What To Wear With Black Jeans This Season

Black jeans – a universal detail of the everyday closet. Women of advanced age appreciated pants’ ability to visually slim the silhouette, stretch the proportions of the body and hide excessive volumes. Any top can be combined with black jeans to create a stylish look every day.

Features Of Black Jeans

Fashionistas definitely have their favorite pants models that emphasize their owners’ legs. You can wear with black pants almost anything: even alone they will help to create several different looks by changing the top, complementing the image with bright accessories. The model is notable for its practicality, it is considered an indispensable element of the closet of urban girls.

Designers advise choosing jeans about the type of figure to hide flaws. Familiarizing yourself with style suggestions is advisable to avoid common mistakes that show your physique in a disadvantageous angle.

Which Model To Choose

You can obtain stylish images with black jeans by choosing the bottom and top based on the proportions of your body and your age. Young coquettes prefer tight models with slits, while older women prefer straight pants without decorations.

Owners of a tummy are advised to refuse boyfriends in favor of pants with an high waist. Jeans with a low waist are a thing of the past; models with a medium or high waist are in vogue.

With an high waist

Fashionable women demand jeans with a high waist. This model conceals the volume of the thighs and buttocks by tightening the body. The top choice is more careful when the issue with the figure: in this case, it is desirable to tuck in the front hem of a T-shirt or shirt, leaving her free to fall down. You can inflate the waist line with a small belly to reduce the volume visually.

With black pants and shirts of any colour. White blouses look business-like, shirts in bright checks resonate with street style. To stretch the figure, wear cardigans, completing the image with heeled shoes.

Fashion with a high waistline suggests wearing a blouse and t-shirt tucked into pants, otherwise the model is irrelevant.

With slits at the knees

Models of jeans with cuts at the knees are conquering catwalks, in other places there are no cuts. Stylish pants are paired with T-shirts or sweatshirts decorated with bright inscriptions. Young women tend to choose pants with shirts or T-shirts, and shoes without heels or sports sneakers.

What To Wear Black Skinny Jeans

The replacement for the classic pants will be skinny black jeans. It is recommended that the model chooses pants that fit her figure and not squeezing her.

For the office dress code buy pants with rips or scuffs, in the trend are monochrome models without decorative inclusions.

Tops are chosen at the company’s discretion, considering that there should be a harmonious combination of strict and open concepts. In the office it is desirable to wear a monochrome blouse or top, with a jacket or a voluminous sweater. Parkas, jackets or vests with fur will serve as outerwear.

Ripped Black Jeans

They first conquered the fashion podiums, and then – the hearts of stylish girls. Slits allow you to show off your bare legs, but stay covered. The number of rips depends on preferences. During the summer, these pants are comfortable to wear on a date or a meeting with girlfriends in a cafe. The final accent of the image will be brightly colored T-shirts and shoes.

Miniature girls are advised to buy jeans with vertical slits, arranged in parallel. As a result of the rule, the figure will be elongated while staying on trend.

Shoes To Go With Black Jeans

Stylish shoes under the black jeans will help to create a whole image. A girl will be able to experiment with the choice of a successful image by wearing different shoes with different pants.

Wear sandals or sandals with jeans in the summer and trendy sneakers in the fall. With the onset of cold weather combine pants with boots or boots with a heel.


Stylists recommend pairing the shoes with any style of jeans. The shoes are suitable for both skinny pants and boyfriend jeans. You can choose ballet flats, pumps or heels.

In the office dress code the combination of a snow-white blouse, black jeans and stiletto shoes is in demand. For a romantic look choose bright red shoes to add spice to the seductive image.


Bad weather in autumn is the perfect time to reshoe in stylish shoes that match the style of jeans. For everyday wear, boots on a thick sole without a heel are bought to fit pants with a straight cut fit and shoes with elongated socks. For an urban outing try on boots with metal inserts and straps.


Sporty ladies gravitate to sneakers, actively promoted in fashion shows. The shoes look harmonious with straight, skinny jeans and boyfriends. Not recommended to wear sneakers with waist pants, classic or flared pants.

With so many choices of fashion designers, it is easy to get confused, but you should select the right model of black jeans. Complement your closet with tight and straight styles to pair with other things for outings and business meetings.


Straight trouser models balance the figure, and distract attention from the full hips and heavy pelvis. Thin girls are better off purchasing another style to not emphasize their subtlety.

Straight pants are successfully combined with blouses, jackets and cardigans. The option is chosen by fans of office style, gravitating to elegant images.

Tight skinnies

Tight jeans tighten the buttocks and emphasize the hips, giving the figure a sporty look. Extra pounds impose a ban on wearing frank jeans due to fashion demands for skinny beauties.

Skinnies are produced with an understated and overstated landing line, the length of the pant is often up to 7/8. Models wear shirts, blouses, jackets, and cardigans.


Tall ladies with voluminous thighs choose flared from the hip or knee jeans. Cut hides flaws, gives slim figure. Miniature ladies are lost in jeans klesh, although there is a variant of the combination with heels. Wear turtlenecks, blouses, cardigans or pullovers.

What Colour Can You Combine It With?

Fashionistas do not limit color schemes in the composition of images with black jeans. More often use black and white shades, create images based on gray.

Opt for a beige or nude palette if you want a summer look. For winter, look at tops in wine or chocolate shades. Denim shirts to dark jeans retain relevance for several seasons.

What Clothes To Combine With Black Jeans

The photo shows options for wearing women’s black jeans, combining everyday and holiday closet elements. A formal look of black skinny pants, a shirt and a white jacket looks flattering.

Choosing a top to go with the jeans:

  • Pants are combined with a shirt of chiffon or silk material, in winter it is replaced by a top of denim, complementing the image with a beige or steel cardigan.
  • With dark jeans wear coarse-knit sweaters. Choose white, sandy, emerald or pink tops.
  • To the skinny or simple pants suit the trend of the season – sweatshirts with catchy prints. It is desirable to accentuate with sports sneakers.
  • Jeans are worn with a monochrome T-shirt and a comfortable jacket in black, steel or blue.

A fashionable woman can wear jeans at work without unnecessary decorations or worn areas. Models with a straight cut or with a high fit will do. For a walk in the countryside, wear skinnies and a shirt with a vest.

Looks And Images

Taking black jeans as the basis of the image, they create sets of things for the work week, dates or walks. The pants are combined with blouses, T-shirts, tops, blouses or jackets.
Stylish Images:

  • For a romantic meeting try on skinny or flared jeans with a top or tunic in soft or bright colours. The image is complemented by a short jacket or vest with fur, choose shoes with a heel or sneakers.
  • A set of clothes in all-black colour will look slimmer, to balance the figure. To dilute the gloomy image, bring accents with a printed handbag or shoes with metal rivets.
  • For an evening out with friends, add lace blouses or T-shirts with appliques, silk tops or shirts to jeans. It remains to throw a leather jacket or jacket over your shoulders, try on high-heeled shoes and pick up bright accessories.

For a walk combine comfortable clothes, for the office stick to classic clothes of muted shades. A date or a fun party allows you to add spectacular details to the image.

Denim clothing is widely represented in modern collections. Dressing for next season suggests wearing pants with a high waistline, boyfriends, and straight and flared models. Classic pants length reaches to ankles, fashionable boyfriend length is 7/8 with lapels.

The universal black colour of jeans remains popular. Models with scuffs, cuts and fringes look stylish. Choosing narrow pants with plenty of decorative inserts and embroidery is wrong.

Stylist Tips

It is better to buy a smaller size jeans than bigger ones since during the wearing of denim pants inevitably stretch and become baggy on the figure.

If a fashionista has lush dimensions, it is better to refuse to buy pants with decorations or scuffs. By picking your style, make sure your clothing does not gather in folds at the knees.

Slim beauties choose jeans with a low-line fit. If you want to visually lengthen the legs try on models with an inflated fit.

Go to the store with casual shoes, and buy a pair of jeans. Under elongating models wear sneakers or sneakers, some styles are ideal for high-heeled shoes.

Black jeans took the first place in popularity among the most popular items in women’s closet. Practicality combined with comfort allows us to hope that elegant jeans will be relevant in fashion for more than one season.

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