What To Wear With A Dress In 2022

what to wear a combination dress with

What to wear a combination dress with – fashion trends for 2022

Dress Combinations And Trendy Shades For 2022

The trendy color of 2021 was deep blue, but in 2022, all shades of gray and bright yellow are the most popular 💛🖤.

According to well-known fashion publications, the following colors will also be in fashion all season long:

  • Beige
  • Turquoise
  • Sky-blue
  • Purple.
  • Green and its shades (mint, sphagnum, pepper, etc.).
  • Saturated orange.
  • Terracotta.
  • Coral.
  • Bright red.

The choice is wide enough, so you can feel free to wear clothes in these shades or dilute ensembles of the standard color palette with bright accents of these colors.

What To Wear

In the past, the combo dress was considered a garment for going out, but now it quickly and confidently broke into everyday life. With bold colors, lace trim, bright prints, and various styles and materials, it’s easy to create the right look for almost any occasion.


The black 🖤 dress is a versatile option for any occasion. Coco Chanel said every woman’s closet must include a little black dress.

It can be paired with a white t-shirt or blouse, a gray turtleneck, a leather biker jacket, a pink jacket, a multicolored cardigan, a voluminous sweater, or an oversize shirt. Any of these options will look advantageous 💯.

Even without extras, a black lingerie-style dress will look spectacular and elegant.


White 🤍 refers to the basic color scheme. Choosing the right clothes for a white combo dress is not difficult.

A successful option is to play on contrasts: white combined with bright shades of yellow, mustard, blue, red, or green. A snow-white dress looks harmoniously with a beige or powder jacket, black turtleneck, and gray cardigan.

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Beige looks advantageous in combination with soft pink, peach, metallic gray, dark brown, purple, gray-purple, silver, and gold.

A complementary piece of clothing could be a t-shirt, blouse, jacket, jacket, jacket, or coat. A combination dress with a loosely slung stole across the shoulders may add a romantic touch to the look.


Red is a catchy and eye-catching color. Therefore, the red combo dress is easiest to complement with a black or white jacket or jacket.

A good combination is red and graphite. A cozy gray cardigan will perfectly complement the look of a red combo dress and black shoes or stiletto sandals.

The red cardigan is a good match for a red combo dress and black stiletto sandals.

The combination of red with brown or green looks interesting.


The blue linen style dress can be successfully complemented with a white straight-cut shirt, a black leather jacket, or just a wide white belt.

If you want a bright look, complement the blue dress with bright yellow or pink clothing.


The gray dress can be safely combined with clothes of black or white shades.

Gray looks great with soft blue, turquoise, mustard, pink, fuchsia, purple, burgundy, orange, brown, and dark green. You can wear a t-shirt or turtleneck under the dress and get a simple but stylish look.

If you don’t want to look too “layered,” you can throw a shirt, jacket, or cardigan over your shoulders.


Green can be quite “capricious” in combination with other shades. It would be interesting to see a green dress combination with a brown jacket and black shoes.

With a beige shirt worn over the dress and tied in a knot at waist level. Another great idea would be to team a dark green dress with a soft pink blouse or an oversized lavender sweater.

How Should Dress Fit In Length

The combination dress is sewn chiefly with a straight cut but can also extend to the bottom. In addition, it may have slits and unusual drapery and be complemented with lace and a belt. All this should be considered when composing an image for this or that occasion. An important criterion is also its length.


The floor-length dress is more suitable for an evening outfit. It can be any color from white and silver to dark gray or black, but it will look spectacular. An open back or high neckline on the side of the hem can be a striking accent.


The midi length is also great for creating an evening look.

A midi dress in beige or grey satin paired with elegant shoes and a long-strap purse is perfect for a romantic date.

To “subdue” the romantic look, you can wear a monochrome shirt of one of the basic shades over the dress. Such an outfit would be suitable even for a business meeting. Midi length suits women of almost any age and build.

Short mini

Short lingerie style dresses look playful and sassy. But it’s worth noting that these models are not suitable for everyone. Girls best wear them with a slim and trim body shape.

A dress in this style is unlikely to help hide any flaws, even with corrective underwear.

If you don’t have any problems with your figure, you can safely wear it as a standalone closet item or combined with a light chiffon blouse, cotton shirt, thin denim, or leather jacket.

The footwear can range from dainty sandals or shoes to sneakers, boots, or massive boots.

What To Wear In The Summer With Satin Dresses

A satin slip dress is more appropriate in the hot summer weather. It can be worn not only for a walk or formal events but also at work.

The main thing is to respect the principle of color combination and suitable length. In addition, for such clothes, it is better to choose excellent seamless underwear so that its outlines are not visible under the dress, and the image does not seem vulgar and inappropriate.

It would help if you chose good seamless underwear so that its outlines were not visible under the dress, and the image did not seem vulgar and inappropriate.

Combining A Dress With A Blazer – How To Do It

A light, flowing dress combo is excellent with a blazer. If the jacket is monochrome, the model can be with any print.

If the jacket is single-colored, the model can be with any print.

The look is complete and harmonious with the proper footwear and complementary accessories.

Combining A Dress With A Shirt – How To Do It

The shirt can be worn either under or over the dress. In addition, it can be fitted or loose, in an oversize style. It looks like an exciting combination of this model and the shirt, tied with the knot at the waist.

Combining A Dress With A T-Shirt – How To Do It

Fashionistas often experiment by wearing a t-shirt underneath or on top of a dress.

This way, you can get a new and original ensemble every time, which is suitable for office weekdays and informal events.

Wedding Dress – How To Put Together A Look

The wedding combination dress looks exquisite and sophisticated. The dress length for such an important event is usually chosen midi or maxi.

A wedding combination dress looks exquisite and sophisticated.

Stretchy fabric accentuates the beautiful curves of the bride’s slender figure and makes the look romantic and weightless. Simplicity and elegance are how the bride will be remembered by all invited to her party.

The beautiful neckline, weightless shoulder cape, sparkling hair comb, and ankle-brace shoes will help complete the look.

The look can be completed with a beautiful neckline, a weightless shoulder cape, a sparkling hair comb, and ankle-brace shoes.

The extra eye-catching elements of a dress might be lace, an open back, a neckline at the hem, or a long train.

What Shoes To Wear With A Dress

The shoes for a lingerie style dress are chosen according to the time of year and the length of the product itself. There are no explicit restrictions on this m, so that this dress will look great with sneakers and sandals with thin laces.

It can be worn with slim or wide-heeled shoes, booties, high boots, or even slippers trimmed with fur. But be sure to consider the other elements of the image so as not to overload it.

The other elements of the image should not be overloaded.

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