What To Wear With A Denim Shirt

Moving from the category of workwear to a stylish thing, women’s denim shirt has taken a firm position in the basic closet of urban fashionistas. You can see that by looking at the fashion shows of 2022.

The simplicity and versatility of the denim shirt leave no one indifferent. It will be pertinent in summer and winter, work, and festive events. You can make interesting images with a denim shirt, combining it with dresses, skirts, shorts and pants. And the shirt itself can take the form of a jacket, tunic or top. This versatile and versatile piece will help to create a bright image in any style, from romantic to business.

The most important thing is to choose the right cut, which will emphasize the figure and help to hide all its flaws and decide on the texture of the fabric and colour. In general, choose the shirt that is perfect for you. And then it remains only to know with what to wear in a denim shirt to make your unique image.

How To Choose A Denim Shirt?

Even the most thought-out and spectacular images will lose their charm if the outfit does not sit well on the figure. Therefore, when choosing a suitable style of shirt, you should consider the parameters and peculiarities of your figure.

Lucky women with an ideal figure can afford any option from the wide range of denim shirts. A tight-fitting body shirt seductively emphasizes all the curves and shapes of the body. Slim girls can safely choose a shortened model without worrying that the edge of the tucked-in shirt may pucker.

Girls with rectangular shape types should prefer shirts with a fitted silhouette and originally designed basque. This style will add volume to the chest area and emphasize the waistline.

Girls of large sizes should consider models of a free straight cut. An elongated straight silhouette shirt combined with a dropped sleeve will help you look slimmer and hide all the flaws.

In 2022, designers are betting on femininity. Instead of brutal cut and rough seams came neat pockets, shaped flounces, miniature buttons, and delicate trim. Not uncommon were women’s jeans shirts with embroidery and lace or cotton inserts and decorated sleeves. Such shirts will look gentle and feminine on any figure.

In addition, the rounded bottom of the shirt, thin trim and minimalistic accessories will give the silhouette additional slimness.

Do not forget about the sleeves. They play an important role in the creation of the image. Both wide and narrow sleeves will be in fashion in 2022. Long straight sleeves look good. Tucked up to the elbow, they would give an image of lightness and carelessness. A shortened narrow sleeve of length “three-quarter” look very graceful. And to make the image more delicate and feminine, lace or embroidered cuffs will help.

A denim shirt is an outfit that gives free rein to experiment. The same shirt can be played up in different ways. Throw it over your shoulders like a jacket. Tie the corners of the shirt under the chest, adding to the image of sexuality. A casually rolled-up sleeve makes it look relaxed and casual.

Such versatility of things made of denim does not negate the question: with what to wear a denim shirt? Despite the lack of clear rules for wearing a denim shirt, it is still necessary to listen to the recommendations to create a stylish image. Choosing the right combination of women’s jeans and shirts with other closet elements and complementing the appropriate footwear, unusual accessories will look bright and attract admiring glances every day.

What To Wear With A Denim Shirt

Women’s denim shirts – a universal thing that can be used to create any image. The variety of styles, textures, sizes and colours makes it an indispensable element of the closet. In 2022, stylists recommend wearing a denim shirt:

  • with the dress;
  • with a skirt;
  • with leather pants;
  • with leggings;
  • with shorts;
  • with things made of denim.

Denim shirt with dress

In this combination, a denim shirt acts as a jacket, so it should be left open or carelessly tied with a loose knot. You can wear it with casual monochrome dresses and airy chiffon outfits. Simple and stylish images can be created by combining a black dress of simple cut and a shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

Women’s denim shirt is a great addition to short dresses, especially made of lightweight, airy fabrics. Supplementing the image with a small handbag or backpack and sandals, you get a casual option for a warm day. For an evening out, it’s enough to change the shoes for elegant shoes and add bright accessories.

Long maxi dresses have been gaining in popularity lately. And 2022 will be no exception. A feminine dress and a denim shirt combine to make the image bright and free. Shoes with a small heel or wedge heel will be a great addition to the outfit. A dress with a puffed skirt will pacify a fitted cropped shirt. A straight shirt with a free cut will suit perfectly to the long dress in boho style. Complement the image with sandals and a hat with margins.

For the dress, you can pick up denim shirts in classic shades and fashionable in 2022 pastel colours – sand, mint, and soft pink. Remember that shirts of bright colours will look good on a dress of calm tones. And a white and black denim shirt can be a complement to any outfit.

Denim shirt with a skirt

A denim shirt is a great addition not only to dresses. Its combination with skirts of different styles and colours creates various options from extravagant to office style. You can wear it by buttoning all the buttons or throwing it on top of tops and shirts.

A pencil skirt will help to create a business look. A fitted short shirt with long straight sleeves, which can be tucked into the skirt, is the best fit. Classic high-heeled shoes will complement the image.

The combination of the shirt with a multicoloured chiffon skirt or other airy fabric will give a feminine and tender image. Both long and short skirts are perfectly combined with a denim shirt.

With a miniskirt, you can compose a playful image. A short white skirt is perfectly combined with a denim shirt in classic colours. Adding romance will help with a floral print or a small pattern. A wide belt will emphasize the waistline.

If you need a brighter evening option, consider a lace miniskirt. Throwing a denim shirt over a tight top will give you a bold, sexy look.

Denim shirt with leather pants

The combination of denim and leather appeals to bold and daring girls. Even though in 2022, the delicate feminine style comes to the fore, this image will find its admirers. Narrow leather pants and a black denim straight-cut shirt with rolled-up sleeves are made for each other. They create a look that is casual but also provocative. The shirt can be oversized, creating a voluminous top. A girl in such an outfit will be the center of attention. Daring, sexuality and independence attract the attention of all men.

A bright shiny top will add chic to the image. It can be short, exposing the abdomen. Large, massive and even aggressive accessories will add the finishing touch.

Denim shirt with leggings

A beautiful option that will suit both petite girls and girls of larger sizes. In 2022, as in previous years, this outfit will be at the peak of popularity. Wear leggings with an elongated free-cut shirt. The denim shirt in this combination plays the role of a tunic, so its length should reach at least to the middle of the thighs. The classic version is a light-coloured shirt with buttons and black leggings. As a rule, the shirt is thrown over a T-shirt or top and worn uncovered. Complement the casual look with a bright scarf, ballet shoes or boots. This combination will be appropriate in summer and winter throughout the year.

Denim shirt with shorts

The combination of a denim shirt with shorts can be beaten as a casual or evening summer look. A shirt was casually thrown on a shiny top, mini shorts, heels, and bright jewelry will be a suitable outfit for a summer party.

A long shirt can act as a cardigan. And the long sleeve can be twisted. Combined with short white or beige shorts, it will help create a clean, eye-catching image. Black shorts will look good with both dark and light shirts.

A shirt with shorts can be worn over a tank top, buttoned up, tucked in or left off. An interesting combination would turn out with a tied at the waist shirt. The sleeve can be short or long.

Depending on what style you adhere to, under the shorts, you can pick up almost any shoes: sandals, shoes, sneakers, shoes and even sneakers.

Denim shirt with denim items

The denim set is a very practical and comfortable outfit for every day. True, it is not easy to create interesting and fashionable combinations of denim things. There are a few rules that will help in this difficult matter:

  • Narrow bottoms should be combined with a loose-cut shirt, puffed skirts and wide pants – with a fitted shirt.
  • It is necessary to combine fabrics of different shades with different densities.

An interesting combination is obtained by combining a denim bottom and a checkered shirt. Skinny girls can choose a small plaid, and girls of larger sizes should prefer shirts in a large plaid.

The variety of denim does not end with the classic blue, white and black shades. In 2022 designers advise paying attention to coloured denim shirts in pastel colours.

Women’s denim shirt is a stylish and versatile item. By choosing the right style and skillfully combining it with various elements of your closet, you get a lot of outfits suitable for any day, regardless of the weather. And fashion tips will help you always stay on top.

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