What To Wear With A Black Skirt

In the closet of the ladies, there is always a pair of versatile basic things. One of these is a black skirt. The distinctive feature of this piece of clothing is the ability to create a win-win image in a matter of minutes. The deceptive simplicity hides the incredible practicality relevant to any style.

Black skirt

Black skirt with top

When choosing what to wear with a black skirt, it is important to be guided by its length, style and created look. The exception is the pencil skirt, appropriate in any image: business, romantic, casual and evening.

Styles To Choose From

Despite the severity of the colour, black skirts can look both modest and epatage. The accent sets the selected cut and material of the product.

The pencil skirt has rightfully won first place. The cut applies to any fabric, which is especially relevant in the summer heat or cold season. Strict and concise, this model can be worn with a blouse, jacket or with a bright top. Elegant and feminine looks in a black colour skirt – bell. A combination with a shortened jacket or blouse will add lightness to the image.

Black pencil skirt

The world catwalks appreciated the triumphant return of leather skirts of different lengths. In black, they look doubly modern. Wear such a variant to the office will allow the discreet top of pastel shades. For the celebration – a bright top with additional accessories.

Black leather skirt

Short lace skirts took a worthy place. Asymmetrical elements, draperies and inserts are welcome. Deceptively simple long black lace skirts will have a romantic nature.

Lace black skirt

The real trend of the coming season is midi with an inflated waist. Leading designers did not fail to offer casual options of knitted fabrics and evening ones – of satin.

Style Categories

To make it easier to determine what to wear in a black skirt, styles can be divided into three categories:

  • stern;
  • bright or spectacular;
  • romantic.

The first category, without a doubt, can be attributed to a pencil skirt. Intellectual active natures represented by students and office workers will quickly appreciate this model’s privileges. It also includes a black straight-cut skirt, pertinent for strict business events. To soften the primness of this model are designed high heels, and fitted jackets are used.

Black pencil skirt

The second category includes short black skirts. Choosing a mini of any cut, the owner should undoubtedly complement the seductive image blouse or a loose top. Courageous natures can experiment by adding sports elements like sneakers and T-shirts.

Short black skirt

The perfect example of the third category would be a skirt with a basque, sun-checkered, lace skirt. Possessing one of these models, you can easily create a retro look. It would also be interesting to wear a t-shirt and tuck it in or combine it with a shortened sweater.

Fashionable Images

A black skirt is always a win-win combination with a blouse. In cooler seasons, you can throw a jacket or vest on top. As for the shoes, the models on flat feet are appropriate.

Bold personalities are sure to love a contrasting combination, such as a black bottom with a red jacket. You can also play on the texture of materials: lace blouse and leather bottom. Accessories will add elegance to the image. A thin strap or beads belt can turn office clothes into an evening dress. Ruffles on the blouse will add charm, and large ornaments will add spice.

Black skirt

During the cold season, do not underestimate cardigans. Their straight lines will perfectly complement any style of bottoms.

A short black skirt and a shiny top are the best for the party. In addition to a pair of three different belts, you can safely experiment with evening dressing.

Lovers of monochrome style can take advantage of fashion trends and wear a turtleneck to the black bottom. Of course, you can’t do without elegant accessories, whether it’s a purse, a watch or jewelry.

Universal Solutions

Despite the many styles, there is a basic universal set of what to wear with a black skirt. To the office is ideal:

  • A light blouse with a small collar, which can be worn out or tucked in;
  • A thin turtleneck or a slightly shortened sweater in pastel colours;
  • Black shoes with a heel of any height, ballet flats, loafers. In the hot season, perforated boots and open toes are acceptable.

Black skirt for the office

Black skirt with a white sleeveless blouse

If the black skirt is used as casual wear, the following recommendations can be applied to the whole variety of options:

  • Black bottoms look more effective with a bright T-shirt or print;
  • The looser the cut of the skirt, the shorter the top;
  • Complete the created image accessories: wide bracelets, lightweight scarf, belt;
  • The shoes should be chosen without a heel. You can experiment with sneakers and espadrilles.

For a party or a trip to a restaurant, a black skirt will look harmoniously with the gold or silver colour scheme. Such an outfit will successfully complement: high heels, long earrings and necklaces, and thin bracelets.

Black models of skirts in a classic style diversify:

  • Lace elements, floral motifs;
  • Handbags on thin straps;
  • Elegant elongated earrings.

Black skirt for the evening

Black skirt with a white blouse

To add chic and brightness to an image, this is the right choice:

  • ribbons on blouses tied into neat bows;
  • massive jewelry;
  • bulky bags.

In the cold season, black midi and maxi will look the best. But here, it is important not to forget about the nuances:

  • A sleeve blouse or sweater must necessarily be long, otherwise violate harmony;
  • The longer the skirt, the tighter the tights. In other words, if the skirt is knee-length, the leg should be slightly transparent through the tights;
  • A versatile footwear option – boots with high cuffs on a stable sole.
  • It would be best if you avoid an abundance of accessories; one or two elements are enough.

Black maxi skirt


It is no secret that clothes tailored to the figure look much more effective. The black skirt is no exception. Even though the black colour slims you, it is worth considering a couple of valuable recommendations:

  • Wide hips will successfully hide a black skirt flared to the bottom;
  • A narrow cut with a low waist will visually hide the completeness;
  • The short length with an inflated waist will accentuate the legs, visually elongating them;
  • A skirt with bass or cascade will help to emphasize the waist and highlight the hips;
  • The “tulip” cut camouflages the wide waist, advantageously drawing attention to the hips;
  • A puffy cut will emphasize the femininity of the hips;
  • Flowing long black skirts will come to the rescue of owners of thin legs. Such an elegant version will emphasize the smoothness of the lines and hide the flaws.

Black maxi skirt

Black skirt with a white blouse

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