What To Wear With Fashion Turtlenecks For Women

Beige turtleneck with extended vest

History Of Turtleneck

The turtleneck, a sweater with a collar that covers the throat, gets its name from the word “diver. Divers wore it in the 19th century to protect the neck from the touch of an iron suit. Then the comfortable and practical turtleneck was adopted by freestyle wrestlers and later by aviators. It was only in the second half of the 20th century that the turtleneck first appeared on the catwalk.

Bordeaux turtleneck and fringed mini skirt

The famous French couturier Pierre Cardin released a line of ready-to-wear women’s clothing, the “highlight” of which was the turtleneck. The appearance of aviators’ clothing and turtlenecks could not but cause a furor at the time and condemnation from fashion critics. Nevertheless, the turtleneck came to the taste of most fashionable women. They happily began to buy the turtleneck sweaters and wear them without taking them off.

Black turtleneck with a red leather skirt

Over time, the turtleneck’s position in the fashion world strengthened: it was used in their images by the guys in the Beatles, the model Twiggy, and later by Andrei Mironov’s character in the movie “The Diamond Arm.”

Turtleneck and jumpsuit

The turtleneck has become a favourite among people who love comfort and style. This position has been managed to maintain to this day.

Red knit turtleneck

Turtleneck These Days

Originally, the turtleneck was made only of synthetic materials. Today, many designers find turtlenecks made of more noble fabrics: silk, knitwear, wool, and cashmere.

Noodle turtleneck

It is also possible to notice the play with styles and combinations.

So in many designers it is important to combine a turtleneck and a shirt in one image. That is, a turtleneck is worn under the shirt, which looks quite effective.

In addition, there are versions of elongated turtlenecks, turtlenecks with voluminous necks, with different inserts, cuts and other kinds of designs.

The turtleneck is a must-have in every fashionista’s closet, especially this winter. However, what model to choose and how to combine it with other clothing items is also a relevant question. Let’s try to figure it out.

Strappy top over a turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck Sweaters: What To Wear?

The turtleneck is a universal thing. It can be worn with any clothing and in different styles. Here are the most current combinations.

Black and white striped turtleneck

Turtleneck and midi skirt

A Midi skirt is a skirt the length which covers the knees. Combined with a turtleneck, such a skirt will create a uniquely elegant and discreet image. Choosing the right colour scheme and setting the accents is important.

A turtleneck of beige colour will suit perfectly to the gray skirt, and as accents you can add elegant mules or boots, as well as a beret and a backpack.

White turtleneck with black neck combined with an asymmetrical midi skirt

Turtleneck and mini skirt

A mini skirt, whose length is above the knee, can also make an excellent match for the turtleneck. Regarding colour combinations, you can either play around – pick up the appropriate shades of colour – or choose classic black or gray. Special attention in creating such an image should be paid to shoes: boots, clogs, sandals – all these will perfectly complement the style unity.

Turtleneck with a red miniskirt

Turtleneck sweater and flared pants

Pants flared have recently gained great popularity among fashionistas. Especially advantageous looks are a combination of such pants with a turtleneck. You can use shoes with a long heel or a platform as an accent.

Turtleneck Trouser with Pants

Turtleneck and puff pants

The timeless look of Audrey Hepburn from the cult movie “Funny Face” – black turtleneck and puffer pants – will always remain relevant. Perhaps this is the only image on par with the little black dress that does not require anything extra. Flat-soled shoes will do: ballerinas, mules, and boots. A leather jacket or a strict jacket will perfectly complement the image.

Turtleneck with puffer jeans

Turtleneck and dress

Layering is a trend that most famous designers have been using lately.

The turtleneck under the dress looks very effective. It is important to remember that the colour scheme here should be appropriate: if the turtleneck is a dark colour, it is preferable to choose a lighter shade of dress and vice versa.

Turtleneck under the dress

Turtleneck sweater and wide pants

Wide pants are firmly entrenched in the fashion world. They are mostly worn with blouses, tops and turtlenecks. And the latter helps to create a very sophisticated and feminine image: due to the voluminous bottom and a fitted top, it creates a luxurious contrast.

White turtleneck sweater with straight pants

Turtleneck and sweatpants

A turtleneck can be perfectly combined with sportswear. Sweatpants – sports pants are proof of that. Wear sweatpants over a turtleneck, complete the image with a sports jacket or a hat, and you are on top!

Lurex turtleneck sweater

Celebrity Turtleneck Looks

The turtleneck is very popular with the stars of world show business. We have considered the most successful star images with a turtleneck.

Turtleneck with ruffles on sleeves

Kylie Minogue

The Australian singer has always had impeccable taste. And her image with the turtleneck made the attention of the audience. Truly daring and, at the same time, restrained combination: turtleneck, miniskirt and fishnet tights, all in one colour – strict black. The star complemented the incredibly sexy look with dark glasses and a clutch.

Kylie Minogue in a black turtleneck

Selena Gomez

This star chose such an unusual but very effective combination. The singer wore a red turtleneck under the wool dress. We must say the image was successful. Firstly, it is a laconic and reserved style, and secondly, it undoubtedly has a novelty and zest.

Selena Gomez’s look with a red turtleneck


The charming pop singer is a fan of black. So the dark turtleneck and leather pants in tandem came to her liking. The star combined the image with accessories: a large chain on the neck and a gilded belt on the belt – simple but tasteful.

Black transparent turtleneck

Angelina Jolie

The inimitable Jolie also adores black, especially a black turtleneck, and especially in combination with black pants of a man’s cut. And no accessories – only the natural charm of the actress and charm. Perhaps, this alone makes the star’s image exquisite.

Angelina Jolie in a knitted turtleneck

Kate Moss

In the images of the supermodel, there is always a challenge and contradictions. And her image with a classic black turtleneck, ripped jeans, and a leather jacket can be considered a challenge. After all, one of the basic rules of fashion is to combine the incongruous, and Kate follows this rule unconditionally.

Kate Moss’s fashion look

Megan Fox

Simplicity is more valuable than gold. This is the rule the actress adheres to regarding her looks. And the image with the dark turtleneck and ordinary jeans can be safely attributed to this rule. Nothing extra, but how stylish and laconic. Way to go, Meghan!

Turtleneck as Megan Fox

Victoria Beckham

Style icon and wife of a world-famous soccer player, Viktoria has always amazed the public with her inimitable looks. And the cropped black turtleneck combined with a long skirt and boots requires special admiration. However, the star has not once become a recognized style icon, so every image of Victoria is perceived by fashion critics without much applause. However, the star is certainly worthy of applause.

Victoria Beckham Short Sleeve Turtleneck

Paris Hilton

Who else but Paris would take a risk and create a bold look? This time the socialite looked at a black turtleneck with open shoulders. And if you add a voluminous necklace on the neck and dark glasses, as Paris did, you get an unforgettable, elegant look.

Paris Hilton in an open-shouldered turtleneck

Pink jersey turtleneck

Shortened turtleneck with a summer skirt

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