What To Wear With Ballet Flats

If you are tired of heels, you can not miss the selection of fashionable ballet flats, which I have prepared. This spring and summer, they are on trend! I’ll tell you what to wear ballet flats in 2022.

Fashionable Ballet Flats 2022

Before looking at the selection of photos, I want to briefly summarize what kinds of ballet shoes are the most popular this season:

  • Classic. Models for life that will never go out of fashion in black, white, beige, or flesh-colored colors.
  • Buckle Ballets. The buckle allows you to give a more modern touch to your shoes.
  • Metallic – in metallic shades. The color gold and silver is on trend. These shades are common in street style and are perfect for adding sophistication to an image.
  • Printed. They are fun and will be a “highlight” even in the simplest outfits.
  • Ballet flats with a heel. They are suitable for both daytime images and evening dresses.
  • Bright. Suitable only for the most daring who want to play with such shades as orange, fuchsia, or green.
Ballet flats with open heels, pointed toes, and strap – the primary trend of this season.
Bright shades replace the usual classic and are ideal for spring and summer.

We choose them on weekends for long walks, and they are often our SOS solution on the dance floor when we need a break from high-heeled shoes.

Red ballet flats with pointed toes and straps.

Ballet flats are proof that classics can’t be beaten. However, sometimes we need a little inspiration in figuring out what to wear ballet shoes with.

Stylish beige ballet flats with a black nose – a popular model of the season 2022.

Ballet flats have always been synonymous with casual elegance, and they have been celebrated by French women who adore this shoe model, which is not surprising given that they are comfortable and, at the same time, appropriate for numerous festive events. Their popularity was also helped by Hollywood diva Audrey Hepburn, who wore them almost constantly.

With wide white pants and a black sleeveless shirt – a look for work and business meetings.
Bright shoes make the image more complex and exciting.
Small heel and narrow black nose – a fashionable model of ballet flats. Goes well with green pants.
A white blouse and straight jeans with beige round-toe shoes – a stylish everyday look.
Black ballet flats will suit a light summer suit.
Delicate pink shoes go well with the floral mini dress.
Decorative elements – chains, buckles, decorate monochrome ballet.
The round toe and small bow are neat detail that makes a simple look elegant and stylish.

Black Ballet Flats: Pointed, Square, Round Toe

Black is ideal for work and study looks. This season ballet flats can be in smooth or matte leather, with crystal or bow appliques.

Models of patent leather perfectly go with a strict formal image, ballet flats of matte leather are perfect for all-day combinations – from business to daily, ballet flats with zircon, beads, and rhinestones are ideal for going out, and simple combinations – for work.

черные балетки с круглым носом

White Ballet Flats

Skinny jeans, white pants, modern maxi length dresses – white ballet flats are perfectly combined with almost everything. They effectively and stylishly replace fashionable sneakers in many combinations. Denim shorts, sleeveless shirt, and oversized jacket combined with white shoes would be an excellent choice for spring and summer heat.

Beige Ballet Flats

More elegant than sneakers, more comfortable than high heels, and more graceful than loafers. Beige ballet flats proved to be the perfect choice for all occasions. For summer, choose models with woven details and leather.

Fashionable ballet flats with studs.

Leopard Ballet Flats

Leopard print is on trend this season. Such shoes can become the main bright detail of the image.

Ankle Strap Ballet Flats

ballet flats with heel straps combine the best summer shoes – beautiful, elegant, comfortable, and wearable. They are characterized by the heel strap, making them semi-open shoes. The front may end with a sharp spout or round, as in classic ballet shoes. This model will look good with skirts and dresses and jeans and pants up to the ankle.

Pointy Ballet Flats

A sharp toe visually makes the legs longer. This model looks elegant. You can wear them with jeans, wide pants and dresses.

Ballet Flats With Small Heel

New and popular models of ballet flats for the upcoming season are enriched with a mini heel. Although it’s a mini heel, only two centimeters, it makes your legs look longer and slimmer. A winning combination for all lovers of ballet flats, isn’t it?

You don’t have to give up your favorite shoes this spring, and in this new release, they perfectly combine comfort and practicality with elegance and chic looks.

Black Toe Ballet Flats

One of the most popular models in the last few seasons is the ballet flats with a black nose-mouse. They look like classic shoes and fit into elegant and feminine looks.

Square Toe Ballet Flats

The square toe is a fashion trend for 2022-2023. Square-toe ballet flats will fit perfectly into the office address code and casual looks.

Jeans And Ballet Flats

Choose straight-cut jeans, and use a small belt to indicate the waistline. The main thing is that the jeans should be a little shorter. Ankle length is ideal! This is where many people mistake combining ballet flats with baggy or very tight jeans.

Dress With Ballet Flats

The length can be midi, ankle-length, or above the knee. Make sure the top of the dress is snug enough to make the figure look harmonious.

Ballet Flats With Shorts

ballet flats and shorts go well together. It is better to choose shorts with a high landing and in the form of a trapeze. This model will visually make your legs slimmer and longer.

Skirt And Ballet Flats

ballet flats with a skirt are ideal for the summer look. The skirt can be any – long, mini, or midi.

How To Combine A Bag And Ballet Flats

Handbags and ballet flats can be the same color (shade) or the same style. For example, if you wear beige combinations of clothes, spice them up with brown ballet shoes and a greenish bag, which will be of the same skin type as the ballet shoes.

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