What To Wear With A Guipure Skirt

One of the advantages of guipure is the expressiveness of delicate lace pattern. On the other hand, the image created by guipure clothes can be worn not only in the evening, but also every day. And with a more careful approach to the choice of accessories – even business.

Guipure skirts, irrespective of their models and styles, can be used to correct silhouette flaws and enhance a woman’s beauty.

What Guipure Skirts Have To Offer

Before choosing a guipure skirt, you should carefully study your body shape and determine its type. This way you can maximize the selection of a suitable model and protect yourself against unsuccessful images. Skirts, made from openwork fabric, have a number of advantages, for example:

  • A very wide range of products, thanks to which you can wear them at any time of year – hot summer, cold winter or rainy autumn;
  • Guipure skirts are relevant to everyone, they look great as little girls and teenagers, as well as older women;
  • are perfect for a variety of occasions – from celebrations or festive events and ending with a beach vacation.

The variety of colours, textures and patterns of guipure, as well as styles of skirts, allow you to choose the right option for any figure.


Lace skirts are suitable for all women. Regardless of body shape, age or hair colour they will look very stylish. You may wear fishnet skirts to create a casual or business look, complementing your items and accessories in a restrained, classic manner. In the guipure skirt, you will not be hot, even if you walk around the city in the sultry afternoon, without any wind.


The most interesting models often use bold combinations of guipure with other materials. Especially interesting are pleated fabrics. An openwork design combines silk or satin, denser guipure – with velour, linen, denim and other modern materials. Due to the luxurious lining, the guipure skirts look very impressive. The play of light and shadow enhances the impression. A kit with a guipure skirt may include a wide shirt, sweater and various blouses. A heel is better for the opulent styles of shoes.

Ability to wear at any age

Women of any age can look very stylish in a guipure skirt.

For the youngest fashionistas, there are puffed layered skirts, and older ladies prefer simpler styles. They often wear skirts with guipure inserts

Never goes out of style

The guipure skirt has firmly taken its place in the modern woman’s closet. It is considered one of the favorite everyday items in countries with hot climates, and can also act as a holiday attire. Fabrics that are open are constantly being refined and changed. New guipure fabrics appear:

  • Connection of guipure and knitwear. When sewing garments made of this material there is no need for lining or special covers. You can experiment with styles and complement them with various decorations.
  • Guipure on satin. New stretchy double-layered fabric that does not crease, it is dense enough to hold its shape. It can be decorated with rhinestones, beads or sequins. It is used to make stylish wedding and evening dresses.
  • Guipure stretch. Used for sewing lace underwear, tight-fitting dresses.

The most expensive types use gold and silver threads for decorative finishing patterns. In cheaper materials, rulex, a synthetic thread with a metallic coating, is woven to improve the appearance and give rigidity.

Many variations and styles

More and more often guipure skirts are worn with blouses of the same material or vests, shirts. This creates the visual effect of a dress or suit. Girls put them on not only for an evening out, but also for the most solemn events – weddings or birthday parties. Look for original items made of printed guipure with leather inserts. It is made from a delicate guipure macrame that is used to make expensive and elegant clothing. You can also use it for trimming, additions, and small details. Designers successfully use this fabric in various styles, which are suitable for tall and slender women and for women who are full-figured.

Good corrective qualities

With the help of a puffed skirt with numerous pleats and ruffles you can balance out the massive shoulders, typical for the “inverted triangle”, or to divert attention from the waist area for girls with the “rectangle” type of figure. By choosing a correct model and skillfully trimming, you can visually remove extra centimeters and hide “excessive” volumes. Skirts with long guipure will conceal the flaws of the legs, while a tonal gradient of warm and cool shades of guipure will help to create the desired silhouette.

Who Is It For

Short, graceful teenage girls and very similar adults look fantastic in short skirts, whether dressy or made in a sporty style. Women of medium height and tall wear flared pieces of guipure most of all. And ladies of athletic build with a broad shoulder line should certainly pay attention to the trapeze styles.

Large girls with full hips like tulip skirt style, a few inches below the knee or slightly above, long models will not suit them.

What To Wear Them With?

The most universal length, suitable for almost everyone, is considered midi. Such a material skirt will not only make the image more elegant and the figure more slender, but also fully demonstrate the beauty and texture of the fabric. Guipure skirts for the full should not have pleats or folds at the waist since this increases the volume of the body. A longer vest made of lighter material will be very appropriate. A tanned girl in a fishnet skirt and a snow-white pullover with a V-neck will look very elegant.

Summer lightweight T-shirts, tops with short sleeves or without them will suit the pastel-coloured half-solvent style of these simple T-shirts. But if you add a jacket of rough denim and boots of thick leather, the style will change, the image will become rebellious.

What to wear a guipure pencil skirt with

One of the most popular models is the guipure pencil skirt. It does not require any accents in the form of trim or decorations. You just need to choose stylish accessories. The skirt is worn with light cashmere sweaters, cotton shirts, smart silk blouses.

What to wear a guipure flared skirt with

For a flared skirt, the principles in selecting additional items are about the same as for a half-split skirt. Light guipure blouses may be made of a more delicate and thin fabric than the fabric of the skirt. This product looks more restrained and suitable for everyday use. In a set with it, thin wool turtlenecks, women’s blouses with long sleeves, and only tie-bow decor are suitable. Both options are office-inspired, if you choose jewelry that matches the classic clothing style.

What to wear a bell skirt with

This style allows you to hide a heavier bottom in women with a “pear” figure and emphasize the thin waist of an “hourglass”. The choice of blouse or blouse determines the overall style of the image. It can be simple and strict, close to the classic or elegant, delicate and romantic. You can still look stylish in a lightweight denim jacket.

Tutu skirt

The name of this guipure skirt suggests its elegance and airiness. Most suitable for young slender girls, coquettish and extravagant.

In addition to openwork, things are worn cropped tops, tight-fitting T-shirts and even corsets.

Skirts with guipure inserts

For those who want only partially to diversify their closet with guipure fabric, it is possible to use it as inserts. They can be different in width and arranged horizontally or vertically on the product. Side inserts look interesting. Skirts of bright shiny fabrics of rich red or green hues are suitable for black guipure inserts. In this case the set includes a close-fitting blouse of the same black colour.

Where To Wear

The guipure skirt is suitable for any event if you create the right image with the top, shoes, and bag. Minimalism is the fundamental principle, followed by elegance. As with the bag, costume jewelry should be discreet and simple.

As for shoes, you should pay attention to pumps or boots with thick soles. If the colours are simple, it will be much easier to make the image pleasing to the eyes, this is also one of the rules of this style.

Of the classic combinations, a guipure skirt paired with a chiffon blouse is worth mentioning. This allows you to look sharp at corporate events. With strict blouses, wearing guipure skirts with an uneven edge is recommended. This paired with a sweater, a strict blouse or a thin turtleneck will allow you to look irresistible both on a romantic date and at any party.

In some cases, you can use a traditional long skirt along with a narrow or semi-fitted top. This outfit is suitable for weddings and receptions.

Proper Care

Guipure is a delicate fabric, and to take care of it you have to follow some rules:

  • The temperature during the wash should not exceed 35°;
  • Only mild detergents are used;
  • Guipure can only be washed by hand;
  • After washing, the skirt should not be wrung out, it should dry by itself.

Some skirts are machine washable. Pay attention to the label, it usually indicates how the product can be washed.

Fashionable Outfits

The guipure skirt is worn with a variety of things. Do not hold back your imagination, you can safely experiment. Guipure is often worn over a layer of dense fabric, allowing you to create more spectacular images.

Girls who do not want an abundance of lace may like small guipure inserts. The skirt base can be knitted, silk or made of other fabrics. Separately, it is worth highlighting variants with saturated inserts. They are located at the waist, hem and sides.

You can add a jacket, different models of cardigans, a bolero to the skirt in winter and autumn. It is desirable to choose light colors. The main thing is that the image should be soft, gentle, calm, without sharp contrasts.

At the hip, you can create a stylish and seductive image. You need a pleated skirt, shoes, preferably beige or pink. It is better to choose a more gentle shade. To the image you can add a brown or black classic bag.

To sew a guipure skirt with a lining, you can use the following technique:

  1. On the table face up cloth-base (lining).
  2. In the same way, lay out a guipure on top of it and pin it with pins at 10 cm intervals.
  3. Determine the middle of the product according to the pattern of fabric.
  4. The pattern, prepared in advance, is imposed, adhering to a certain midline.
  5. Next, you need to outline the contours of the skirt and darts.
  6. Cut out, leaving a margin of about 1.5 cm.
  7. Sweep directly on the table, then sew on a sewing machine.
  8. Then stitch in a zipper.
  9. The cut is processed oblique straps of the main fabric, their width 3 cm.
  10. The belt is usually made with hemmed hem and oblique stitching.

It will not be difficult for an experienced seamstress to draw the markings on the fabric without a pattern. This very simple sewing and quick pattern for a guipure skirt can also be used for other fabrics.

Useful Tips

To properly compose an image, stylists recommend to pay attention to a few simple things:

  • Lace clothing is not combined with fishnet stockings and other similar elements;
  • In some cases, the lace complements the lace, but many people may not like this approach;
  • pearl accessories help to make the image romantic, while silver and gold make it sophisticated and modern.

It is not difficult to sew a guipure skirt with your own hands. Even a beginner can cope with this work. The main thing is that the size of the product corresponds to the parameters of the figure. The cut is usually very simple.

The guipure skirts are a sample of minimalism. All the most beautiful images can be seen in this style. You should also consider this style when choosing your closet. It is better to include several skirts made of different types of guipure, from the most elegant to the most austere.

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