What To Wear With Bomber In 2022

Wear a bomber can be worn all year round. In winter – insulated version with a hood; in spring and autumn – lightweight models to protect against moisture and wind. In summer – a bomber windbreaker of light fabric. Let’s consider when, where, and what to wear a bomber in 2022-2023.

what to wear a bomber with
What to wear with a bomber 2022 – photo

Bomber Pilot Jacket – Top Trends For 2022

In the beginning, heavy bomber jackets were sewn exclusively from leather and were considered a unique garment for male visitors to the flying club. They reliably protected fans of heights and skies from the wind and cold in the cockpit.

Later they were already sewn in knitwear and other fabric. Of course, women couldn’t help but notice this exciting piece of clothing, and over time, they wore similar jackets as well.

For years, women’s bomber jackets have never “migrated” to the mezzanine as an unfashionable piece of clothing. In 2022, various models of bomber jackets again flooded all the fashion shows and store shelves. And no wonder they are comfortable, lightweight, practical, stylish, and beautiful.

Characteristics of the bomber jacket:

  • Short length.
  • Zipper.
  • Tight cuffs on the sleeves.
  • Elastic band at the bottom of the coat instead of the collar.
  • Pockets on the sides.

Particularly comfortable.

In 2022, the following models of women’s bombers will be the most popular:

  • Quilted.
  • Combined (and several types of material).
  • With floral, animalistic, abstract prints.
  • With patches and inserts.
  • Oversize style.
  • Buttoned instead of a zipper.

The variety of models allows you to choose a jacket to suit your style, taste, and price range. Wear them with sports tights, classic business suits, light dresses, jeans, leggings, skirts, shoes, and sneakers.

The main thing is to pair the jacket correctly with the rest of your closet. Fur, leather, wool, denim, suede, or polyester are the best choice for the cold season.

Leather Bomber

The leather bomber is also great for the cold season. It will protect you from the cold, wind, and precipitation. In addition, leather is excellent combined with almost any kind of fabric, whether it’s a wool trouser suit, timeless jeans, or a light, airy chiffon dress.

Winter Fur Bomber

The winter version of the bomber jacket made of natural or faux fur looks more like a bomber coat.

As a winter bomber lining, the inside can also be short fur. A short fur coat, with or without a hood, goes well with a turtleneck or sweater, underneath jeans, pants, or a knitted suit. As footwear, suit winter insulated sneakers or leather boots with a medium heels. Complete the image with a bag with a strap and a mini hat.


The fashion for quilted items has also affected the once straight bomber jacket. A quilted bomber jacket fits perfectly in the closet and can be worn with almost any type of pants, jeans, skirts, and dress.

There are a few good examples:

  • Dark blue or dark green quilted bomber, thin black sweater, light-colored slit maxi skirt, and black leather stiletto boots.
  • Short beige quilted jacket, white t-shirt, khaki cargo pants, leather lace-up boots.
  • Brown or grey bomber, white shirt, skinny blue jeans, beige suede boots.

    Long Coat

    The extended version is necessary for cold seasons – late fall, winter, and early spring. Their length is usually just below the middle of the thigh. You can wear such a model with jeans, leggings, a suit of pants and a jacket.

    An extended version can be worn with jeans, leggings, a suit of pants, and a jacket.

    Just last year, denim parkas were fashionable. Now a longer denim bomber with a hood and fur is considered stylish.

    In addition to keeping you warm and protecting you from wind and frost, the elongated version will help hide some imperfections. It hides those extra centimeters on your waist or hips and makes your silhouette more attractive.


    The Short Jacket Model Is A Classic. It Does Not Interfere With An Active Lifestyle, Move Freely Around The City Both On Foot And By Car, and Keeps You Warm In Bad Weather.

    Short Model Of Jacket.

    The short bomber for wintertime is sewn in polyester, suede, velour, velvet, fur, leather, and quilted nylon. It can be worn with straight-cut pants, palazzo pants, sports pants, and leather leggings.

    The short bomber can be worn with straight-cut pants, palazzo pants, sports pants, and leather leggings.

    From footwear, comfortable zippered or lace-up boots or uggs will look organic. A such variant would look better on a slender girl. They can be combined with pants, skirts of different lengths, and feminine dresses. Girls with a full figure should prefer elongated models or oversize styles.


    Oversized models keep you warm in bad weather and look stylish. Wear them with pants, jeans, dresses, and skirts. Oversize size allows you to wear a jacket or even a cardigan underneath, and a wide range of styles and designs will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

    With A Hood

    A bomber with a hood is the best option for the off-season. The presence of the hood can eliminate the need to wear a hat. In addition, the hood is often lined with voluminous fur on the inside, which is guaranteed to keep you warm during the cold season.

    Despite the variety of styles and designs, we can’t say that color doesn’t decide. Color does make a big difference when you’re putting together your look. See the best way to pair your jackets with various colors.


    The black jacket can be combined with any closet items. Black is a primary color and will always be in fashion.

    The jacket would look great with sun flared pencils, tulip skirts, booties, or stiletto boots.

    You can wear a turtleneck, shirt, or blouse as the ensemble’s top. A nice pair to the black bomber would be a beige midi or maxi length lap dress with side slits. Shoes would suit both boots with laces and graceful boots with heels.


    White bomber looks good with light things: turtlenecks, dresses, sweaters, and dark blue skinny jeans. It can be worn with black pants or suits: Light and dark contrast always looks great.


    The gray trench coat can be safely combined with light and dark things. The most successful option would be a gray jacket, dark blue straight-cut jeans, and black boots. Wear with it a pink turtleneck, black leather leggings, and black lace-up boots.


    Bordeaux bomber – for walking around town, meeting friends in the countryside, outdoor activities. Add a turtleneck sweater, blue or black skinny jeans or leggings, and solid-soled boots.

    Don’t be afraid to combine things of the same color. Bomber and pants can be the same color, but let the top be light – white, beige, soft pink.

    The bomber and pants can be the same color, but let the top be light – white, beige, soft pink.


    The jacket in this color can be paired with a skinny gray dress, skinny black jeans, or a light chiffon skirt. Also, it can be worn with a mini-skirt or shorts in a check. In any case, the image will be original.


    You can create a bold urban fashionista look by wearing a white tank top, a black leather mini skirt, solid black boots, and throwing a khaki bomber over your shoulders. Accessorize your look with the right accessories (jewelry, bag or backpack, and hat), and you’re sure to draw attention.


    A classic pantsuit with a fitted jacket in cool blue, gray, or black would look good paired with a beige bomber. Also, an exciting ensemble will turn out of a dark flannel dress or a beige jacket as the shoes could be shod with medium heels or feminine zippered boots.

    Red And Pink Bomber

    Blue boyfriend jeans, black leather leggings, navy blue knit dress, black shorts over tights, grey wool plaid skirt shorts, light turtleneck, and pleated midi skirt are all perfect companions for the red bomber. Don’t forget to add a little accent in a bright color, such as red glasses or lipstick.

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