What To Wear With A Lace Top: Summer And Evening Options

The lace top is a beautiful model which is suitable for many occasions. An elegant and beautiful top like this can charm any girl.

Today women’s tops are becoming part of the business closet, especially paired with a pencil skirt, gray or dark suit, a floor skirt, or skinny jeans. Style experts suggest pairing a top with an empire waist with a monochrome dress, refreshing the usual image.

You can wear a lace top any time of the year, although summer days are more suitable for this magnificent detail of your closet. There are many women’s images with lace tops of various styles and colors that look relevant because lace always looks feminine and sophisticated.

A lace top can look different: with an open back, high waist, with rhinestone trim, with or without sleeves. It can be short or long, with straps, with decorated bottom or even transparent… It can be made from different types of lace or crocheted.

Holiday And Everyday Options

For a holiday, pick up a black lace top with trim. Wear a more modest model crocheted with cotton yarn in beige, white, or blue for work.

A red top with a high waist creates the image of a passionate, sexy beauty, which will be just right for a romantic date or a summer party. A long blue top with trim can be safely worn with jeans or a floor-length skirt. It’s a classic combination.

An exquisite lace top will help create a luxurious, romantic, or liberated image, depending on your desire. It has another advantage – it perfectly combines with many closet items – long and short skirts, classic pants, and even a business suit.

Of course, it should be understood that a cropped top (short model with a high waist) is hardly suitable for a business environment. But for a summer walk, a party, a vacation, or a vacation in the countryside, a crop-top complete with a floor-length skirt will be ideal.

What To Wear?

In the office, the blue top can be worn with a suit or pencil skirt, creating an unusually attractive sets.

The same situation applies to lace blouses in other neutral shades. In summer, a sleeveless cropped top can be worn over a monochrome dress, for example, white.

A white silk lace top combined with a strict jacket, a dark blue suit, or a dark cardigan looks formal but still festive. This will make your image more light and charming and give it a special note of originality. You can also wear a top crocheted from linen or cotton thread.

White Top For Summer Heat And Fun Parties

In creating any set, white is the color of purity and openness. In the opinion of stylists, it is a white lace top with trim – a model to buy for any girl, especially during the hot summer.

A win-win evening set – a lace top with a satin skirt to the floor. The top can be decorated with contrast trim. Casual variant for summer walks – colored skirt to the floor with a long top. Silk strappy tops are recommended to wear with jeans.

If you can boast of a flawless figure, choose a cute cropped top with a high waist, perhaps with long sleeves for contrast.

Chubby girls should not give up lace tops. Believe in the beauty of your figure. Down with the standards! Choose beige, red or blue lace models with trimmings in a set with jeans to emphasize the beauty of your forms. You should, however, avoid models with a high waist. Choose tight models with long sleeves if you don’t want to show off your arms.

Red Is A Classic

Red top – a chic evening model. Red top with an open back. An elegant pencil skirt or a dark-coloured business suit would look great with it.

A red silk top with straps and an open top looks unusual and incendiary. Such a model can be worn with a dark pencil skirt. Do not rule out a set with a white dress. An interesting finishing touch for a red top is a crochet flower of a contrasting shade.

Universal Case – Beige Or Blue Lace Top

An evening or office top in beige or blue is a great option. These models are great with a pencil skirt and jeans. They can be worn with a dress or a skirt to the floor.

If you have long dreamed of an outfit the color of the sky, the blue lace top is your chance to realize your desire. Believe me. It will not gather dust on the shelf. You will wear it on both weekdays and holidays.

In summer, you can make an intriguing set of a white floor dress, and a blue crochet cropped sleeveless top.

Lace Top With Your Own Hands

If you’ve had the idea to crochet a lace top with your hands, it’s time to make your long-held dream of a lace designer top come true! The blue crochet top looks modern and pairs well with a dress (as a vest), pants, or a floor-length skirt.

There are many interesting models of crocheted tops, including long sleeves and high waist, with decorative trim (crocheted flowers) and open back.

Cropped Tops Are The Hit Of The Season

A model with a cropped top, an unusual style with a high waist. The top can have sleeves or be open at the top – many options.

Until recently, the cropped top seemed to be the destiny of fashion models but it is gradually becoming increasingly popular. Girls with excellent figures wear a crop top in the hot months, and in the cold season, use it as an interesting closet detail to decorate an outfit (for example, combined with a long dress or suit).

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