What To Wear With Corduroy Pants

Corduroy does not crease much, does not form unnecessary folds, is practical to wear, warms in cold seasons, and looks stylish. If you do not have corduroy pants, hurry up to buy them. And I’ll tell you what to wear corduroy pants in 2022.

ideas with what to wear corduroy pants in 2022

In 2022, many designers opted for corduroy for a good reason. The fabric looks practical and luxurious. The variety of styles of pants made of it allows you to choose a model according to your taste and figure.

In fashion are the pants that have returned from the past, with them culottes and palazzos. Also on trend are the sports pants which are a favorite of denim lovers, like the bananas, skinny jeans, moms and carrots, and the classic variant.

Worn in corduroy, such pants play with new colors. The main thing is to choose the fitting pant in terms of style and color, considering your figure.

And another thing: when combining them with other closet items, it’s essential to wear modern clothing not to cause others to associate them with a bygone era, such as outerwear suit jackets, leather jackets, and trench coats.

Wide Leg Corduroy Pants

Wide corduroy pants can be worn by women who want to as hidebeing not very slender, with whole legs or wide hips. Here it is essential to choose a size and soft fabric model. Such pants will not sit clumsily, attracting unnecessary attention.

I prefer soft corduroy pants with a bit of fleece, and it’s up to you to choose the welt size: fine or coarse.

Here are some recommendations for choosing wide corduroy pants:

  • Wide-shouldered girls can buy pants with vertical pleats at the waist to balance out their figure.
  • Girls who are overweight should buy models with vertical inserts, for example, made of leather. So the silhouette will visually stretch, and the figure will look slimmer and more feminine.
  • If you do not have perfect legs, never wear wide pants with elastic bands at the bottom. They will emphasize the irregular leg shape.
  • If you like a sporty style, have a look at joggers.

The length of wide pants can range from 7/8 or ¾ to as long as possible, covering the foot completely. Wear wide corduroy pants, preferably with a voluminous top.

You can wear a voluminous knit sweater and tuck it inside. Also, wear them with oversized shirts, vests, jackets, and cardigans.

Skinny Corduroy Pants

The advantage of corduroy is that this material is elastic, so lovers of tight pants can wear them with pleasure. They won’t squeeze, giving discomfort and restricting movements. No blisters will appear in the knee area after prolonged sitting in the same position.

Skinny models are worth choosing for girls without significant figure problems: overweight, disproportion. They only accentuate the problem areas of the body. But in dark colors, such pants will help to balance the figure’s proportions.

Wearing a light-colored top and dark bottom will help you “hide” your wide hips. If you want to draw attention away from the upper part of your body (big breasts, broad shoulders, straight waist) – wear light-colored pants.

Wear narrow models of corduroy pants with any top: top, t-shirt, t-shirt, tunic, blouse, sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, jacket, cardigan. The shoes are chosen based on the image: it may be sandals or shoes, as well as sneakers or massive platform shoes.

Corduroy Bell Bottom Pants

Clash is back in fashion, so this model will also be relevant in corduroy. Expansion in pants can start from the top, thigh, or knee. The transition can be both smooth and sharp.

Wear them with tight tops, turtlenecks, fitted blouses, shirts, and oversize sweaters. Preferably shoes with a stable heel or wedge heel.

Cleats look best on slim girls of average height. If you want to hide your imperfect legs, prefer a model with an extension from the hip.

Girls with short stature are better to opt for a model with a sharp transition to a placket from the knee. In addition, this model will visually lengthen the legs and emphasize the beautiful hips.

High Waist Corduroy Flare Pants

The high waist on the pants helps to emphasize the figure’s femininity, giving it grace. This model is more suitable for girls with beautiful, streamlined hips.

A big plus of pants with a high waistline is that they visually increase the length of your legs. The pants style can be tapered, vast, or placated.

Wear high-waisted pants with tops, tank tops, shirts, and shorter sweaters.

Classic Corduroy Pants

Classic style pants add charm and elegance to an image. Usually, such models are sewed from material not very bright colors (colors are typically restrained) without adding any decorative elements. An addition to these pants may be an overstated fitting line or a shortened length of pants.

Classic pants suit almost all women, and it’s the most effortless style to combine with other clothing items. They’re easy to pair with a shirt, blouse, jacket, or sweater.

Velvet pants are good in both bright colors and pastel shades. Corduroy looks best in the following colors:

  • black;
  • white;
  • gray;
  • bear;
  • brown;
  • red;
  • raspberry;
  • burgundy;
  • pure;
  • blue.
  • Wise by combining corduroy pants with other clothing, you can accentuate the beauty of your figure, hide minor flaws, attract the rapt attention of others, and become a style icon.

    White Corduroy Pants

    The dark velvet shirt with rolled-up sleeves is the perfect partner to white pants. Complete the look with booties and a shoulder bag.

    You can also wear them with a turtleneck and sneakers. White harmonizes well with bright colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment by wearing colorful sweaters, cardigans, and sweaters to white pants. As for shoes depending on the style of the pants, choose slip-on, loafers, sneakers, boots, and boots.

    Black Corduroy Pants

    Since black is the classic basic palette, making ensembles with black pants is easy.

    They look good with flannel shirts, knit sweaters and vests, denim, and a gray hoodie. A successful image is obtained with a white shirt and a plaid sleeveless jacket.

    Brown Corduroy Pants

    Brown pants harmonize with clothes in white and beige colors: turtleneck, tank top, crop top, t-shirt.

    Here are some successful looks with brown pants:

    • Classic pants, white shirt, black jacket, black pumps, or mid-heeled boots.
    • Flared pants, tight fitting top, black leather jacket, platform boots.
    • Bananas, black tank top, light-colored oversized shirt, tractor-soled boots, backpack over the shoulder.
    • Skinny pants, light-colored chiffon blouse, loafers, solid bag.

      Don’t forget the accessories: neck scarf, stoles, beaded choker, beads of different sizes, clutch, bracelets.

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      Beige Corduroy Pants

      Wear them with loose sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, and tops. Beige and white or soft pink and gray are a good combination. A white shirt or pink turtleneck, light-colored shoes, and a jeans jacket thrown over the shoulders are perfect.

      Green Corduroy Pants

      The emerald or olive pants go perfectly with a light-colored loose shirt, a loose gray jacket, and brown or black shoes.

      In the warm season, they also look good with light blouses and t-shirts; in the cold season, sweaters and sweatshirts in more saturated colors—mint, mustard, turquoise, and blue.

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      Blue Corduroy Pants

      A white, pink or blue shirt will go with them. Also, look good with long sleeves, turtlenecks, or cardigans in calm colors. An interesting tandem to the blue corduroy pants will make a bright pullover: fuchsia, lemon yellow, and wine.

      Blue pairs well with green. Dark blue and emerald green is a classic combination.


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