What To Wear With High Heel Sneakers

This year, the focus is on tall sneakers and sneakers, which haven’t been as popular since the 90s. But now they are a real hit! So, let me tell you what to wear high heel sneakers in 2022. If you don’t combine them correctly, your whole look can go from stylish to clunky in one step. See below how fashionistas and street style stars wear high heel sneakers.

What to wear high heel sneakers within 2022

In 1917, Converse introduced its All-Star basketball sneakers, the world’s first tall sneakers. Then, more than 100 years later, the model became iconic, inspiring other brands to create their versions.

There are several clear trends and favorites for spring and summer 2022. High-top sneakers have a special place, along with beige sneakers and classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sailcloth models. High sneakers are one of the biggest trends in the sneaker world.

From season to season, the popularity of sneakers grows, so the models get better and more diverse. After years of absolute domination of plain white sneakers, we were looking for something new and a departure from the usual.

The “ugly” sneakers, combining thick soles with unusual color combinations, were first a favorite. New Balance models competed with them. At the same time, the popularity of another significant trend – retro models with a modern twist – increased. Nike, Adidas, and Reebok redesigned some of their most popular sneakers, and sneaker brands Veja and Saye conquered us with retro-inspired sneakers.

As part of the retro sneaker trend, Nike Air Force sneakers appeared on the fashion scene and quickly became the most coveted fashion accessory in every trendsetter’s closet. A new movement was born – high heel sneakers and sneakers are a hit again!


what to wear basketball sneakers

The popularity of high models is confirmed by popular sports and sneaker brands and famous fashion houses and designers. Tall sneakers have found their place in almost every collection, from high-end to the high street.

The fashionable spring and summer of 2022 bring a continuation of the tall sneaker trend, and there’s no shortage of great models.

The most coveted list includes Celine’s new CT-02 high-top sneakers and an exciting model signed by one of the best new-generation fashion designers, Jonathan Anderson, for the JW Anderson Ami Paris brand.

The list of most coveted, of course, includes sports favorites Adidas Forum and the new Nike high-top sneaker models that started it all.

High Heel Sneakers Nike

The Nike Air Force high-top models were just the beginning of a new trend. Soon we saw hip-hoppers’ favorite sneakers everywhere in the images of celebrities and trendsetters, on the street, and in fashion magazines. It seemed like the high heel sneakers were the new hit sneaker model we were all waiting for.

High Heel Converse Sneakers

Converse sneakers are shoes that never let you down when you don’t know what to wear. There’s nothing better than betting on jeans, a thick-knit sweater, and a classic trench coat. In summer, you can replace the shirt with a white t-shirt, and that’s the perfect look in record time.

These can be as basic as they are unobtrusive, or they can be the star of the look. They can be paired with jeans or a couture dress.

How To Wear High Heel Sneakers With Jeans

Did you know that you can make many combinations of jeans and sneakers? That’s something that fashionistas know all too well. To always feel comfortable, they invent stylish outfits that fit any occasion.

With A Maxi Dress

The chic shock is high heel sneakers with a long bright dress. The minimalist style would also be a good idea to be on trend, but don’t give up on bold colors—green light on all spicy colors such as saffron, pepper, and curry. A long dress – a dress-front dress – should be with a pattern, such as stripes.

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With Trousers

Who says you have to exaggerate to be modern? Pay attention to simple but stylish combinations. Sneakers combined with comfortable and practical pants are the perfect combination that can be worn at all times, at any time of the day. You can add a maxi or shoulder bag for everything you need.

With A Skirt

Want a chic yet casual look? Wear a skirt in a pastel shade, such as pink or powder blue. Complement the image with a short jacket, maybe all-white, which you can easily combine with white sneakers. Accessorize with a shoulder bag.

With Short Dresses</H2

A short dress and sneakers are the perfect combinations for summer. It’s comfortable, stylish, and an easy way to wear clothing and sneakers.

With Blazer And Blazer

The urban jungle wants you to be ready for anything, so you have to feel comfortable. So sneakers are welcome. For an urban look, wear loose pants, a blazer, and many accessories: a big bag, a belt, and even a hat.

With A Leather Jacket

Take a leather jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. Add sneakers, and you’re done. Pay close attention to colors and patterns. Add accessories that complete the look.

With Joggers

Joggers remain on trend.

With Shorts

Shorts can easily fit into any image – from sporty to classic. They can be short, to the knee, and below. And they are easy to combine with sneakers.

Black High Sneakers

These are the perfect sneakers to wear with long and midi dresses, shorts, jeans, jumpsuits, ankle-length pants, and wide pants (yes, that 90s trend is coming back), with jackets and pleated, long, or linen skirts.

Tall White Sneakers

The most basic Converse model, the white, thin-soled sneakers are a classic that can’t be missed. Because of their versatility, year after year and season after season, they are a “must have” and continue to be seen as a trend, although they have long been an integral part of the perfect capsule closet. And the main characteristic of this model, the biggest compliment that can be said about them, is that they always look good.


Patterns With High Heel Sneakers And Sneakers


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