What To Wear With Denim Shirt

Women’s Denim Shirts 2022 – Fashion Trends

Two main options were trending in 2021:

  1. The free cut of the masculine type 👚. Models like these are drapey rich indigo denim with flared sleeves and large patch pockets on the chest.
  2. Feminine and fitted to accentuate the graceful female figure. These models lack the usual denim details: double stitching, metal buttons, and zippers.

These and other models are sewn in lightweight denim, guaranteeing comfortable wear and an excellent fit. Denim with other fabrics inlaid on the front is perfect for the 2021 season.

This combination of fabrics adds a uniquely chic and uniqueness to the product and gives the freedom of fantasy to combine it with other clothing items.

denim shirt and skirt

Total denim look – stylish and comfortable.

Attractive, unusual styles in fashion this year. Cufflink sleeves and big collars are making a comeback.

How To Combine Different Shades Of Jeans In An Image

The denim shirt itself is something versatile and stylish. Here we should pay attention not only to the style but also to the color.

This year, designers have introduced a new trend of combining seemingly incongruous pieces from different styles: a denim shirt and a lightweight dress.

A sleeveless model with floor-length skirt pants in flowing fabric. Pretty print in tiny flowers and polka dots adds a touch of romance to the image.

The best combination is still denim to denim. In 2022, a big bottom and a cropped top will be fashionable. Use the guidelines below to pair it with other pieces in a suitable color scheme.

Pair it with other pieces in a suitable color scheme.

What to wear a black denim shirt with

The perfect fit would be a combination of a black shirt with gray skinnies, leather pants or leggings, and blue or white denim shorts.

It is acceptable to combine it with a straight-cut skirt, which is also great for office style.

What to wear a white denim shirt with

White denim pieces are not as expected but are in demand among fashionistas. They can be worn with classic or cropped single-color pants and pants of other styles and colors.

White denim shirts can be worn with classic or cropped single-color pants and pants of other styles and colors.

Depending on the season and functional purpose, they can be loose or fitted. Models in solid or lightweight fabric, plain or with different finishings – lace, embroidery, pockets, epaulets, unusual collar shape, knot on the waist.


The blue denim shirt looks spectacular, with jeans of different shades and slim leather pants. In summer, it can be safely harmonized with shorts or skirts and pants made of light material.

The perfect color combination would be a white, beige, gray, soft pink, peach, turquoise, blue and black. The fitted model looks harmoniously with the white skirt of lightweight fabric, and the shoulder bag on the thin strap makes a feminine and delicate image.


The blue denim shirt is a classic. It pairs well with blue jeans, as well as with black or brown straight or loose-cut pants, with shorts and skirts.

The blue jean shirt is a classic.

The leather bottoms will complement the look spectacularly and keep you warm in the cold season. During the fall and winter, you can wear a turtleneck in contrast or a slightly different color.

Summer would be appropriate to wear an unbuttoned shirt over a solid color top, T-shirt, or tight-fitting T-shirt.

How To Combine Different Styles Of Shirts

Since there are several denim shirts right now (they can be long or short, fitted or oversized, long or short sleeves), let’s pay special attention to this one.


According to the latest fashion trends, oversized shirts are at the top. Contrary to popular opinion, they do not overload the image; on the contrary, they add lightness and charm to it. Such models are worn straight and tucked one end to the bottom of the garment.


Longer than usual shirt looks spectacular with skinny jeans or leather leggings. This image visually elongates the silhouette and makes it slimmer.


Shorter shirts work perfectly with high-waisted bottoms, like jeans or palazzo pants. Combining the top with the base can create a unique and memorable fashion look.

So, this season, not only short shirt models are used, but also regular shirts, tying them in a knot at the waist to visually elongate the legs.

Short sleeve shirts

Shortsleeve shirts are the most relevant in the summertime. They go well with T-shirts, tops, light pants, or denim shorts.

What To Wear With A Denim Shirt Dress

The variety of styles of these dresses allows them to be stylishly combined with many items of clothing. For example, you can wear a shirt dress made of denim with a turtleneck and massive boots in the cold season or strappy sandals and a straw hat in the summer.

Such dresses are worn with leggings, high boots, cardigans, and booties, or simply with a thin strap at the waist and open-toed sandals with no other frills. It’s easy to create a stylish look!

Denim Shirt Looks 2022

Photos of a selection of stylish images for your inspiration.

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