What To Wear With Gray Jeans: Photo, Popular Images And Tips From Stylists

Jeans are a basic element of the everyday closet. Today they are allowed even in the workplace, they can be worn at parties and celebrations. Pants gray suit any image, perfectly combined with bright and pastel colours, low and high heels. To always look stylish and modern, it is imperative to choose the most flattering shade and combine outerwear and shoes competently.

Features Of Gray Jeans

Jeans should be in every closet. It is a fashionable and versatile option for every day, which can be paired with virtually any outfit. Using the same model, you can complete a romantic or strict image for a walk, office or photo shoot, while looking harmonious in all situations. Grey jeans are worth buying for several reasons:

  • Practical colour – these pants can be worn even in rainy weather;
  • Versatility – they will go with any colour scheme;
  • easy care – quality jeans do not lose their appearance even after repeated washing;
  • Ability to wear with any type of figure.

Both women’s and men’s gray jeans can be found on sale. This closet piece is considered basic and versatile, so it is advisable to have several pairs available.

What To Wear With Gray Jeans

Gray jeans come in a wide array of styles. It can be a simple solid-colored model or a bright model with pockets and patches. In the first case they do not create an image alone, but complement it. More complex and original models are recommended to wear with a monochrome top to avoid creating unnecessary accents in the image. The simplest options for office and leisure are tops and T-shirts, blouses and jackets, cardigans and sweaters.

Look with a cardigan

Modern fashion is designed for comfort and convenience. A cardigan is a warm free-cut cape that you can wear in the off-season instead of a coat. It perfectly combines with skinny jeans in gray, boots or sneakers. There are both simple monochrome and bright cardigans with prints, ornaments, large pockets and other decorative elements on sale. Combining them with a light top or blouse, simple pants and any suitable footwear is recommended. Monochrome capes are suitable under bright blouses, sweaters, voluminous scarves or headbands, and catchy accessories.

Combination with a blouse

Pants with a blouse is a classic option for the office. Today, business etiquette allows you to wear jeans, but choosing boring and uncomfortable suits is okay. A white blouse, including with decorative sleeves, will suit for a job interview – this image will never cease to be relevant. Style experts recommend replacing the white colour with soft pink, blue or beige. A small floral ornament or any other discreet pattern is acceptable. When walking and resting it is best to wear a bright, contrast shirt in blue, burgundy or mustard shades – they attract attention, but are not too loud.

Option with a jacket

Business style is not without a fashionable jacket. Gray pants are perfectly combined both with strict black styles, as well as with contrasting shades. You can pick up a jacket of pastel color (blue, yellow or pink) for spring and a shoe in the same color. You can combine gray jeans with any of these images. Another option to have in the closet is a white jacket – this looks bright and stylish, and is allowed for any event.

What Shade To Choose

Gray is not necessarily a boring and inconspicuous look. Designers recommend different shades of gray, from the lightest to almost black. The most effective way to determine which one of them will suit your figure and overall style is to take the model you like for a fitting. But there are a few tips on picking the right shade of denim to look as spectacular as possible.

Light gray models

Light gray jeans are more suitable for summer looks. Close-fitting and loose versions of lightweight fabrics – the foundation of any style. They are suitable for girls with any figure, without highlighting its shortcomings. In addition, this shade is combined with bright and pastel outerwear.

Light gray pants made of thick denim with an high waist are the season’s trend. They can be combined with winter shoes, voluminous sneakers, sweatshirts, and shortened tops. This option is suitable for the office, and very practical for walks and everyday life.

Dark gray jeans

Dark gray jeans are better combined with deep and warm colors, and they will be indispensable for creating a winter cozy image. Bordeaux, beige, brown, emerald and other colours are perfectly combined with dark pants. They are suitable for full girls who want to visually reduce their hips. In addition, this shade looks good against swarthy skin at any time of the year.

Black and gray models

Dark gray pants, whose colour is close to black, can be combined with any clothing. They look favorably with both bright and pastel, as well as with black and white blouses, tops and sweaters. These models are not easy to care for, because the colour can wash out with the improper washing. Dust, wool, and stains are clearly visible on this fabric, so wear them carefully. It is recommended to wash them inside out, with mild powders and a gentle cycle.

What Shoes Go With Gray Jeans

Jeans can be worn with simple sneakers, warm boots and high-heeled sandals. For each of these images, you’ll need to choose a particular model of pants.

Sneakers – a comfortable option

Sneakers are one of the most popular types of casual footwear among teens and young adults. They are comfortable and suitable for both the summer heat and the off-season, as well as for active walks. The combination of jeans with sneakers is considered optimal, and the pants can be any style. Suitable here are both narrow models, as well as voluminous boyfriends. As outerwear, pick up a contrasting shirt, jacket or denim jacket, or a simple white top will do.

Sneakers – shoes for every day

White sneakers are not going out of fashion. They have long ceased to be an attribute of sports style, now they can be worn with a classic coat or a comfortable cardigan. Many employers allow sneakers for the office, so they can safely be combined with strict shirts. Gray jeans are excellent under shoes of any colour and will not detract from the bright accents.

Sandals for the warm season

Summer sandals are easy and comfortable. Jeans can be combined with any model and color. Under them you can wear shoes with low or high heels, with open or closed toe, as well as any extravagant options with rhinestones, sequins, ribbons and other decorations. In addition, stylists advise not to be afraid to combine wide pants with sandals on a high platform – such an image will be appropriate for walks in the park and for photo shoots.

Shoes – simple and stylish

Shoes with a small heel will be useful for every day, for rest and work. Gray jeans suit all colours, and as a basic variant it is worth to pick up elegant pumps in black or red. Lacquer models do not look so good with denim, but they can be complemented by a strict jacket or a bag in tone. Suede shoes are no less practical and also look spectacular.

Who Is Suited To Different Models

The main advantage of gray jeans is that they can be used to correct flaws in the figure, and they can also emphasize its merits. Properly selected pants will suit slender and obese girls with wide or narrow hips. It is imperative to know your body type and to buy basic closet items responsibly, especially jeans.

Jeans with high waist

There are not many girls in gray jeans with a high waist who look at them in that way. This model, though it seems universal, is only suitable for those who can boast a thin waist and voluminous hips. In this case, they can emphasize the advantages of the figure:

  • accentuate the slim waist;
  • visually elongate your legs;
  • accentuate the breasts.

These jeans may not suit girls with extra centimeters in the stomach area and with narrow hips. In the closet, they can also be found, but the tight and shortened tops need to go.


Boyfriends are a model for young girls with any figure. They are voluminous and do not constrain movements, though they are often made of thick fabric. They can be safely combined with any voluminous shoes, including sneakers and shoes with a massive heel. As outerwear it is recommended to take a loose T-shirt or sweatshirt, a shirt with a large print or a cardigan. Jeans such as these can even be worn in the office if you choose simple and not too bulky models without pockets, patches, and other decorative elements.

Skinnies are a versatile option

This model is not only for girls with an ideal figure. As they are tight, but do not constrain movements, they are also suitable for work and outdoor activities. They can have a high or low waist, are often made without additional jewelry and are useful as a basic element of the closet. Sandals with thin straps, warm winter boots, sneakers, and voluminous sneakers can all be worn with them. They can be worn with long blouses and loose cardigans to correct the figure.

Slim fit jeans

Skinny jeans are a popular style for girls and women of any age. Because they are combined with loose and business styles, they can be worn with blouses and jackets. In addition, you can choose not too light shade, so they look like a part of a formal suit. If you replace the blouse with a bright top, you can wear them to the park or a party.

Looks With Gray Jeans

Images with gray jeans can be strict, gentle or bright, while remaining comfortable. It’s enough to choose the right top and stylish accessories to emphasize the desired style. Every girl’s closet will find things that match the simple gray denim shade.

Gray and white top – simple and understated

A restrained image will only work with basic gray jeans. You can add a light accent with a basic white top or shirt to avoid the clothes being too monochromatic. In cool weather it can be set off by a jacket or cardigan to the tone of the pants, as well as light sneakers. A white scarf is a basic and original solution, which perfectly combines with the gray colour scheme.

Gray top – monochrome option

If you combine the right shades of gray, this colour will not seem boring. Jeans are ideal for wearing a sweater in a tone decorated with a small pattern or figured knitting. A gray T-shirt with a bright print will be useful in summer. In addition, a monochrome set of pants and outerwear is a great opportunity to show eye-catching beads, pendants, earrings or a scarf.

Black and white top, or how to play on the contrast

The black and white colour scheme is a basic element of business style. It is enough to find a white blouse or a simple shirt and wear it with a black classic jacket. Modern fashion trends allow you to dilute this image not only with lacquered shoes, but also with voluminous coloured sneakers and a backpack. The accessories will determine whether to wear to the office or for a walk in such an outfit.

White top – a bright option for special occasions

A white blouse, top, or sweater is a win-win. It is suitable for the modern rhythm of life, when you need to be at work in the morning and have time for training and a friendly meeting. With gray jeans, white isn’t overly strict, but still appropriate for the office. Such an outfit looks great with simple shoes, sneakers and classic pumps.

Black top – a fashionable and practical image

Grey jeans with high waist, a dark top or sweater, colourful backpack and bright sneakers – a variant for every day. If you remove flashy accents and replace them with monochrome shoes and a bag, you will get a stylish set for the office. In addition, a dark looks good on girls of any figure or with dark or fair skin. Wearing it with long a dark hair is not recommended, but this combination is also acceptable.

Gray jeans can help you quickly create an image suitable for any occasion. If you have them in your closet, you can use them as the main element. With them you can create a huge number of outfits:

  • with classic shoes, clutch, loose blouse and soft cardigan;
  • with voluminous sneakers, a large-knit sweater or a sweatshirt with large pockets;
  • Grey denim with scuffs, a T-shirt with a print or a sweater under the neck;
  • boyfriendgirls with a tight top, solid colour or with any image.

There are many different types of pants in fashion, but the most important thing is to match them to your figure. You can be bold, find flared jeans, and wear them with sandals on a wedge and large jewelry. Today it is possible to choose clothes not according to fashion magazines, but according to individual preferences and body type.

Stylist Tips

Every girl wants to be stylish not only at events, but also in everyday life. Gray pants are useful in any situation when you need to look good for work or leisure. Stylists know exactly how to wear and combine the gray shade of denim:

  • with blue, pink, beige and other pastel colours – it can be a blouse, shoes, bag, scarf or coat;
  • with black and white – a variant for strict business style;
  • The look of total grey – the top can be selected a few shades darker or lighter;
  • Bright and animal prints are the original bright accent, which is partially compensated by gray pants.

The stylists’ job is to dress the girls appropriately and comfortably. You can wear the clothes you like, taking only the dress code at work and various occasions into consideration. The only advice of the fashion stylists is to try not to combine gray pants with gold inserts; for the rest you can trust your own taste.

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