtlenecks.

It is better to choose shoes with a heel, so the image looks more feminine and elegant.

Leggings with slits are often made of light fabrics, which are not designed for winter. Such models are poorly combined with warm jackets and down jackets. It is better to wear them in the warm season, when there is no need for outerwear.


The debate about whether to consider flared pants as leggings or pants has been going on for not the first year. After all, this model tightly fits only the upper part of the legs, up to the knees.

This type of leggings has two undeniable advantages:

  • Significantly lengthens the legs, especially in tandem with a high heel;
  • Partially hides the curvature of the lower legs.

This model is suitable for creating a variety of looks: from simple casual …

… to original and festive.


Lace leggings are a full analogue of kapron tights, so they are worn similarly, with dresses or shorts.

It is worth noting that some people prefer to wear them instead of pants, as an independent part of the closet. But this solution looks too revealing. In this case it is better to pick a long tunic or cardigan on the upper part of the torso.

With stripes

Leggings with stripes is a very ambiguous closet element. They can be worn together with sneakers and hoodie, or with an elegant blouse and high-heeled shoes.

The right combination depends on the type and material of the strips. They set the tone for the entire image.


The completeness of the image also depends on the material of leggings. The same model in leather and knitwear will look different.

You should also take into account the density of the fabric. For example, suede leggings are perfect under a T-shirt or a short top. But in the hot summer it will be uncomfortable to wear leggings from such material. In turn, a lightweight T-shirt is not suitable for cold autumn or winter. It turns out that a kind of successful image looks beautiful only in photos, and in real life, few people wear such a combination.

Most often on the shelves you can find models from:

  • Denim. The second name of these pants is jeggings. They come in thin and insulated, so you can choose a suitable option for any time of year. Denim leggings are considered versatile, so they are worn with sweaters, and with T-shirts, and with hoodies, jackets;

  • Leather. Models made of natural material are not often on sale because of the high cost. Usually such things are made to order. They last a long time, do not blow through and “breathe”, which fully justifies the cost. Wear leather leggings in the cold season, combining with motor coats, blown jackets, coats and teddy coats. Because of their high density, they can not fit as tightly around the leg as leggings.

  • Eco-leather. The appearance of the “leather” elastic, almost no different from the “natural”. But the properties of this material are significantly different. The fabric “does not breathe”, worse retains heat and loses its commercial appearance faster. But the price of such models is several times lower. Leggings made of eco leather are worn with the same closet items that match the natural leather;

  • Knitwear. This fabric is stretchy and pleasant to the body, so it is very popular. Knitted leggings fit perfectly, and fit almost everything: from tops and sandals to voluminous sweatshirts and down jackets. Different density of knit allows you to create summer models with cuts and openwork inserts, and insulated winter leggings with fur.

  • “Noodles.” In fact, they are the same as knitted leggings, but in ribbed fabrics. Because of the peculiarities of knitting they are denser. So these models are worn mainly in winter and autumn, combining with voluminous sweaters, knitted dresses and warm jackets;

  • Vinyl. Vinyl leggings are a shiny analog of leather. They do not get wet and do not blow out, the dirt from them is just as easy to remove with a damp cloth. But there is a nuance, such models look beautiful only on an ideal figure. Insidious material emphasizes the slightest deviation from the standard. But for the standard 90-60-90’s such leggings look very impressive;

  • Velvet. Dense and pleasant material, great for winter and fall looks with leggings. Any outerwear looks stylish and cozy in tandem with these pants;

  • Velour. Velour leggings are often confused with velvet leggings because of the similar “fluffiness” of both materials. But the main differences of velour are: higher elasticity and characteristic sheen of hairs. Beautiful shimmers attract attention both in fully-fitted models with stirrups, and in wide puffs. But it is worth remembering that this insidious material tends to add a couple of extra pounds to the real weight of the girl;

  • Latex. Latex leggings definitely look spectacular, but not every woman would dare to wear such a provocative outfit. Those who dare such a feat, can wear them with almost anything. Anyway, all eyes will be attracted to the shiny pants and the other items of the closet will hardly notice. It is worth noting that similar leggings are often worn at discos and parties, so complement them with high heels and tops.

Fashionable Outfits With Leggings

All fashionable looks with leggings can be divided similarly to species. And choose what to wear in tandem with trendy leggings, based on the season, design, material and purpose of the event.

For convenience, all possible options are divided by season.

Winter looks with leggings

It would seem that you can wear leggings in winter with anything, all the clothes will hide under a coat or jacket anyway. But in the end, the image should be chosen so that the leggings are combined both with outerwear and with what is worn under it.

Below are the most winning looks:

  • It is better to wear vinyl or leather leggings with a teddy coat. The softness of the fur and some aggressiveness of the image create an interesting contrast, always attracting attention;

  • Looks with coats turn out feminine and elegant. With this piece of closet you can combine leggings made of any material: suede, jersey, leather or velvet. Lengthened models hide body shape flaws, which allows even oversized women to wear leather leggings, and look stylish and effective at that. But it is better not to wear flared models under a coat, they are inappropriate in this case;

  • Interesting images are obtained with a short jacket or sheepskin coat. But these looks are suitable only for relatively warm regions;

  • In combination with a down jacket leggings can give both an elegant and sporty look. It all depends on the model of outerwear and related and accessories and shoes;

  • Images with a sweater can hide problem areas. The main thing is to choose a model of the right length. You should pay attention to the texture. Rough-knit sweaters are better to wear with “smooth” leggings made of leather, suede or latex. Products with small loops look more effective with velour or knitted leggings (in ribbing);

  • A hoodie does not have to be worn only with sports leggings with stripes on the sides. The right models are perfectly combined with high heels and leather leggings;

  • A wide range of models allows you to wear with a cardigan almost any leggings: leather, suede, knitted, vinyl or velvet. Depending on the material, they can be used as a substitute for pants;

  • In tandem with a dress or a long sweater leggings usually replace tights. But this does not mean that only models made of thin knitwear or nylon are suitable here. Warmed versions of leather, suede or velvet look no worse, and in some ways even more effective and elegant.

In addition to everyday images with leggings you can create interesting evening and holiday images, for example, New Year’s Eve. In this case a hoodie or a warm sweater should be replaced by a jacket or an elegant cardigan, complementing the look with a spectacular blouse, shirt or top. And the mood will be set by smart accessories: earrings, bracelets, beads, scarves, belts or watches.

Summer looks with leggings

There are not many summer looks with leggings, but they are there:

  • With a T-shirt. Depending on the length and style of the T-shirt, you can get both sporty and elegant look;

  • with a tunic. Depending on the cut it may resemble a dress, a shirt or a T-shirt. Complementing such a combination with the appropriate accessories you can get a casual, holiday or even business attire;

  • with a tank top. A light and loose image with leggings is the best for the summer heat. The main thing is to choose leggings from light “breathable” materials, preferably natural;

  • With a top. Such an outfit is most often associated with the gym or on a morning jog. But models “for fitness” is not the only option. Tops can be not only sports. Shorter shirts or cropped tops with long sleeves can organically complement leggings on an informal walk, party or trip to the nature.

A characteristic feature of some summer looks are leggings worn under a skirt or shorts. In this case, usually choose openwork or shortened models of leggings.

This combination is suitable for both young girls and little girls.

If you choose the look models of “sports” materials, you can get a very comfortable outfit for going to the gym (photo below).

Fall looks with leggings

Autumn looks are the hardest to pick up. The varying weather and climate in different regions do not allow you to create a universal recipe. But depending on the region, there are several established looks:

  • leather or suede leggings in a set with a jacket allow you to create a look in business style. Such an ensemble is suitable for going to the office or college;

  • Another austere and dressy look: leggings with a blouse. Several sets of accessories will allow you to wear this look both for an informal walk and to the theater;

  • comfortable and versatile shirts have long been an unfading classic. Depending on the cut and color of the shirt, it can become part of a variety of images. For example, a white loose shirt in a set with strict black leggings can become an interesting business set, which is acceptable at school and at work. And a fashionable plaid shirt is ideal for autumn walks with friends.

  • Short fall jackets are also great with skinny pants of all colors and textures;

  • A variety of coats are literally created to complement leggings. Fashionable and classic, solid colors and prints – they allow you to create a lot of original solutions for every taste;

  • Warm vests are not only the “fur caterpillars” that everyone is accustomed to. This closet element can be made of knitwear, leather, suede or faux fur (analog of teddy coats). In this form, it can become part of a stylish outfit, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure;

  • Another universal solution: wear leggings with a raincoat. Such a set will hide all the flaws of the figure, and a wide range of models and colors, will help you choose an individual look in any style;

  • Complete with a sweatshirt leggings are worn not only by little girls and teenagers. Adult ladies also use this image, but usually it is not very serious. That is why they combine sweatshirts with sports models of nylon or knitwear, supplementing the look with sneakers.

Colors and decor

Choosing what to wear leggings with, you need to pay great attention to the shade of leggings. The same model in different colors will look different. Finishing in the form of rhinestones, sequins, stripes also greatly affects the final image.


This shade is close to “flesh”, so it can create a dubious “I forgot to wear a skirt” effect. To avoid such a mishap, it is better to choose not too tight models with pronounced trimming: arrows, stripes, pockets, etc.


Brown is a rich and noble shade. It perfectly complements any image.

Leggings in this color do not look too bright and provocative, even if it is a bold model of leather or lycra.


Classic black is hard to overestimate. With and without studs, leather and knit, with slits and flared – any leggings look perfect in this color.


Red is one of the brightest and bold colors. Therefore, it is better to combine leggings of this shade with neutral tones: beige, gray, black or white. Such images will look the most stylish and interesting.

This rule is especially important to follow when it comes to shiny leggings (leather or vinyl).


In burgundy leggings look quieter and not so provocative. Therefore, here the choice of options for creating a fashionable look is much wider.


Leggings in plaid, usually made of thick knit fabric, so they resemble tight-fitting pants.

Wear them accordingly with strict and elegant outfits, complementing them with shirts, jackets or blouses with the appropriate set of accessories.


Analogous to the small check can be a print “houndstooth”. This pattern is universal, so it is suitable for creating both free and strict images.

Leggings of such colors are worn not only in summer, but also in winter. But the fur-insulated models should be treated with caution. The picture “hound’s foot” itself is too fat, but in combination with a warm carpet pad may visually increase the width of the hips. Therefore, such leggings can be worn only by very slender girls.


Jeggings, or skinny leggings under jeans, are as versatile an option as regular jeans. They can be paired with almost any closet item: T-shirts, tank tops, jackets, paisleys, cardigans and tunics in all colors of the rain.

In this case you get a variety of images in different styles.


Mint combines well with neutral light shades: white, beige, powder or gray. Such looks look fresh and smart.


For bright pink leggings the same rules apply as for red ones. The most successful images are obtained in combination with classic colors: black and white. And here it does not particularly matter the material or style of leggings (with seams, placket, etc.). The main thing is not to overload the fashionable look with bright colors.


Along with the bright and bold hues can be put animal prints, in particular colors for the “leopard” or “zebra”. Such leggings are also better complemented by a black and white scheme.

But it is worth noting that leopard leggings are worn not only with monochrome clothing. Other shades are also acceptable here, the main thing is to choose calmer and more natural tones: brown, blue, beige, peach or olive.


Light milky leggings are popular both in winter and summer. But it is worth noting that it is almost impossible to find models in this color in vinyl or under leather. Most of such leggings are produced in jersey.

This tint is a neutral color, so it can be combined with any other shades. But it has two disadvantages. Firstly, it is quite faded, so it is not suitable for rainy autumn weather or slushy winter. Secondly, this color is fuller, so it should not be chosen by ladies with extra pounds.


The advantages and disadvantages of white leggings are the same as those of milk leggings. But in addition to them there is another significant disadvantage: thin leggings can shine through. Therefore, the underwear to them should be chosen very carefully.


Light and bright grass shades are usually used only for sports models of leggings. That is why they are combined exclusively with T-shirts and tops.

Darker and muted tones are more suitable for everyday wear. They are best complemented by monochrome shades of the black and white palette.


Blue pants are considered a universal garment because most people associate them with jeans. The same goes for sky colored leggings – they can be combined with almost any shade and style.

Sequined leggings

On sale most often you can find black sequined leggings, but if you want you can find models in other colors. Such leggings are used for festive dressy images – they are worn with evening blouses or lace T-shirts.

At the same time, the sequins do not always cover the entire surface of the leggings. Variants, in which only the lapels or the belt are glittering, are even more common. After all, such an outfit looks more modest, which allows you to wear such clothes more often.


Gray leggings are worn in winter and summer, the popularity is due to the fact that the color is neutral and non-marking.

This makes it easy to combine graphite shades with the entire palette. This makes it possible to create fashionable looks in different styles: sporty, dressy, casual and even business.

With print

Manufacturers produce leggings in a wide variety of colors. If you want, you can find both quiet feminine patterns, as well as frankly provocative.

Bright prints are usually associated with hot summer. Therefore leggings with such designs are made of thin knitted or nylon fabrics. To find such models in suede or thick leather is almost unreal.

Intense colors are worn in a set with neutral t-shirts, shirts, tops and tunics. To balance out the bright bottoms, fashionable women wear eye-catching accessories: large earrings, beads or hairpins.


No fashion image is complete without the appropriate footwear. It should seamlessly complement the look in style and color.

With the right model selection, leggings can be combined with any shoes. But it should be taken into account that different kinds of leggings are worn differently:

  • The narrow ones are tucked inside;
  • The knee pads are worn over shoes, boots, or boots;
  • The plaited ones are released on top of the shoes.

In addition, you need to consider the season and climatic characteristics of the region.

In winter you can wear leggings with anything. After all, in the first place they are chosen under the outerwear and headgear. The leggings in this case serve only as a background of the main fashion accent.

Boots go well with leather leggings, or suede models. All kinds of short boots and uggs look the most interesting with insulated knitted leggings.

The most ambiguous situation with leggings with stirrups – it is most difficult to choose winter shoes to them.

All fashion designers recommend tucking the stirrups behind the heel, as shown in the photo below.

But in the conditions of the winter it is impossible:

  • In southern regions, rains and slush will ruin the look by staining the bottom of the loincloths;
  • People from northern regions prefer to wear high boots or boots in winter. You can’t wear leggings and leggings over high shoes, you have to tuck them inside.

There are less problems with summer and demi-seasonal models of shoes. There is a single rule: sport models of jersey are worn under all sorts of sneakers, and more elegant (leather, suede, vinyl or with decorations) – under shoes, sandals or ballet flats. In this case the presence and height of the heel does not matter. Leggings look good under a stiletto and under the “low running” shoes.


Some people will find the question of what panties to wear under leggings ridiculous, but to someone – important. After all, these pants tightly fit the body, emphasizing every unevenness. Such leggings are best combined with seamless underwear or tiny thongs.

In this case, it is better to choose panties without lace, rhinestones and other voluminous decorations. The thin fabric of leggings will make such decorations too noticeable.

Particular attention should be paid to the underwear owners of light leggings. Here plays a role not only the model, but also the color of panties. Even miniature panties of white color can shine through a thin knit. The best solution for such leggings is a seamless “body” underwear.

Body shapes

It should be understood that most fashionable images with leggings, offered by designers and fashion designers, are geared toward beautiful long legs and an ideal figure. It doesn’t mean girls without an ideal appearance need to give up comfy pants.

What’s important is to know how to wear leggings full women so they look stylish and gorgeous.

There are a few simple rules, which it is desirable to observe the girls with magnificent forms:

  • Choose solid-colored models without bright and large prints:
  • It is desirable to give preference to darker shades;
  • choose denser tissues (thin ones can accentuate cellulite).

Otherwise, there are no restrictions for big ladies. They can wear leather, velvet or denim leggings, just like the “phytony girls”. Naturally, the tight black leggings will not change the size from XL to XS, but they can look very decent. Especially if you choose the right clothes to them, covering particularly problematic areas.

The easiest way for full women to wear leggings in the winter – a long down jacket or coat will hide all the flaws of the figure (even taking into account the tight combing on the leggings, which adds extra pounds).

When it comes to picking a wardrobe, you’ve got to think about psychological comfort too. Leggings emphasize the figure, so not every girl with extra pounds feels free in them, regardless of what she’s wearing. You can safely wear leggings with any clothing if you don’t have any issues with your weight.


In today’s world individuality is valued, so the best solution for a fashionable image is uniqueness. It is enough to dilute the usual look with original accessories, and the outfit will play with new colors. But for the rest you can wear leggings with almost anything, the main thing is to feel comfortable and appropriate in a particular situation.

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