What To Wear With Jodhpurs Pants?

Galifé pants are one of the attributes of women’s closet, now returning to the streets. This model was originally designed as a men’s version and remained the domain of military fashion for a long time. This undeservedly forgotten style became fashionable again when casual style with dance subculture elements came back into fashion. These pants are a staple in the closets of stylish fashionistas worldwide. What to wear with the pants, and how to create a feminine look?

Giorgio Armani Galifé Pants

White pants galifes

Combining Elements In The Right Way

Fashionable waist pants are characterized by an expanded part on the hips and tapered pant legs. A style like this can hide flaws in the thighs, or, conversely, can add volume to them. Due to this feature, skinny pant variants are suitable for girls with any shape and are a universal practical choice. It is noteworthy that these pants are perfectly paired with almost any style. Winning combinations on their basis can be created with the following closet elements:

  • Turtlenecks with a tight silhouette;
  • with fitted jackets;
  • business shirts;
  • T-shirts.

The main rule to keep in mind when using breeches – they look harmonious in combination with fitted clothes. Since this style itself is quite extravagant, it is also recommended to combine it with things of monochrome colours and restrained colours. Summer pants of this type are perfectly combined with all sorts of shirts, T-shirts, shortened tops, sportswear models.

Black pants galifes

Waist jeans

What Shoes Go With Jodhpurs

Fashionable leggings are an all-season solution for women’s closet. Models differ in type of fabric and design, but look equally effective in summer collections and in winter and demi-seasonal images. Designers usually pair them with flat-soled shoes or low, stable heels. Such models look good with tractor-soled boots of medium height.

Cropped waist pants

Often, fashionable designers present shirting trousers in the most feminine versions: stylish shirting with a zipper, pockets cut originally, and other decor at the waist and hips. Also, designers are actively experimenting with the height of pants: overstated models in women’s collections look especially stylish and trendy. With such solutions it is quite appropriate to wear high heels. To make the skinny pants look presentable, choose low-heeled shoes. Great for this purpose with booties and shortened shoes.

Summer pants galifes

As pants of this cut are most convenient for sports, outdoor activities and walks, they are often used with sports shoes: slip-ons, lightweight sneakers or loafers. Such a tandem can look quite stylish and effective, if the style of the shoes fits the style of the pants. However, it should not overload the image with unnecessary accents. With regard to the galifes the following rule works: they are the main element of the image, the other details should not distract attention from them.

Waistcoat pants made of metallic fabric

Who Is It For?

The question to whom do the popular bellows go, you can answer with confidence – to every woman. Today this style is so popular that it is fully represented in every style, from business to sporty. Seeking to hide figure flaws and show it at its finest, it is imperative to pay special attention to the fabric of the product:

  • Thin knitwear can accentuate problems in the thigh area;
  • Dense monochrome suit fabric visually makes the figure slimmer;
  • Light summer fabrics combined with a wide cut of pockets and draperies emphasize the femininity of the silhouette.

Since the pants are strongly narrow, they should be worn carefully by women with non-ideal ankles. In this case, wearing high heels: half-boots and summer versions of boots is recommended.

Galifé pants with paisley print

Galifé pants in a casual look

The classical rules about colouring a product also apply: light shades can visually increase the parameters of a figure. In contrast, darker shades can be used to disguise its flaws. Prints for season 2022 are rarely used. Fashion designers focus on the complexity of the cut and creative design of pockets of the proposed models. Black waistcoat pants are a win-win choice for women of any build, age, and social status.

Galifé pants with waistband

Despite the universality of the cut and the fact that it suits everyone, you should carefully treat the models with great draperies on the hips. Such modifications look spectacular visually, but can add extra centimeters and weight to the image. Such solutions look feminine on girls with a fragile build, when the waist and shoulder line are accentuated correctly.

Waistcoat pants with print

Galifes are as relevant and in demand today as they were in the 80’s, which saw the peak of their popularity. This is an excellent choice for both everyday looks and dressy sets. The main appeal of this style is its convenience: correctly selected size allows you to maintain freedom of movement and provide maximum comfort.

Pants galifes gray

Based on the classic galifes you can successfully create the most extravagant images, skillfully playing up their design with the appropriate accessories and other closet elements. A choice definitely worthy of attention.

Halifé pants with high waist

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