What To Wear With A Fluffy Tutu Skirt

Until not so long ago, tutus made of tulle were the attribute of true fashionistas. The article of clothing itself is more than two hundred years old, but from its very beginning it was a dancing attire worn by dancers and ballet flats. It is light and graceful, allows free movements, reveals beautifully shapely legs, and is made for performing dancing pas in.

Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirt with a sweatshirt

On the stage, this article of clothing is just perfect, the tulle skirt is perceived as an integral part of the performance. For this reason, until recently, girls did not wear tutus every day. And there is nothing surprising about that. In the sewing process thin translucent fabrics are used (often chiffon, mesh, tulle), so go out on the street in such extravagant outfits can be risky for even the most fashionable women.

And yet today we see more and more women wearing tutu skirts of various designs. The length of this piece of clothing can vary dramatically (skirts can be very short, such as a supermini and long, which we call a romantic maxi).

The execution of such a closet also varies: there are single-layered skirts (numerous small folds give the volume) and layered. Girls love to wear multilayered tutu skirts, in which the subsequent top tier is shorter than the previous one.

Tulle Skirt

Blue tulle skirt with sweater

This type of clothing is characterized by lightness, airiness, tenderness. A member of the fair-skinned group wearing such an outfit, will look vulnerable and fragile. For this reason, skirts are often made from fabric in pastel colours (yellow, beige, light green, pale blue and others). Unusual black and white tutu, do not forget to combine these colours.

Tulle Skirt

Who Are Tutu skirts For

Compared to other models, tutu skirts are categorical in that they are not suitable for both thin and large-figured women. Regardless of the length of the item of clothing, a beautiful and appropriate appearance can be created only if the girl is slender (her type of figure is rectangular or hourglass, and the woman herself is maximum 35-40 years old). The skirt won’t look good on an older woman, even if she has a flawless figure.

Tutu skirt made of tulle

Short tulle skirt

The only exception is for young girls. The tutu skirt looks adorable on both, skinny and chubby girls. And girls immediately turn into adorable princesses, characterized by tenderness and touching.

Harmonious Combinations

It’s time to figure out what to wear a puffy skirt with. The distinctive feature of tutu skirts is that they themselves are a decoration of each outfit. If you wear an element such as this, you can boast a bright and distinctive appearance. Therefore choose the accessories for such combinations very carefully.

Tulle Skirt

Blue tulle skirt with red shoes

As a tutu will not remain without the attention of others, its top should be laconic, single-layered, monochrome and calm. There is always a harmony between the skirt and the chiffon or knitted top, the T-shirt, or thin turtleneck. To be bright, glamorous and sexy, do not deny yourself a lace jumpsuit or openwork corset. To create a sophisticated image a stylish leather jacket will not hurt. Short jackets in this situation are also appropriate.

Stockings and tights for tutus must be flesh-colored or match the skirt’s color. It should be the same if it is black.

For the image of a rock star, wear short skirts combined with leggings, pantyhose in an unusual colour or tight jeans.

Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirt with black sandals

Shoes for the tutu can be very different. Shoes with low and high heels will be appropriate. An extraordinary girl can afford to ignore stereotypes and wear a tutu skirt with lace-up boots.

Win-win Options

  1. Unusual catchy print or relevant logo, slogan on a T-shirt will go perfectly with the tutu.
  2. Fashionistas love sweatshirts with skirts. At the same time sweatshirts can be monochrome or printed. Instead of them, you can give preference to a tunic. By the way, a black short skirt with a nude looks chic.
  3. For a non-boring image girls choose shirts: plaid, denim, with crazy prints.
  4. Short tops are still ultra-trendy. With a tutu they create a brilliant duo. Just don’t forget that colours should always be in harmony with each other.
  5. There is such a misconception that to the tutu skirts it is necessary to stock up on stilettos and ballet flats. You can, of course, but it is not a prerequisite. Now it is fashionable to experiment with the image, “spoiling” with sneakers and sneakers. You can get a style a la princess of the big city.
  6. Short tutu skirts are not just for the hot season. Black miniskirt and tight black tights can please you with a stylish look even in the cold season. But, frankly, walking this piece of clothing is not on a frosty street, but indoors. For example, Fashion Week or other fashion events – not a bad reason to show off in a tutu.
  7. Love the provocation? Try to combine regular jeans with a tutu. Of course, skirts for this purpose should not be too short, but they should slightly reveal the jeans.
  8. Street style will be ideal if you complement the image with a massive necklace, a conspicuous belt, many different bracelets or a small conspicuous handbag.
  9. The most relevant models at the moment are considered skirts slightly below the knee. As you can see, we are not talking about short models here, but exactly of medium length. In fashion, as always, the classic black and white colours and pastel shades.
  10. Although in our ultra-democratic time no one will criticize short skirts. Maxis also remain relevant. And bright, cheerful shades are probably never considered old-fashioned at all.

Tulle Skirt

Beige tulle skirt

Black fluffy tulle skirt

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