What To Wear With A Bodycon Shirt

The body shirt is a hybrid of the usual classic shirt and jumpsuit. Some models strongly resemble extravagant swimwear. The top of the shirt can be fixed in different ways: with buttons, Velcro, buttons and other types of fasteners. The shape of the bottom also pleases with a variety of forms: thong, shorts, classic panties, and tango.

The main difference between bodysuits and underwear and swimwear is the presence of a special fastener at the bottom of the shirt. The product can be fixed with buttons, buttons, Velcro and hooks.

Why Should A Bodyshirt Be In The Fashion Arsenal Of Every Woman?

Women’s body shirt is the modern embodiment of elegance of lines and perfection of forms. The specific cut of the product allows you to wear the shirt under any clothing (specially fitted styles). It is comfortable to wear the body: under no circumstances can creases or irregularities arise.

The shirt doesn’t restrict movement. There is no need to constantly adjust the clothes, worrying that the edges may stick out or not look aesthetically pleasing. As a rule, the top of the shirt is represented by cotton, silk, viscose. The lower segment of the product is supplemented with inserts of elastin or stretch. Underwear is not worn under the body. There is no need for that.

How To Use Bodyshirts Properly?

Stylists recommend getting at least two or three of these products. They are well “included” in almost any look, please, with convenience and practicality. The body can be worn as a piece of underwear or used as one of the components of a complete image.

Who Does A Bodyshirt Fit?

Classic body shirt suits absolutely everyone. Correctly selected bottoms and accessories can correct the figure and make them look stylish and complete. As an independent clothing item supplemented only with minor elements, the body can safely wear only the owners of an ideal figure.

Girls with a figure of a “triangle” and “hourglass” can safely enter the body in the look as a central element of the image. As a rule, other figures require correction, so the body shirt is supplemented with various accessories.

Stylish Looks

Classic white body shirt is a perfect base for creating stylish, fashionable and feminine compositions. It can become the basis for a romantic image, complement a strict office look or bring harmony to an extravagant evening look.

Each girl has the right to decide what to wear her favourite basic closet item for herself. Virtually any combination can be a win-win.


A simple black shirt and denim shorts is a perfect “fashion duo” for girls with a good figure. The body fits the body to the maximum, revealing all the advantages of a trim figure. The shorts complete the image and further enhance the femininity and sexiness of the image.

If you prefer a more discreet version, the composition is “enriched” with a lightweight loose-cut cotton shirt. Also, suit a light chiffon blouse with a “flying” silhouette.

Creating a fashionable image with shorts and a shirt, you should pay special attention to models with high waists. Jeans and shorts of this style are now at the peak of their popularity. The body will perfectly complement the perfect cut and elegance of the product lines.


Jeans and body – this combination is considered the easiest and most comfortable simultaneously. If the figure is devoid of flaws, these elements can be combined as desired, not limiting yourself to anything.

Ideal is a laconic body and elegant skinny jeans with a high waist. Shoes with high sturdy heels will give a slim look and make your legs visually longer.

The combination of voluminous jeans and a subtle body makes the figure more feminine and fragile. Such a set looks well for everyday looks and will be appropriate for evening wear.

A solemn image requires expensive finishes. It is worth considering a top with leather inserts, guipure trim or embroidery. Very effective look models that mimic the corset. Jeans in such a tandem should remain discreetly neutral.


Combining a classic body shirt with skirts of all styles allows you to create a romantic and incredibly feminine image. The silhouette is especially seductive, light and sexy.
A pencil skirt and a strict jacket will give a look the right touch of severity. Also, fit a fitted jacket, but a cardigan will make the official style a little softer.

Very effective looks bodysuit with long skirts to the floor. If you try to choose the top and bottom in the same colour and similar texture, you can create an unreal stylish look for going out.

Fashionable Taboos

Effectively new bodysuits look with translucent skirts and jackets and stylish voluminous windbreakers, and ultra-short shorts. However, such a winning image can be forever spoiled by inappropriate shoes. The image is imparted with vulgarity and inappropriate sexual aggressiveness. In this case, the boots, shoes of provocative colours, and sandals with excessive “screaming” decorations. Another element that is better to forget about forever – is mesh tights.

Even a perfect figure, which you want to emphasize with the body, should be properly played up with other clothing items in everyday life. It is unacceptable to wear a bodysuit with pantyhose, giving up a more “solid” bottom. If you desire to experiment and create a provocative image, you can choose a transparent tutu skirt or a long transparent floor-length dress.

Body in the form of a shirt is an interesting trendy thing, which, like any other attribute of the modern closet, requires proper care and appropriate treatment. The universality of the model does not guarantee that the image can turn out to be unsuccessful. It would be best if you always remembered a sense of proportion and a “reasonable” image presentation.

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